Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So so broken english! :P

Happy birthday to myself, Me, And I.
i past my birthday w/ my BELOVED School and BELOVED tuition.
went tuition and school as usual. how pity?
Because of PMR.
gonna celebrate after pmr. =)

Oh yeah oh Yeah!
but still i'm very happiie :D:D
Loads of babies and dude wished me happy birthday :)
The bestday in 2009 !

Thanks who wished me through MSN, Facebook, Plurk, Sms, and blog.
I really appreciate it :D
and i will keep it in my heart my mind always

Click here and See
The bloggiie belongs to my Sayang.

Thanks ; you really did a special and sui sui post for me :)

click here and see
The blogger is my another baboo, KaiQi :)
Thanks, she promise bring me gai gai next year!

click click click and you will know who is this!
Huang xiao fei aka Ng suki :):)
Ha ha. loads peoples say we two look alike -,-
what do you think?
I think i'm prettier than her! laugh out loud.
Just kidding okay? don't slap me her fans :P
Bff forever. Oh yea. she did a special birthday card for me!
thank you *Xoxo.

Loooooook here!
Guess who is this? :P
Yea. my Cat Cat!
but she's belongs to robinson already -,-
how sad?
Thanks for your long long post :P
And thanks for accompany me when exam's around.
Burn the oil together you still remember? :P

Click and pay a visit ! no need to pay dah!
Oh yea. Shake it babeh!
this is whad she always said :P
Thanks again har :)
Yea. we all merah merah de =P
Hope you can get a new handphone as soon as possible okay?
TEEHEE *loves

Sexy girl :D

SEXY girl ! Thanks for your short short but meaningful post.
*flying kisses*
Haha. Friendship forever la.

The most touching one
The most touching one, My Chankei baby.
Yea, she's at hongkong now. but she never forget me and US. :)
she bought a burberry perfume for me. OMFG.
The most expensive present i ever received -,-
But i haven't get it. need to wait december she come back.
And we meet meet kiss kiss hug hug only can get :D:D
Thanks alot alot! but still, i felt sorry =(
because her phone lost on my birthday!
Awwww* i promise i will save RM1 each day.
Until i enough money to buy 1 phone for you.
But she said no need -,- You see, She is so so kind :P
I love you, Babeeeeee :D

The pretty
Yea. just short short.
but heart warm warm :D
Thanks loads pretty.
And she's the Legal Big woman okay?
Call her like this :P

know why i'm here?
because i'm freaking angry -,-
and dissapointed!
It's 6o'clock now.
having a science tuition later.

And PMR, 6days to GOOOOO !
Oh yeah. My birthday wishes ;
  • PMR - Straight's A !
  • Stay sweet and happy with everyone!
  • Prettier and Slimmer.
  • more clothes! :P
  • my enemy will love me :)
  • Malaysia boleh!! LMAO!

Friday, September 25, 2009

You belongs w/ me :D

Current mood : Hell bored -,-
Current Song : You belongs w/ me
Current Time: 2.15 a.m

Yeah. the very 1st time I'm blogging in the midnight.
Yer, so bored. everyone go to bed left me alone ): ):
Plurk also nobody reply.
Studying Chinese, those 名句精华 *faint
played w/ my webcam just now.
please lahh! study study also can snap picture by using webcam.
Hah. no choise! hate books!

p/s : Shereen went in hospital because of food poisoning ):):
Take care please babeh! too bad i can't go hospital to visit her!
Recover as soon as possible kay?

Birthday countdown - 2days! :P

got to go now.
Have to go to school tmrw.
Gerak Gempur -,- For pmr.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Do List!

The holiday, the last chance for me to revision all subj. left 3 days only.
i still got a lot to study. *shakes head* whatever. happy go lucky :P:P

Other State paper just like no ending.

this is what i will do when i feel bored and tired. :D

I watched two movie in this holiday. You see, Still got the mood to watch movie!
If don't get straight's A. i think mummy will kill me. chop me in to pieces. LOL.
I watched Gamer at Gurney.

Oh yea. The game inside the movie was so so fun.
i wonder how good if our real life got this kind of game? *evillaughs*
And i went home about 4 something in the midnight. *slapself*

Next, i watched Tsunami at Sunway Carnival Mall.
I admit i cried like a baby lost the mother.
*awww. i was totally out of control when the peeps die 1 by 1.
The movie bring good moral values.
everyone should watch :D
Life is too short, Enjoy It and appreciate everything you having now :D

Oh yea. Monday afternoon. I followed mother went for hiking @ BM hill.
Sweat a lot. The air is undoubtly FRESH, i felt so good.
More hiking. because it is good for health :D
Just Date me and i will go w/ you :P

Holiday is just too bored for you right?
I mean the spammer. you got nothing to do,
no friends wanna to hang out w/ you? and your family didn't spend time w/ you?
So, you come to spam my chatbox? Ha ha.
Last night my baby helped me to check the IP address. And i know who are you bitch :)
Yea, Is SHE :D
Just For You, HIAO ZA BOR! No friends anymore! Get out of my life!
If you spam again. i'm going to print screen and show everyone.
Don't try to challenge me.

