Monday, December 12, 2016

4 days 3 nights trip to Krabi

It's been a really long time since my last post. I've stopped blogging, stop reading blog for a while as most of the time I've been scrolling my Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. i can barely remember my blog. :( Anyhow, I'm back to my little diary, a space sharing my thoughts and life. :)

Cut it short, I'm going to blog about my trip to Krabi back on April. *It's December now* haha so paiseh. but ok la, late is better than non right.

I was with the boyfriend and my parents. We were supposed to meet in Krabi on the same day yet few days ago before our flight, mum called and told me a bad news that their flight from Penang to Krabi has been cancelled. They will need to reschedule. *Firefly refund them money and I think my mum booked another flight with Air Asia.*
Parents were one day later than us to arrive. Half happy half sad, Happy as i can spend time alone with my boyfriend for a day yet sad because I'm meeting my parents one day later. T_T

Once we touched down, we took a taxi to our hotel. around 500Baht to 800baht.
I think they provide shuttle service, it's a lot cheaper compare to taxi. But my 'tauke' boss is very picky and bossy. He insist to take taxi :O

Our stay in Krabi - Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. 
Rate for the hotel 4/5 (Based on my own opinion)
The geographic of the hotel is very strategic as it is at the centre of Ao Nang.
It's just right beside of MCD, nearby Starbucks. A lot of bistro/bar/restaurants located on the same row with the hotel.

Price : Can get the best price from TripAdvisor. 

Very comfortable with my room for three nights! :)

We had a walk before dinner, the beach was 10 mins walk away from our hotel.

Had dinner w/ the boyfriend and BEER. :)
We just simply walked in to one of the restaurant on the street. The food is ok. Beer is awesome!
but weather is a bit hotter compare in Malaysia. so gurlz and guyz, bring me more SINGLET!

Because the beer is too/ extremely cheap there!
ok sad case as the alcohol price in Malaysia are going to increase 150% T_T
pls drink as much before 15th of Dec lolol.

One more thing cannot miss out in Thailand which is their 7/11 !!!

What for supper? Of course MCD hahah as it just right beside our hotel. 
Can try there Spicy Mc Wings! Delicious & their coke also more gases one compare with Malaysia lol

Second day, no plan - as mum is arriving on the afternoon. We slept until afternoon, we had some food around and walk around then we go back to hotel continue sleep. haha. thats all i can recall back.

 Then we met up with my mum, we went to Krabi Town - Night Market.
We had our dinner there. *Night market was normal* But you actually got nothing to much to do at the night beside going night market, drink or massage.
The tut tut charged us 800BAHT - 4 person for round trips. Reasonable price. 
I remember the hotel offered us slightly higher.

After we come back from the night market, we decided to have a walk outside my hotel.

Try their pancake! :)
something special for us.

Typical tourists pose! *my queen & me*

We went for massage after that. YAYZ. Thailand are famous with massage. Plz try it out if you haven't. Anyway. The price is almost the same, or u may try to bargain with them. :D 

 Third day. Island hopping day. My mum booked the package online. The package included 4 island snorkeling by long tail boat, lunch box as well as English speaking tour guide.
08.00-08.30 hrs. : Pick up form hotel to pier and the transfer by long tail boat to Tup Island for the famous sandbank and chicken island formore fun snorkelling. Longest stop in Poda island another tropical beach, quiet atmosphere and picnic lunch. After that, trip continues with fast transfers to Phranang Cave with long, beautiful sandy beach and swimming ideal desert beach suitable for relaxing or exploring, both in and out of the water. We arrive back at our hotel around 3pm. 
p/s you gotta pay national park fees, price for foreigner is 400Baht per person. But my mum was paying 100Baht per person only. Dunno whether that she's pretending we are all from locals or she bargain with the tour guide. Street smart people! To save your 300Baht! :D


While waiting for departure. :)


Fruits provided on boat! :)
Anyway i find their service not bad, so I gave him some tips/ :D


We had some food after we back from island hopping as it was really exhausting.
Then we rest ourselves and go for dinner. :)

After dinner, we went for foot massage as we got nothing much to do. 

Thats all for my Krabi trip! :)
Overall, it was a short yet enjoyable trip. We didn't plan much, but it is not important what we did there, it is to see who is your companion. :D