Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Malaysia, my country.

I'm born in Malaysia, I've been living in this country for 21 yrs. 
Still remember I was answering an essay question " A beautiful place " during my high school time, the first place come across my mind is my country, Malaysia.

I'm always proud to be Malaysian.
What make us a citizen of Malaysian? 
There are so many things that we would be proud that we're Malaysian except the politics in our country. 
There are many things only us, Malaysian can understand why are we proud to be Malaysian.

Malaysia is a multi-racial country, we have been living in peace together under the same shade for 58 years. We have Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races. This is the interesting part of Malaysia. Even though we have different skin colours, we have different mother tongue, we have different culture, we have different beliefs, but we are still MALAYSIAN. We celebrate all the special events together.

Malay celebrate Hari Raya, Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year, Indian celebrate Deepavali. Malay friends will invite us to their open house, chinese will do the same too, we will invite our friends no matter what races to our house, we gather together, my mum even gave angpau to my Malay friend when she's invited to my house during chinese new year. I have some chinese friends, they are in a relationship with indian, if we are racism, does it mean that we cannot friends with them anymore? Besides this, we celebrate christmas too! We have so many public holidays if you compare with other country, this is why our country are so special. & I strongly believe we should be proud of being a Malaysian.

Other than celebrating special days and holidays in Malaysia.. What more is special about Malaysia?
Of course, our Manglish. :) 
we can actually combine 3 different dialect in one sentence :
Neh, I want dabao Maggie Goreng and Teh Tarik! 
neh - Tamil // Dabao - mandarin // The tarik - Malay
Can you find this in any other country?
Moving on, "lah, leh, lor".. All these are only available in Malaysia hmm or maybe singapore lah.
: " Walao eh, I want to gostan my car why this car so no otak double park me!! "
: " Agak Agak, don't too over lor! "

Do you find it interesting? :)

Do you ever meet someone when you are having smth in mamak/ hawker?
Another interesting part being Malaysia is.. They will ask you some question when you're in mamak or yamcha..
like when they see you eating in mamak or hawker center : "Dah makan? " " lu chiak ba bui ? " "eh dey, you eating ah? " 

If friends ask me like this when i'm in mamak, normally i will answer them : " no lah, I'm singing here" lol

Besides our language, interesting part of Malaysia will be.. MALAYSIAN TIME! :)
If you ever attending any wedding dinner in Malaysia before, the invitation card write the dinner will be starting on 7PM SHARPLY.
Ok lah don't worry. In Malaysia, 7PM SHARPLY means 8pm. (;

If you and your friends have a date to have breakfast or something at 9am.
After 9am your friend still not there right, gimme them a call, their answer forever will be "ON THE WAY LIAO" // " REACHING SOON " // " TRAFFIC JAM AH PARKING LIAO "

All these makes us as MALAYSIAN!

How can we forget about our foods right?!
one thing makes us unique is our food! 
We have Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Roti Canai.. We go mamak to have Maggi Goreng, roti canai, teh tarik.
We will go to Pasar Ramadhan to buy foods! I remember there was once,housemate and I went to a Malay store for dinner, because I like the chicken n tomyam there. The food was with us around 7.15pm, and ngam ngam that period Malay friends are waiting for buka puasa.. What we do? We decided to wait until 7.30pm to buka puasa with them together. This is one amazing thing, because this is how we should respect each other culture. :)

We really have a beautiful country, we got no natural disaster, we have no earthquake ( but recently sabah only "kena" once la ) we got no thaiphoon like Taiwan.. We have a lot of resources, we have enough of water, we have enough of land, we have beautiful people in our country, we have everything we should have to achieve as an advanced country, first world country. 
I really do not want to see racism happen in this beautiful country. It's sad when i see some people commenting chinese are pendatang and smth not civilised, because we all are the same, we are Malaysian.. Thats what Satu Malaysia mean. 

we should respect each other, what Malaysian want is a country lead by a good leader that can lead us to achieve 2020, to become a first world country. This is what we should concern on, not melayu, cina or india.. We should united as one.

Do you know why am i writing such a long post? Plus its 16/9 today! Its a public holiday. We should go out together and celebrate Malaysia day yet I'm stuck at home because parents are worried that the red what rally will hurt us.. the ordinary citizen. I hope the same date of next year, we can have a peaceful 31/8, 16/9 celebrating all the meaningful event together no matter what races we are!

I love my country, Malaysia. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paris Holiday 《巴黎假期》

I'm so thankful and glad that I've received a special screening to watch Paris holiday from Seeties!
I watched it on 21st of July and it will be open to the public on 23rd of July! (;
It's kinda romantic too! To those who are fancy fancy romantic love story. Do give it a try!

Pimple pops out idkwhy! T_T
looking fully!

Basically,Paris Holiday - Louis Koo Tin-lok plays Lam Chun-kit, a wine company executive who flees Hong Kong after his high-flying colleague girlfriend refuses a marriage proposal. Half-expecting his Paris transfer to go as a holiday for his broken heart, Chun-kit is regrettably arranged by his property agent (Alex Fong Chung-shun) to share a flat with a "psychopathic" artist, fresh from a break-up.

While Ding Xiao-min's (Amber Kuo Tsai-chieh) only notable trait as an aspiring painter appears to be her "artistic temperament", Chun-kit is inexplicably forced to pass himself off as a homosexual to avoid irritating his flatmate. But as months pass and many Hallmark-worthy notes of encouragement are exchanged, could the pair's "sisterhood" remain platonic for long?

Watch the trailer out! :)

* p/s. After watching this movie, I feel like i need a holiday in Paris too!
Paris is such a beautiful and romantic country! I believe that I'll meet a lot of lovely people there, explore more about Paris! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Epicuro, Damansara Uptown - The Pursuers of Great Meals.

I've really no idea when was my last blog post, but i decided to blog a bit during my study week before final exam haha! What can I blog about? I think and think again... Most of the things i do... IZ EATTTTTTT. Yea, I'm going to blog bit about food, a cafe that I've been to recently. :D

It's a cafe located at Damansara Uptown, name of the cafe - EPICURO.
I was looking a cafe to go with the boyfriend that time, pass by this cafe and we think is a good idea to go in and have our brunch. yea, so there we go.

Kinda enjoy the environment there, is a very good place to chill. (;
oh ya, it's non-halal meaning that they do serve pork. *just an additional information for you guys*

 After we ordered our food, The boyfriend also very sek zou, ask me to take out my camera and what? Do his work start his job. help me to take a lot a lot of photo until I satisfy :P
Thanks for being so patient la and i keep tell him this angle that angle pls be more professional lol
only he can tahan, i think if others they straight away slap me or walk away dy. 

I remember he ordered ice lemon tea ( RM4.90) 
Its cheap compare to other cafe. Shhhh~
and yea i drink sky juice only hahahah *poor people life*

When our food is here. Damn pattern right, ok pls not only me. boyfriend also like that!
New trend la, don't look at the camera, look away and become candid shot ma hahaha

one proper photo pls with my pretty face hehe

ok lah main point is here. 
Boyfriend ordered, mixed mushrooms bacon aglio olio ( RM 21.90)
ok i like this one a lot. its pretty good! :D
please try it out!

I ordered sausage, spinach scramble ( RM15.90)
scramble eggs with spinach, pork sausage and whole meal bread slice.
purpose of ordering this food is because i wanna eat sausage. (;

20, Jalan SS21/35,
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 7733 3110

Business hours :
Tue - Fri: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm 
Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

your truly,
Samantha. xx