I start to plan whad should i do after PMR!
To Do List After PMR :P:P
  • Change a New Blog Skin.
  • Work and earn money.
  • update my blog more often.
  • Hang out w/ my girls :D
  • Cheong K @ redBox. * i got the voucher*
  • spend more time w/ my family.
  • clean up my study table.
  • clean up wordrobe.
  • buy more clothes! *this is a must :P
  • Study plan for next year. * form4 is extremely important for me*

Happy belated birthday to Amanda :D
She's finally legal. all the best in everything Lady :)

And Happy birthday to Rounie.
Today right, sept 24 :D
All the best and stay happy!

PMR- 12days to go :D
Mybirthday : 4days to go. :D:D

* i think i'm going to celebrate my birthday after PMR!*

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long time ago :-D

first of all,

Tmrw is the special holiday!
so i no need to wake up early and go to school. how nice :)
Form4 and lower6 exam are postpone until the raya holiday finish.
i wonder that's good or them or bad?
neway, All the best to all senior :D

the second thingy ;
i'm just awake from nappie.
and i'm having a good mood now!
so i want to blogging :P
* i saw Keikei blog, and she wrote.
All babes did not update their blog*

sincerely, I wanna to be the 1st to update blog before PMR

I went Sunway to watch The Ugly Truth w/ Him.
Oh yea. i wanna watch this long time ago :D
That's a great movie!
Truth are always UGLY!

rates for the movie,
9/10 !

Took a taxi after school to go for Movie at Jusco.
p/s : i'm not shame at all by taking taxi!
i pay you, you fetch me :P
Don't gaze at me when you see me inside the taxi :D

Watched Where got Ghost.
Apa tu? a Lame x1000 movie!
rates for the movie only,

August of 18 is the VIP birthday.
And guess whad? i did a CAKE for him.
it's all by myself :D
he did finish up everything!
So yea, i'm freaking happy, although the cake is just simple :D

After that, He bring me to Sushi King.
We took our lunch there :)
Simple and Sweet celebration okay? :D

I feel so uneasy.
Because recently i don't pose to take any picture!
So lame So bored when i saw my pic in blog and facebook.
please, i wanna to be poser :P
Soon i think, after PMR!

I think i should go now.
20days to PMR!
God- bless- Me !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The things i wanna to tell you :D


We have been together for 1year, 4weeks and 1 day.
you're the greatest guy i ever met before.

but please, don't lie at me anymore.
Loyal to me.
Don't Hurt me anymore.
I'm weak enough. i need your care.
but not lie.
trying so hard to forgive and forget.
I wish i can stay happy w/ you always!

my dear friends,
if he break the promise;
Kick his ass and slap him 99 OKAY?

2days more.
that's our 1year 1month anni.
i hope nothing bad happen between us.

To the others;
kindly for your information.
The guy is belongs to me.
Stay FAR away from him.


Random :)

Sorry to ya all, because i'm so great busy!
i need EXTRA time!
i promise i will stop hanging out w/ the gangs until i finish my PMR.

I had a injection last Wednesday!
Oh My Holly Ma Ma !
I'm the only one who cried because of the ill pain. :( :(
i don't know why. maybe my schoolmate all strong strong and kiat kiat XD
After the injection i gt fever and body pain.
so i skipped Thursday and Friday class ;p;p
but i think I'm fully recover from the sickness.

okie, the main point i am here are update about the outing w my babes them :)
both of them updated already. and i'm the out-dated punya ):
HERE we go.

I am so lazy to tell you whad happened on that day!
so as my sayang said. Use the picts provided make your story :P

ps. they are great for me. The best damn thing for me :p:p
if you don't know them well, don't judge them.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exam's over.

Trial examination was over.
but then, pmr left not more than one month :)
i think all of us waiting pmr to end only.
however, I'm gonna share some of picts w/ ya all.

* i kinda love this*

Neh. :P:P
that's me :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Feel so Bad.

I'm the childish one.
I'm the bitch one.

since the day until now.
i never forget or maybe forgive.
I don't know.

whd to do?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September :D

September. A new month. :D

counting down my birthday- 28days to GO :):)


PMR : 35days to go.