Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Chinese New Year (*:

i spent almost my new year w my boy and his friends.
My relatives said i get the angpau then disappear dy. *lol
its okay, i did enjoy every moment w him and w them. :]

Rewind :)

25/01 The first day of new year.
People called 'chu yi'
-went to grandfather house to eat and take angpau.
-went to temple 'bai bai'
-went home and take a nap.
i tot my new year bored til like this. (@_#*)
- babi and his friends come my place and pay a New Year call.
- Sunway ; cinema is crowded of people.
- went to MCD for dinner.
- Yingfong house for gamble.

26/01 The second day of New year.
People called 'chu er'
that day i spent my day w my babi and his family :)
*my babi*
-We went for lunch at KimHee.
-Went to old folks house.
- went to visit those people who cacat one. :(
They are so pity, we gamble, we had fun in new year.
but them; dont know anything. need to suffer for the whole life. =(
* appreciate whad you hav now. enjoy your life. live life happy*

27/01 The third day of my New Year.
people called 'chu san'
i spent my time w babi, his friends and my friends :)
- Suki came my house.
-Babi fecthed us and weien then we headed to Sunway again.
-Cinema is still the same, crowded of people. =(
-Nando's for lunch :D

handsome? XD
talking to his girlf? *lol / and weien :D
Yingfong And kent =)
-My place for gambling.
*Babi;The tauke* =P

-Then night went to Zhuohong aka mr.bad house Steamboat.
-i was drunked at there & i argued my babi =(
- * try to forget everything*
- went to his friends place to Cheong K =)

going out later, for my new cell phone/
To be continued =)
Stay Tuned :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Babi is not going to Aus dy :D
that means he will be with me for the whole CNY ~
TEEHEE!! Trip Cancel, so good (*:
dont know he got boom me anort, but seriously.
i'm happy when i know. babibabibabi. Angpau kia XD

1 days more to CNY :D
i am so exciting. teehee~
Sorry for everyone. because of my lazy-ness. i didnt reply my tag at all.
aplogize to everyone~
keep tag me okay? i will reply start from now. *lol

yesterday went to Queens w babi and his friends :)

because i wanted to see yinghong and kent so much.
but yinghong dont know why didnt go =(

*babi dont hap chou*

The girl.

reached there. went Jusco bought sushi. =D
i ate abit only, its my Breakfast + lunch.
After that, they decided to skate.

But Babi say dont want skate, mau shopping.
for his new year clothes.
abit dissapointed.
because i want him to show me his pro-ness ma!!
Grr. but its okay, i can shopping w him wor XD
* im shopping Queen*

without my eyes./ =P


结果她看到我那么不爽,他答应我带我去Sunway or Jusco 买那双鞋子~
总之,就是买到就对了. =) *看,我的boyboy几好!!* 有时真的觉得自己很幸福的咯 XDD

过后晚上真的带我去买 :D
最后我要的都买到了. Haha. 谢谢你 =)

New year. My Bed in RED. =D
i'm lovin it. =P
And also i clean up my wardrobe/


Seriously, you and you.
spoil my new year mood. daMN. xXx

Happy CNY to everybody :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy monday.

My Monday was very busy.
busy for class, then afternoon duty. After duty still got rumah sukan.
Night got tuition. Monday schedule are totally full. =*(
*but yesterday i did not went for duty! :D *

yesterday went for rumah sukan, yoohoo :D
Jane neh brought her phone. and we hav nothing to do at there.
so we decided to take picts. *CHIK CHIAK CHIK CHIAK*
everybody are looking at us, but we took like nobody business :P
i enjoyed so much w them, they are so sweet :D

yesterday night tuition bahasa Melayu. OMG = =
really tired, and feel like want to sleep. *Merdeka Merdeka?*
it's killing me =/ although im tired, but still online to get my picture from suann, and also drop comment for my beloved 1. nyek ;)

Chinese New year coming soon, exciting?
Dont know, i dont have much new year clothes!!*sigh
i want to meet up w everyone during CNY. i want to get as many angpau as i can. *lol
anyone would like to invite me to their house? wey, let me know ;P

New year new hope!! i hope i be more SEXY? HOT? CUTE? PRETTY?
and i need to study more hard for my PMR. Feb is coming!! PMR is coming. awww*
but as my english tuition said, enjoy the CNY, forget about study, forget about PMR :D

let the picts do the talking ;)
The poser :D
without edit :D *SUN*

w suann and Chankei ;)i use the bottle to cover my face!!
but seriously got FUUUU :D
SUSU & me ~

