Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project Valentine : I love you dear

this is so so so sweet! Do support this project :D:D
someone please make me dedication! Teeeheee :P

Or shall i make dedication for YOU?! blehhhh.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If i die young.

 nice kan? my bed. I clean up my room for CNY. I'm so in love w/ my bedroom now! Heeee :)

Sunday i went to Queens w/ dotdotdot. but then i bumped into Misha. 
So We went to Sushi King for lunch. :)
 Misha on the left, and the blogger on the right.

Sushi King always my fav! :)

& i got this in Kitchen, guess how much is it?!
MYR 16 ONLY. Wootz. i bought it because of the colour! teehee!

chilling @ Coffee bean.
 Soweee kay i always support starbucks punya! :P
 Pretty?! pinkyy ladyyy teeehee!

i've no idea why i pose like this. sorry k if i hurt your eyes!

So hawt ! :P
 both of us! :)

 spot me!!

 ni men hao! xin nian ku le! gong xi fa cai.  :D

 was staring at my phone! why you noz reply my msg?!
 & oh yeah he replied! lolol -____-

 poser la memang! :P

damn yong sui lor but me likey! ahahaha
my next profile picture! :P

my current profile pict -_-
Handsome kan?! but some people said i look HIAO = MIANG. warao.

After that i went for 'GREATDAY' a Malaysia Movie w/ my grandson. lolol.
After movie, we went Haagen Dazs for dinner.
Ice cream for dinner, chio ! lolol -_-

 photographer sucks =P

Cam-ho queen is here *wave*
 Me and my grandson! :)

 We are only best friend la. not what you're thinking. :)
maybe he can really be my grandson! *consider*

both of us ordered PARADISE. 
it looks like paradise meh? i don' think so -_-
but taste not bad la. just i don't like the yellow-ish & pinky-ish flavour ice-cream. taste weird lol

Who's the cutie in his phone?! :P

We are who we are! :)

 Hmmm. i really look like his grandmother. :(

 I can't make a heart shape ALONE. yeah, this is true. Can you read my mind?

tsktsk copycat ;pppppp

counting down 2days to holidays!
Then wait for CNY!
Are you ready for CNY? :)))))
ang ang ang ang :D:D

Thanks for reading,
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Saturday, January 22, 2011


 ni men hao!! wo shi qian dan hahahahaa :D

Last weekend, mummy decided to make some cookies because CNY is just around the corner.
I followed her to easy bake to get all materials. & so i bought butter mix cupcakes teeehee. :D
Because i wanted to make cupcakes for friends, and for one special friend! :P


 while waiting for butter to melt.

colourful :D

Milo topping lolol. this one i made it for grandpa. :D *hearts*

How was the outcome? They all look sucks but taste not bad la ;D
i shall give it more try. Then you all can have nice cupcakes to makan! hee ;]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


current mood : Pretty good.
current song : Rocketeer - Far East Movement.
 It's a Wednesday night, i'm thinking something dumb to do. 
i think i wanna UPDATE MY BLOG. lolol :P

Time flies, i came back from Taiwan almost 2months yet i still missing there.
many many much can! Awwww*


Otw to Ali Shan. :)

 Their so-called 'bian dang' 便当 :) 
Hen hao chi :DD

 Did i mention i bought this pinky shoes @ 290 taiwan dollar only? about MYR29! :D 
So cheap right. heeeee. didn't manage to get any boots, because of Malaysia weather :((
Why Malaysia NO WINTER?! T_T

 w/ this cute little boy, how is him doing? :)

 Mummy & Daddy. :)

w/ Xiao Pang! Ta hen ke ai RAWR. i miss him. :(

3 of us. :)

Say that you love me.
 Ladies FTW :)

 Teehee *love love*

w/ Theresa. 

Stay tuned!
thanks for reading, xx.