Thursday, September 23, 2010

#LadyYeeYee ;Believe in yourself, you can do great things. Don't worry about what other people think, do what makes you happy! -Diana German 

Halo fella!
It's 4.36a.m now, and i'm still awake. arghhhh. How come?! Because of my final examination :'(

Just a short update to wish you guys,

Happy happy exam!
Good luck kie? :)))))

Life isn't about who's the most popular or the best looking. It isn't about wearing cute clothes or having a boyfriend. #DamnItsTrue

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


如果我的生日,能够收到无敌美丽的玫瑰花。在加上我最想得到的礼物,那该有多浪漫啊?如果不能够,小小的生日蛋糕,还有诚意的祝福那就够了 :)

最不能缺少的,就是家人的庆祝。 生日也就是母难日,又怎么能够把亲爱的妈咪给忘了呢?


thanks for reading,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wootz Wootz.

Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah.
Life is busy, with homework,tuition, revision etc etc.
My final exam is gonna start in this Friday which mean 2409 to 0810.
well you know what, my birthday is on 2809. & i'm having my ADD MATHS paper on that day. This is freaking me out!!! So now i have one more birthday wish ! I don't want to get 0marks for Add Maths. God, bless me ! :/
Maybe I shall stop blogging until my final ends.

Counting Down 8 days to my BIG BIG Day,
Those VVIP all are not around during my birthday, even my sister also not here for me. She is not coming back on Tuesday! wtf so sad ar why my birthday not on weekend? :'( GAAAHHHH.

Sharing some photo with you guys!
as usual, i hang out with boon how. :D:D
We were chilling @ SegaFredo!

Self-timer FTW!

i know many of you are curios about what is the relationship between us now,
If you want to know, Come and ask me k?! :P

Blue-Hawaii cocktail.

i've forgotten what is this. Sorry yea :P
But taste not bad!

W/out flashlight.

1,2,3 S-M-I-L-E!

Camera shy, wtf so not me lehh!! lolol

Looked so fatttttt. You better keep fit!

Wearing his new watch! Nike somemore. wtf!

take two. #phail!

What can i say? If you don't like me, or you don't like to read my blog. You just have to click X. and leave. Leave it alone. You don't have to comment so much, Get it? I didn't beg anyone to read my blog or like my blog. Just read it and don't comment. i write you read. if you want to write. create your own blog lahh. Kthnxbai.

Watched Devil yesterday, AWESOME k?! Watch it guys! :P
I remember there's a line inside this movie, at the ending.
If Devil is real, God must be real too :)
So yea, I'm gonna learn how to forgive and forget.
How to take and give!

W/ fringe or w/out fringe, w/ my lovely bow pin or w/out my lovely bow pin. I'm still me.
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Secret Recipe.

Holiday ends, school started again. :'( before school reopen, i accompanied mum to Jusco kaikai. i rather out with mum better than rot at home. I'm a out-going person. :)

We went secret recipe!

Because it is having a tea time special!
A slice of cake, free one coffee or one tea! :)
Awesome right?!
Tea time special is from 3pm to 6pm!

Tea time w/ mum is sweet! or maybe you can just go there to chit-chat with buddies :) i love then environment in secret recipe. i feel peaceful inside.

My all time favorite! Choc-Mud-Cake! :)
Mum and I love chocolate a lot!
I shall give a try on chocolate banana next time! :P

Spend some times with those you love and you care. It's worthy!:)

Spot my ear-rings? :)
I got it from Gurney, 3pairs for 10bucks!

And this ring i got it for 10bucks, expensive no?
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


i didn't meant to hurt anyone.
and i'm the loser in love. i don't own anyone, anything. i don't deserve you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not solo anymore.

