Sunday, January 31, 2010


FML. i'm so so so so fat!!!!!!!!!!!!
super duber hyper berrry celaka FATTTTT!
I need to ON DIET! KEEP FIT!

fdm.fml.fs. I WANNA TO SLIM DOWN!
my pants and short i used to wear is getting tight!
CNY is comingggggggg. I need to slim downn.

Align Center* if you see me eating, please kindly remind me.
You can say it politely, BITCH YOURE FAT. STOP EATING.

one breakfast okay? And one apple one banana.

B-A-N-A-N-A HaHa.

It's the time to on diet.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yaaadddaaaa Yaaaddddaaaa* Its the time to update/report to all of you :D seriously, it's not a good starting for 2010. i mean this month. Wtheck. so ridiculous. i dont know whads the problem w/ those bitch. but i dont give a shit about whad you think, whad you said about me.Just keep on talking about me. =]

And yeah, My class. 4C1. Awww. one word to describe. B-O-R-E-D! Only 3guys in my class. actually should be 4. but i don't think that guy counted as BOY! MUAHAHA! you know i know ;] Shhhhhhh* Doesn't fun at all doh, my class. They all dont sleep in class while teacher teaching. They all won't laugh loudly except Xuanyun. They won't ponteng or lepak except me,yuhan and vivan. They won't even answer teacher when teacher asking us, YESH or NO. Whads the answer. nobody care -_____- I want my form4 HONEYMOON year be a awesome year. But i don't think its gotta be. Or mayb we will only rock in our own way. i mean three of us only, ME.YUHAN.VIVAN. Eh, whos from 4c1 and if youre reading my bloggg. If want to join. leave me a msgggg XD i want to laugh like a bitch in class always. & i dont want to see you this farker in my class. do you know? yup yesh, you're the one i mentioning ;p farker -__________-

doubtlessly, i miss Boon How very much. He dumb me and go for his futher studies in Seremban. Nah, or else we are watching movie now together. yam cha together. @ mcd eating twister fries!So so so baddddd he's not here. Zzzz. p/s: I'm still single la! Eh, if youre reading my blog i know you whds appear in your mind now. Walao, the last sentense very hurt. right? XD Haiya, everyone got their chance, you know la. my market good ma ;p

Yeap, Mum are doing cookies now. the bad daughter does not help. :/ And she was busying to clean up my house for the whole day. again, i did not help :( i know i am bad. but i went for two tuition. and i gt hmwork. So, Sorry Mama! :X
Just wanted to remind all of you, CNY is just around the corner.
i had a hair cut just now. Because i want to get a new hair for new year la ;p Still very short. =p
blah blah blah. Tata peeps! Sister is coming back tmrw. And we will go for cny shopping :D
But hell, tmrw early in the morning i got taekwondo training. AWWWWW!

i got Account and Addmaths homework need to finish.
See ya.

Your trustly,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wooohhoooooo :D


Fyi, Nasi lemak are available in my school now :D superb nice, but its BERY spicy! only one bucks per plate. You may try it XD

Nah, post up some picts.
I went out w/ BoonHow. Met up w/ him after he back from nilai inti. So far he's getting endao and slimmer. All thanks to me okay? XD whdever la, he told somebody he was w/ FAMILY but not my name Tan Siew Yee. really pissed me off. =/ anyhow, it's past already ;] he's coming back again during CNY. Hope to meet up w/ him more. Wooohoo!

Besides TIRED and BUSY, thats nothing much about my life. i hope i can get over all these asap. I want to get a new life la. Stuck in BM, stuck in PG is not that fun. Awwww* I want to fly =,=
Hopefully i can get my CNY clothes this weekend. don't really hav enough time! I want to get heels! So so so so, stop crapping. its the time to off my lappy, and start doing homework. Yer so sien, need to go to school and stay back for pengawas sukan meeting. :(

Align Center

nice or not? i want to get this. ;]

Take one, YONGSUI!


cute? :D

Us. =)

WOAH. i like this very much. look at his mouth =.=

p/s : LOVE is complicated, isn't it? =)
thats not the right time for any relationship. If you love me, Just bear w/ me =)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buzeehhhhhhhhhhhh :-X

I'm so buzeeeehh w/ my life now.repeat the same thing everyday. kesian betul. some more my school life are not that fun! i got like thousand of tuition need to attend. and don't forget, this year i'm form4. i got to go for the IT class. Awwwww* house practice every monday. I want to be a good student. so its a must to go. and i need to fight w/ the SUN! but still, im getting darker. Fyi, i'm a pengawas sukan in the school. Sukan Tara and Sukan Tahunan are coming soon. So, i'm getting busier. need to stay back for meeting and all. I really don't hav time to rest. AND OH MY FARKING GOD. The add maths is driving me crazy! i don't know what happen to my add maths teacher in school. Ng Ling Ling. Whad she explained to us was just Two things. No point or making us blur. Yeap, the speed she teach us like super duber fast. but she said she's slow like a turtle. KILL ME!SLAP ME! *all the homework she gav i was trying my best to done it. but i always cant get the correct answer. :( i only tuition once a week for my addmaths. So my tuition teacher speed won't fast like my school teacher. Haihs.

