Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Day.

Thanks god that i'm still alive.
 Say Hai to the brand new month MAY. :D
It's MAYDAY. Please be pretty good/kind/nice to me kay.
Having mid-term this month, i bet most of my time would be doing revision & Hang out with my gang :P
I'll be uploading my GANG pix once i finish editing. :D 

& here's some of my awesome classmate pix w/ me :D
Brought my xiao D to school last Friday. We took around 500+ pix. -___-

 My awesome tablemate. :)

Bruno Mar's Fans! She's the ghost face, Billy :P

I, ziyan & FongFei. :D

 JiaZhen the fierce girl and Ziyan the hiaoest girl on earth :P

U S.

All of us. BFF :D


Not again,

 Blehhhhhh. :P

come nearer! :P

Nah, my cute smile! TEEHEE wo ai ni men :D
ni men ai wo ma?! Muax muax.!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

#314posts. Happy birthday LYC.

It's 29th April tmrw. what's big deal?!
As you known that, tmrw is gonna be a big day for Prince William =B
But too bad i have to go to school tmrw, and i can't make it for his wedding lololol.

&&&& it's another very important and big day for our big big boy, LYC.
Who's LYC?Liow Ying Chen aka Jackie :D
Teeehee, *happy to see your name appear in my blog again?*
& do you feel surprise? :D

Happy seventeen birthday my dear! Teehee, sorry that i'm preparing for my coming exam.
i can't celebrate with you, but hopefully we will celebrate my birthday with you nyek! :)
Good luck in your O'level! and wish you all the best. :)
Have a blast kay?! sheng ri kuai le.
gongxifacai angpau come come come hahahaah!

please don't fall sleep later, i will call you at 12 sharp :P
once again, Happy birthday. :)

US :)

The 1st pix we took together, do you still remember? :)

Who's the pretty in your phone? lol

Happy birthday, selamat hari jadi. :))

ya you still that cute, ain't you?

stay happy always kay! :)

With loads of love,
SiewYeeT. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


As time goes by, Mid-term left around 2weeks. 
I don't even touch my book yet. this is so ridiculous and so not be.
But yea i don't know why, can't concentrate nor focus. sometimes i just feel like giving up. :/

anyway, i just want to keep ya all updated. i'm in pink health! Teehee don't worry :P
& yea, i'd a lot of midnight hang out this few weeks. like super depraved. :/
I feel so bad, should cut down more!

my hair is growing, can't you see that?!

Add math / math every single day. -_-

nice effect? 

Teehee i know i look like a pig -,-

& yea, i took this last night before i slept,
and for your info i slept around 4am and wake up around 2pm.

will update more k! *promise* :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Math Learning Center :D

First of the foremost, i would like to apologize to my blog. Hah, I've been so busy. Yeah, form five school isn't that free and easy like last time. By hook or by crook, I'm back to my bloggie.
Happy Belated birthday to my math/ add math tuition teacher. Mr Khor Tee Wei. :)
He is currently 27 year-old. Still single. currently looking for a full time girlfriend. 
Anyone interest with him? contact me hahaha.

He is such a funny and nice teacher.
he doesn't really care about money, He won't even know if you don't pay him tuition fees.
If you don't have any transport to tuition, just give him a call. He will go and fetch you no matter how far is it.
He will order pizza deliverary if you hungry. He is a good teacher, and also a good friend. haha.
Hope that i can score A plus in my SPM, i think that's the best present for him. :D

We did a small celebration with him last Saturday. :)
Hope he had a blast. :D

Hah, KTW Happy belated birthday. :)

Surprise?! :P

Group pic! :D *not everyone is inside, some of them left earlier.
sheng ri kuai le.

The cake they bought from summer bakery. :)

Sandwiches done by sooyee. :)


He was teaching form 3 Science. :D
Taken by suki if i'm not mistaken, see. i was so concentrate!!! :D

last but not least, scare you all with my damn short hair. :D

It's 1.38am.
Nah, ciao!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011