Thanks for everything,i know you care, i know you love me. The feeling is stronger than last time. She always tell me, when your world smile, i will smile with you. Finally i got what she mean. Friendship doesn't make sense for me since i don't know when. I mean i won't ever cry for it anymore because you won't get any reward or whatever shit, people will only say you're so fake blah blah blah. I won't take it serious as last time. The hardest part of friendship i've been through. Ct Woon actually pay a lot of effort in our friendship. She is being so kind and nice to me. i know it, but something happened. and after that. i hide my feeling towards her. i just pretend that she is my NORMAL friend, but in my heart she is my VVIP! I love her max max max! After reading her blog, i told myself. no matter what shits happen anymore. i'm not gonna blame her or hide my feeling to her. i will tell her everything. like how i shared my secret to Yuhan,Xinyee, Jamine and not to forget my beloved Adrian domo :P She is my BFF. Now,and always will be.

i knew her since January, i wouldn't know her if we aren't in the same class this year. but thanks god i found her. She is the best listener yet her hand-writing is super-max-fugly! :P Normally she will bring breakfast to school, like bread or smth else. and my fav thingy to do is, asking her. " CT WOON, ni you dai mian bao ma? Ke yi gei wo ma?" Hahahaha. i love the way she smile and laugh too, because when she smile or laugh, we cannot see her eyes :P She is cute!!! and she is hardworking, i like to borrow her notes or exercise home because she always complete her work. She said she admire me, but actually you got nothing to admire you know? Because i'm such a failure :( awww.

we will celebrate my birthday after exam k? i know you don't want to disappoint, and you know how disappoint am i when i knew exam falls on my birthday. Thanks really. you don't have waste money to buy me anything. everything i want from you is just SMILE MORE. like what you told me :P

timetobed.Departure to my dreamland.

I love you, my best friend.

Friday, September 10, 2010

#260 post.

Since sister is back from her University for her Raya break. we suggested to go penang island for a break. lol. Dad brought us to Queensbay. Just did window shopping lor. damn broke recently T_T

It's Saturday. what i can say is only FML. I haven't revision for anything yet. Haven't finish up my account folio. I'm out like everyday :( Should feel happy or sad?! :S

Taken this in Element lol. i look so :/

Gt tired of walking, Me and bro went Starbucks to chilled.
This is the brother i hate the most. but i guess i still love him? -_-

after that mum and sister came to join us :)

Cam-ho timey! :P

My lenglui sister :D

the fugly me o.O

i like this picture leh, should i change it as my new profile picture? :P
credit to sister. !!!

the last picture of the day, why not my pict but my sister? :P
Because i love her.

And i love my family! :)


Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie day with @JamineGoh

i found this in my very old article. i posted this for my ex-bestf. Time changed everything, i guess i found another bestf, after so long. She's here with me when i am emo. @Jaminegoh, Thanks for everything. She saw my tweet, she knew i moody. She text me. It's been a while when i moody my girls' friends text me. Usually i got more caring msg from boys' friends. She made me feel better. Thank you. Very. Much.

Not only @jaminegoh, there's still another girl who always being there for me. @EohXinYee. :P I love you both loads loads loads! :)

Last minute planned. & We settled all the problem we faced. So, She is my date on Saturday! First day of holidays what, and she just finished her school exam. :) Feel glad to see her! Her hair is so mad long! :P

Sunway Carnival Mall doesn't have much choice, then we decided to go Winter Warmer for our brunch. :)

Look at her happy face! :P

Almost forgot to mention about him, @JunYing. He is working in SunwayC. Met him! & he came Winter Warmer to meet us for a while. They both were so shy! :P

Camera shy. He is wearing blue lens somemore. SuperHiaoGang! :P

My face look damn weird. :S

With my girl, :)

My favorite picture of the day!

After chit-chat and all. Watched Step Up 3 @Gsc Cinema.
Super-Awesome! I want to watch it again :P This movie made i feel like dancing! Hah, TheClubCan'tEvenHandleMeRightNow!:P

After Step up 2, Another movie! Grows Up. Very the funny lor that movie! LMAO! Thumbs up! :)

Last picture of the day,
She made my day!