4 of us~

laughing (:

my fav pose !! xP

again =]


the last pict, Group picture. *ilovethis*

Thursday, January 15, 2009


每次就脱掉蓝裙,穿着白衣在家lenggang lenggang online,睡觉,看戏.
每次很想来我的blog ‘升’几句给你们听,给你们知道我几无聊.
而且,书又不读,每天只是跟电脑粘到紧紧. o(≧0≦)o
* S-L-A-P*

她说,电脑不能用gok. 我就说,那你ma很闷?
她说她读书料. OMG
Tapi, 我连东南西北都不会分啊.(T_T*)o
我是不是很糟糕?人家读书,我在那边学人pia戏 = =
追什么珠光宝气. 昨晚补习老师说烟有那个什么 ni gu ding~
吸料会addicted D wor. (#_#*)
我也好想addicted liao~
tapi 是看珠光宝气啦. 死料~
我真的怕料. (TooT*)<
现在什么都嗅不到. 上学校厕所我也不用怕liao lor XD
声音也变到很sexy ~ :P

昨天也是离谱lor, 第五个月
幸亏我的lovely bloggie 提醒了我. =)
在那边恭喜发财;红包拿来! 我最近真的老了. =(
很可爱的老人!!! xP
你欠我的tomyam 还有roxy bagggg!!
我等着har? 虽然我没有什么准备到 ;P

要ha chiu 又 ha chiu 不到很辛苦lor~
今天妈咪叫我照顾自己; 她说新年要到了,不要生病.
awww* how touch? 但是也证明自己老了,抵抗力变到超烂. (≧o≦)
2 009年二月都没有到,我就生病了.
2009 年D第1次 (T_T*)<

又废话连篇, 我要去冲凉~
之后面壁思过, 再发愤图强!!!!!
sejarah, science, geografi, maths, english,
b.melayu,b.cina & etc~
all waiting for me. 怎样?

Chiong Chiong Chiong XD

Sunday, January 11, 2009

nothing special *

"The life and love we create is the life and love we live." /

the whether of morning are so cold,
but afternoon HOT like me. *lol
Still need to go for rumah sukan at school field later.

i want to blog, but my mind is empty now.
will be re-update soon. :)

i need more time!
to sleep, to spend time w my baby booo.
and to study. i really lack of time.

our 5months anniversary are coming soon~
neh, you know what to do lar hor? wakakaka~
(n_n*)o i hope i can make some special or romantic surprise for him.
give me some suggestion or idea!
i am not good in this kind of stuff, really need some help.

/ thank you very much for finish my boring articles. =P

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


我过得很好 只是早上班就是有那么1滴滴的很难适应。
我会1直想要睡觉,回到家睡了午觉醒了还是很想睡 (≧o≦)o
心在也是,眼睛都快张不开了. 但是脑袋就很不听话1直叫我动电脑。

2009 * wishes -
-PMR 1定要 8A's~
-希望每个人都能开开心心!!! :D :) ;) x)



(阿姨说过: 华人会想的都不会当警察去)
(n_n*)o 我的作文写到很夸张!! 我说警察是为人民而生,为人民而死!!

(其实我只是要show off 自己会写作文,就算那个题目很烂)

这篇没什么重点!! 重点是时间不早,要早去睡觉。
晚安 (^_^*)v

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last day of Holidays. =*(

Just now i asked Suki,catherine and Suann a question.
English or Chinese they prefer me to blog?
Both of them answer, Chinese. *lol
how about you? you? you?
People, tell me XD

(^_^*)n 像我这种孤僻孤僻的,你们会不会想到我? (T_T*)o
明天就是我的中3life 开始了. 我1点都不期待. =*(
反而真的很想假期能够再长那么1点点. *人就是那么贪得无厌*

开学过后部落格会被冷落,那时候也会变到很冷清.*噩梦* (T^T*)x
我的忠实粉丝,你们不要忘记我.要经常来捧场!!!! 知道吗? (大声说你知道)


