Thursday, March 31, 2011

surprise?! :D

ALOHA! I'm back back back, don't really have time to blog! I've spend most of time on studies & tuition. March is over, April is here. If you're my followers in twitter, if you doesn't. Let me tell ya.
I'm having tuition everyday including weekend. T_T No more weekend hangout. Awwww :'(
I wanted to watch movie. i feel so outdated. Argh, i must used to it until i finish SPM.

I haven't blog about i went AutoCity w/ my schoolmate and Nelson's birthday post.
and many more.

I bet all of you are guessing, WHO IS THIS?

Oh oh oh. sho handsome right ! HAHAHAHA.

 yeah he tried to act cute. Can someone slap him? :PPPPPPPPPP

so, who is him?!
Answer : MY BOYFRIEND. :))))))))

Nyek! Just kidding la.

sorry k jackie. chillax! 

I hope he won't !@#$%^&$@#^*($#$#% me when he read this! lolx.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Too tired.

Too tired and too lazy to blog.
i will be back soon. *promise*

*blink blink*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just randomly upload some pix and update my blog i dont know what should i blog nao.
Timetable is full of tuition and lack of time to get enough of sleep or well-rested. Feel so tired everyday. But then SPM result was release and i saw some of my seniors, they really did well in their SPM. Hard work brings good result, if you wanna get good result, then you have to sacrifice and work harder.
" I can accept failure, but i cannot accept for not trying " 
I will try my best to achieve for what i want :)
Congraz to all seniors who scored straight A's or good result,
& to those who are not satisfy with their result, work harder in the future :)
& if you'd tried your best, then don't have to be upset. Happy go lucky :D:D

Me {Ladyyeeyee} & HuiJoo & Xinyee :)
both of them look so hot right :D
& i simply love huijoo's flora dress. so nais!

Ah Beh & I . beatboxer! Beatbox FTW :D

Hai ni men hao. :D
oh ya my hair is so short now. :(
Hmm but is ok la, cause last year high school life. i just want to entertain my school discipline teacher. :)
will show ya all some of my cam-ho pix in next post kay. do wait :D

nice kan? edited by me :D
haha. Still haven't complete my moral folio. & oral test tmrw. :(
i can faint now. i busy until i cannot breathe. ARGH.
need a gateway. :(

with love,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

As i promise.

 As i promise, i will make one for you :D
Nice or not?! Anyway, she got herself new phone!
Sambung galaxy Ace. nice phone yo :P

Went to Nelson's Birthday partay last night :)
Had a great night w/ them! all botakssssss hahahaha.
i uploaded about 500plus picts in facebook.
Cool? they should have to pay me, they used my xiao D to take pix until xiao D running out of battery lolol.
& yet i have to resize all the pix and upload all of them.

 Friends like G6 hahahaha.
Me and their GERLI Face. *puke*

 pretty ?! hahahaha *bps*

& the birthday boy look like ghost. =D

Happy birthday to youuuu :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

台湾 我想你.

 I've just realize that i haven't finish update about my Taiwan trip.
Since today is Friday, holiday is ending. & i miss Taiwan freaking much. :(
Just let me make a update about Taiwan k :)
pictures talk thousands of words.



Taadaaa, i miss the fun i had in Taiwan with my daddy and marmie!
I love travel around. T_T
Which country gonna be the next? Bali?Singapore again? Taiwan again? or bangkok?

Till then,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Kenny Rogers - Our brunch.
I was at Queensbay again last Saturday, went to island quite often recently :P
& I watched Beastly! Teehee :)
I rike that movie alot alot, some people said that movie are bored & not nice, but i don't think so. hahaha.
some how i always hope that all these will happen on me some day! *building castle in the air*

 my ex-classmate when we were form 3, he taught me math. Yes, he good in math. :)
I admire people who do well in math. and the pix above taken by me and edited by me too.
How it looks like?hahaha. i kinda like the feeling.

 Three of us. this is the first time i hang out w/ him & her together.
Sorry that i went off suddenly :P

Bboy Teeheee, i don't really know him. =P
But still i know he is a good man lolol

i was trying the earphone that he bought. around MYR300. so expensive right, lolol.

taken by him, Xiao D wasn't with me that time. :)

i think they went to try out the egg tart. i shall give it a try next time. :)


another friend is up! Melvin :D 
bboy too. my primary schoolmate. haha
uhmm, who is this? Jackie. Say HAI :)

Hen ke ai!

what is this in blue color one? no idea. lol

Ya Xinyee in the house yooooo. Heeee!
BFF forever. :)
it is 2.06am.
Time to bed.
p/s : Xiao D = my DSLR 1000D Hahaha. 
pps: Facebook not doing well recently, even facebook is sick now. T_T
ppps. holiday is going to end soon. awwwww.

blog tmrw? :D
loads of love,