Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Chor 2 :D

"I love you for who you were, who you are and who you always will be."

i guess most of jitsinese are busy preparing for their examination.
Except me, Haha. i still taking the revision time to online blogging facebook etc etc.
Stop crapping. The topic of today is. My Chinese New Year, Chor 2 aka Chu 2 :D

Woke up and then went for my popo house for lunch first. :)
Then Dad dropped me at Tao,Auto City. Met up w/ Chankei, Jynn and The only boy KT :)
Lazy to tell ya all stories. But photo will do the talking. Believe me, We should meet up more often. Totally enjoy the time being w/ them. playing and crapping. Woot Woot :D
The Chankei gone back to HK already. she's coming back at JULY. let's meet up when you back kay?! TEEHEE *grins

She's on phone w/ her mama? :)

i admit, i got fat legs :D

The food was nice, but we ordered sedikit. like wasted! wtf.

oh ya. before we left. BoonHow and Weiwei came and met up w/ me for a while.

We went Sunway after that!

Actually we planned to watch movie. But Kt cannot make it. And Chankei wanted to meet up w/ someone important. And i guess all the tickets are sold out. So, We went to winter warmer.
Whad we did? Crap-Camwhore. XD

Here's some picts taken at my aunty house.

Align Center

Happy Family!


Yee family.

next, outside the house. Garden :P

looooooook at the sky, Think of me :P

itu la kakak saya. :P

All picts taken by me :)

Self-snap :P

It remind me of the special yooooooooooooooou.
I Miss You. When are we going to meet up again?
i should be understandingggggg. Be tough. Chill.

I guess the stuff i should worried for nao is not about YOU. but my exam.
I should off nao and take a nap =D
Will studyyy tonight. i don't want get 0marks in add maths. *crossfingers*


Friday, February 26, 2010

我要谈恋爱 ! :D









Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here i come =]

Today is Thursday, don't have school tmrw! *ClapsHand*
Just finished the modern maths tuition. So, Not going to waste my time.
open your eyes, and read it. i know most of my friends view my blog.
especially when they see i'm eating. They will shout and me like
Bitch, you're fat! stop eating. i kena x1000times already! :(
Hahaha. but i knew they care about me. *kisses*

Chor 1 . Xin nian kuai le.
Woke up not very early, but not too late too ;]
prepared myself and wait for everyone to prepare.

♥ The girl, Y =)

[= ♥ =] i love you, you love me!

{ ♥} Peace. live, love,laugh. =)

Then we headed to grandfather house* every year chor 1 we went there!
Bai nian w/ grandfather and grandmother same as my uncle aunty.
Took our lunch there. Ah ma cooked for us. =] *imissherdishes*
Went to temple for praying. everything.

Sister, The model of me. ;D

nice ke? get it from vincci XD

Self snap

♥ ♥ F E E L ♥ ♥

Gt home for a short rest.
Follow aunty to old folks home @ pematang tinggi. =)

Just to gv out the angpau to them!
arite, then went back to her house. Start gambling. mahjonggggg!
So evening time, someone came to pick me home. Just to meet up w/ me.

night time. Went to uncle house for steamboat.

Then gamble. Thats all for my chor 1.

At least i spent my time w/ my family!
Thats call Tuan Yuan.

Last but not least, Gonna show off sekejap
i received two valentines present. So biggg and so sweet. ♥

Thank you guys!

FYI, Class test is just around the corner. Everyone should start study!
i WILL try my best to not lazy and study abit for the 1st monthly class test
Karyao . Gambateh . jia you . Aza aza fighting . all the best . good luck !