Last but not least, Thanks @Dexuan for the ride. :)

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, September 4, 2010


我的心情很难过。人的生命,真的很脆弱。就那一瞬间,走了就是走了。为什么人都要经过生离死别?当我们真的要离开了,可能是解脱。可是对我们身边的来说,可能是最痛苦的事情。没有人接受自己的家人朋友就这样离开吧。就算是我的邻居,我不是很认识的。她走了,我都很难过。我一直在想,如果是我周围的人呢?我会怎么样?人长大了,烦恼多了。要遇到,面对的东西。很自然而然的会增加。我是一直到最近,就今年。周围的很多人,朋友的家人,朋友的朋友,慢慢的离开。我才开始在担心。怎么办?如果有一天我是他们?从小到大,我只参加过一场葬礼。是我曾祖母过世的时候,那时候我4年级。可能曾祖母老了,她走时都叫大家笑笑。而且都5代同堂了。在仪式上他们都用很深的潮州话。我听不懂,所以我没有哭。我也忘了,可能有掉眼泪。自从那一次过后,我身边的人都活得好好的。是很好:) 我根本没有去想过有一天我的家人朋友可能自己会离开。可是刚才我的邻居走了,只是住在我家隔壁。我听到他的家人在旁边说,回家了。。 回家了。。 我好辛酸。:( 我在想,如果有一天我走了。 会有什么遗憾?有!我的遗憾是,我还没有留长头发 :( 我还没有真正的驾车。我还没有真正的体验我的人生。这是我的遗憾。那你有想过,如果明天你要离开了,你有什么遗憾吗?

除了这些,我还在想。如果我离开了,讨厌我的人,还会讨厌我吗?他们会继续讨厌我吗?他们会记得我吗?我离开了,家人要怎么办?我不想他们伤心。如果我离开了,会有人为我掉眼泪吗?会有很多人来送我一程吗?wtf wtf 讲到自己好像很快就要死了酱 AWWWW. Choi choi choi* touchwood touchwood* popi popi 我还想要结婚生孩子啊 。我要有一个属于自己的LV 包包啊。还有说不完的我想要 :P:P

刚才我看了Channel 312,在报导香港游客在菲律宾发生的事情。大家都很遗憾。我看了,眼泪都流下来。好好的一家人出国旅行,为什么会有酱的事情发生?谁都不想。 这就是我们的生活。有一些人努力生活了大半辈子,可是就在那几个小时,几秒钟。*piang*一生,就说bye bye了。这是上天的不公平?还是安排?还是这是命运?不管怎样,Rest in peace. 安息。

生,离,死,别。 真的很痛苦。 可是那是你唯一能真正能体验。体会生活的过程。我最不敢去想的就是某一天我的家人或朋友要离开我,我最最最不想。 唯一不要去想的办法就是努力的过生活,不要留下遗憾。因为没有遗憾,我们能够快乐的离开。我最喜欢说的那一句,life is too short. appreciate every little thing in your life. you will find them amazing. :) 生命比我想象的还脆弱。我会活得更精彩,自己的故事要是很完美的。 如果我做不到,最少我尽力了。 :)

如果你真的读到这里了,谢谢你。想想你还有什么遗憾吗?时间不等人。刚快去做自己想做的东西,ok? :) 我最想做的,就是说我爱你。 :) 不管距离有多远,我想我还是爱你的 :)

不要误会,我只是纯粹的想要发泄我的情绪。我真的很emo :( :(

Friday, September 3, 2010

Solo solo solo.

It's holiday AGAIN :)
#iheartMalaysia because Malaysia have a lot of public and school holidays! Happy Holidays!Congraz to those who just finish their test. but FML i'm facing my final after the holidays. Kill me please. Who's have the mood to do revision during holidays?!

I need a personal driver! i mean seriously.
No transport always bring me down T____T
Why rapid doesn't pass by my area?! i live in jungle ma so stupid wtf wtf wtf

Anyway, time to change my profile picture.
Give me some idea. which one to be my brand new profile picture?! :)
or all of them not nice T_T
Drop me a comment. or talk to in chatbox. =)

i just want to keep my blog alive. T_T
Click my ADS please!

Enjoy holidays! It's PARTAY TIME! :)))))