有好有坏, 最希望新年那红包的时候,那个亲朋戚友不会开嘴巴说:
(ah ching 啊, 你的头发zomok? 被老师剪啊?还是想不开跑去剪到酱紫短?
p/s : 我已经可以想象到有极恐怖了. (T_T*)<
而且新年短头发赌博都不懂会不会输. awwwww*
要烦的东西太多了. 头发已死* 指甲也要一起走路了. =(
我还不舍得,指甲油我也还没有洗掉. (鞠躬紧随死而后已)
不到最后一分钟我都不要投降~ *你吹啊?* *正中蘑菇头*
01.01.2009 @ Sunway Carnival Mall.
我&3个霉女去走走. 就是为了新的一年嘛~
本来要唱K 可是public holiday, 根本就是在砍人.
3个小时一个人 32++, 我甘愿拿那个钱来买 Esprit 29.90 的 Tee.
结果真的给我家那只看衰,太贵.没有唱!!! (我发誓,等我发财过后.我一定去唱!!!)
我最喜欢我们扮鬼脸的这张* Full of memories ;)

我的死党,她她她; 称赞我!!!! o(n_n*)o

please, 真的2008* 我认识到她* & 他们.
真的是我的pleasure. *最好你们都不明白* XD
4个对我来说都很重要的朋友瓜 (^_^*)o

1st, NG suki :)
这个平时很喜欢shoooot人,做人不会转弯.hyper active的小姐~
Form 1的时候,他讨厌我,我讨厌她!!! 因为霉女都不喜欢跟霉女做朋友!!
而且form 1 and form 2 i really changed a lot :) become a better and kind person.
都是MSN 撮合我们,结果发现我们很ngam keng lor. 不知不觉就变成好朋友了.
但是呢,很多风风雨雨,大风大浪是我们一起经历过的了~好才,最后我们还是好朋友 :D
有时候自恋过我!! o(∩_∩)o 整个假期就是粘着她,每次都是跟他出门罢了 =)
p/s : 最重要是给我努力读书!! 明年PMR不要死到难看~

2nd, Xinyee :)
非洲野蛮人 XD *六年级我跟她是粘在一起的barbie doll*
他真的跟我一起出生如死很久了!! o(∩_∩)o 但是form1就出问题了~
but 真正的友情是要经过很多磨练的对不对? 现在呢,我们虽然没有粘在一起了.
因为我有那个Suki,她有那个Catherine 了嘛!哈哈,很会自己打算自己的将来!!
她是最$$$$脸的那个,而且她的爸爸超级好!!! =)
有什么感情事找她就对了!! 哈哈哈~

3rd, Catherine :)
我zomok会认识她?我也不记得了 xD 应该是xinyee介绍的.
xinyee的嘛,我不敢抢掉.但是跟他一起出门真的很爽!! 她很爱自己的团体的~
哈哈,谢谢你上次我moody你叫我不要伤心harr :P

4th, Vivan :)
跟我同班一整年的Vivan, Th 大小姐!!
但是对我很好很好!! 明年没有得同班,而且跟xxx同班. but i wish you all the best!
& dont forget me okay? XD *lol 现在是毕业meh?*
没有啦,谢谢你整天拿东西来学校给我吃!! :DDD

只是new year 罢了嘛!! (O_O*)O

how many days i did not meet with you?
i misss your face so much!!!!! come to me. come to me.
Mari mari om , boon how boon how om!!! :P

Friday, January 2, 2009

Last day of 2008 #

A short update, i don't have the mood to update actually.
but i have nothing to do. a little bit moody now. :-(
i had a hair cut just now, and my hair is damn short now.
that's nothing wrong with the barber. its my own problem.
cannot keep my hair long, because of the fcuking school rules & the fcuking discipline teacher!
i am going to be a form three student after school reopen.
the discipline teacher of morning section is more fierce than afternoon section.
how to survive if my hair is long ? =(
i really miss my hair loads!

talk about the last day of 2008*
went to Queensbay Mall countdown.
Had alot of fun w him and his friends :)
that's a good the end for my 2008 ~
and a good starting for my 2009 =)

My mind is empty now.
Picture :
This guy is going to sick ; he get Flu. *lolOur Advertiser. he is damn funny!!!! (:
this guy currently are still single and available :P
welcome to know him!! *lol
i missss my hair so muchhhhh ;(Happy New Year to everyone ~
hope that's a better year for me.
too many wishes for the brand new year 2009.
Most important, live happy with everything i am, and everything i have.

eating Kit-Kat to make myself dont moody.
Have a break, Have a kit-kat.

sorry for my broken english.
i'm so lazy to type chinese~