And then, so many things happen. Tell me everything is just a dream. and everything will goes smooth after all these shit. i don't want to get in any trouble. Come on la. take things easy. Confusing in LOVE. Thats not the right time to start any relationship.if i'm going to start any relationship w/ anyone. i won't hide. Will tell everyone the truth.if you want to know anything about me, just come to ask me. No need to ask my friend or whad. i don't want make them in trouble too. the shit i made, i will clean it up by myself. all i need is to rest and study. I need to sleep seriously. but since i neglected my blog for such a long period. So i just sacfice my beauty sleep, and keep my blog update :P

Not to forget, i did something great today. ;D
i watched two movie in one day. Proud of myself. I watched Woohoo and Toothfairy. Both also nice movie. both also recommened to watch XD And prepare tissue paper when you are getting ready to watch it ;P Awesome movie, believe. After the movie, i met up w/ Him. I cried when i saw something. i don't know why i cried. Don't ask me why. Because even myself also i dont know. Haihs. It's complicated. :(

but thats call life.
I should upload alot of pict.
But i'm so lazy. whdever shit.
i just want to share my life w/ ya all.
Try to finish it and leave a comment for me :D
I miss you guys alot.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


the pict taken at two oh oh nine lah =/

two oh one oh now.

... i miss that night the most :/

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Don't care what they said,
Don't care what they think about you.
Life's still goes on no matter what happen.
What can you do? just enjoy it.
You're not me. You don't know what i'm thinking.
Because some times, even i also don't know what i'm thinking.
Means, i don't understand myself. So do you think you understand me?

The 1st and 2nd week of school wasn't bad.
And the 3rd week of school is coming.
time flies!
Alot of homework need to complete.
Alot of tuition class need to attend.
That's not honeymoon year.

How to relieve stress?
Take some crazy or fugly pict will do :P
Here you go XD
*don't click X la* support a bit la =D

Stay tune!
will update my blog soon kay?
CNY is coming =]
New year new clothes new shoes! WOOTTTT!

Friday, January 8, 2010

♥ Nah, this called before :O

#002. Babi, i look so cantik betul ke?
So perasan. haha!

And get ready nw.
Don't get shock, i look like kiddo now.

so much different right? see, this hair cost me 40bucks lor wth.
because i cut my hair twice. so super expensive.
thanks for the stupid teacher.
She caught me, and asked me to cut my hair.
Yeap, since i'm a good student, and i don't want to get their attention.
i went to cut my hair, and now.without a doubt, i'm a good student :D
I got a mushroom head now, laugh all you can :(

the first week are so tiring, i even fallen asleep when teacher copying notes in front of the klass.
i seems like tuition everday.
And then, i took a nap everyday after i went hme. expect today.
Because i had Account tuition at the evening.
Yeap, i did not transfer to Science.
i prefer account. =)
wish me luck peeps! need to do well in this two year.
Then get a new life. Woot* can't wait for it ;]

So much different between form3 and form4.
i mean the way we answer in the exam.
no more objective. only subjective. Awwww :(
everything you need to write by your own.
use your own words. own feeling :S
Need to try, need to prepare for next year right?
no doubt, i'm growing. getting mature XD
Nah perasan again. LOL

attending the activity tmrw morning.
Try to have fun w/ them. :[
at least i no need to gt my training at the field.
don't have sun, then everything will be fine.
Nah, i hate to attend this kind of thingy.
they want us to pay. pay for this pay for that.
Grrrr. stop crapping.

the tagboard is backy. Just leave me a msg kay?
i miss you guys so much.
And then i will try to link all of you =)


Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 =)

Align Center

我希望2010我能更加快乐 =)
好久都没有用华语来blog,有一点点的想念 =P

不可以再像去年一样,fail 课外活动。 =/
怎么样都好,我需要人陪。 我真的很怕寂寞!
好像所有的朋友都会读account. 只有我 :(
还是说我没有很多的朋友? NAH NAH NAH.
副校长的心情好一点,我就不用怕被他shoot liao.
希望我运气有那么一点点的好, 不要派我去最后一班。

很不舍得 :(
加油 okay? 不要去丢我的脸 XD

不可以旷课,只可以旷周会。 =P

fyi, i won't be blogging so often after school reopen.*tears*
but still i wil try my best to update it! =D

Friday, January 1, 2010


i change my blogskin, nice kan? :P Aww, but haven't fully complete.
don't hav tagboard and i lost all the link! FML!
New year new skin! Wohoo! look people, i'm changing. i want be better!
Gotta clean up my room tmrw! remind myself*

Oh yea, my hair is super short now. But family and kaisheng said my hair is still long!
Awwww*don't even dare to at th mirror! i look like 13seriously! BAAAAA! :X
Share my picts w/ ya all tmrw kay?
it's almost 2o'clock, i need to sleep. =)

Goodnight peeps!