Saturday, August 29, 2009

Huijoo Birthday celebration :D

Wishes Hui Joo Happy birthday :D
you're finally 15 :P and yea. you're OLDER than me!
may all you dream come true.

the picture was taken by last year :D
Remember that's on my birthday!
One year plus. YESH. our friendship =P
more than forever :)

We went to celebrate her birthday after my sejarah tuition.
The human who was there :
Me, Suki, XinYee, Vincent, ZuZhen, WeiSoon and the birthday girl Huijoo.

Start eating :):)

Why should i take photo w/ you? *evillaughs

Why you don't want take pict w/ me ):

The very first time, Camera Shy :P

Quite Fun :D
but my body was seriously in a bad smell :/
cannot stand for the BBQ and Steamboat smell.
Take a shower and i feel better :D:D

She's eating what's that? XD

Boyf and girlf :)


Take 1 Take 2 Take 3 Non-Stop :D

ps. the only outing w/ HER.
but still we met at least once in this holiday :P
don't be sad anymore dah!


Just a simple celebration.
we eat alot. and we bought a small cake for her!
and i know she was happy and ill surprise!

I wanna a birthday celebration like that.
just simple but happy and warm :D:D
I wish i wish i could have a birthday like this, seriously.

The holiday is going to end soon.
school going to reopen. The trial is coming.
Yea. i never study. i was totally out of control.
i wanna to enjoy my life so much! until i forget how to work hard.
Rawr. i don't want myself to regret when i get bad result.
So please. i'm gonna stop blogging until the trial end.
Still got 2days. i hope can study as much as i can.
I wanna pass my result with flying colour :D

No more outings, don't care is boyf or babies.
please. don't date me OUT! :P

written by,
SiewYeeT with Lovess*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Library :D

Chill always ;]

*did i suit long hair? Ha ha.

A L O H A :D :D

Finally i got the effort to update my blog :D
i had a nice time w/ them at the library.
the 1st time i spend my time w/ THEM.
It's really FUN yeah ;D

She's Pui jane :D

i'm the blogger :D

Cat the rine :)

MangoRobin & Cat Cat :D

Su Ann :D

* Friends only :P

Andy =)

Thengyin :D:D

And Then And Then,
after studied we went to Sunway Carnival to watch movie.
Laughing Gor :D:D

Rates for the movie, 8/10
Nice movie.

p/s : Short but Meaningful :P

Enjoy yo.
Signing out.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Messca Moosca Mickey Mouse! :D:D
i learn this from Ming Jay ! Laugh out loud.Align Center
Updatemy blog again. I'm totally lazy to study.


here's a good new for me, i, myself.
Boonhow a.k.a my ahmad is coming back tmrw :D:D
means i'm going to out w/ him again! YOYO!

today morning;
went to badminton w/ sayang and her friends!

KMM @ Bukit Mertajam :D


* Me and her *

S a y a n g :D

last but not least;


Saturday, August 22, 2009

don't know why.

don't know why suddenly i feel so hopeless?
don't know why suddenly i feel so homeless?
don't know why suddenly i feel so nobody sayang me?
don't know why suddenly i feel the world are so cruel?
don't know why suddenly i feel got nobody understand me?
don't know why suddenly i feel like nobody can talk to?
don't know why i feel like wanna to go out now?
don't know why i feel like leaving the house?
don't know why i feel like don't want to come back?

don't know why suddenly i so hate the chicken rice shop?
don't know why suddenly i so hate air port?
don't know why suddenly i so hate your car?
don't know why suddenly i feel like so tired?
don't know why you wanna go to hongkong?
don't know why now you're not with me?
don't know why everyday so many peoples die but not me?
don't know why i got so many don't know why..
don't know why my tears like water..

don't know why nobody care about me?!
Yea. I'm a piece of shit =)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Especially for you.

my school have started the trial exam today.
which mean i'm having a percubaan for PMR.
i'm not prepared well. ):):
let's see how the result gonna to be!
i think i will get kill by my mum if she know my result.

and for your information,
the trial is end after the holiday!
so, i cannot enjoy my holiday. i cannot hang out w/ all my babes!
i'm sorry if i made you miss me alot :P:P

This article is especially for you.

*that's her* The skinny girl. taken it when house practise!

Beloved Chankei.

she's leaving Malaysia to Hongkong tmrw.
go back to her country. ):
kinda sad. because i couldn't meet her just now.
my ahmad goes for a holiday and nobody willing to fetch me.
i'm sorry babe!

She will come back soon. hopefully! then we'll meet, take alot of picts :D:D
you're always so sweet to me.

p/s : my Ahmad go to hong kong for his vacation.
he will back in tuesday. i miss him so much! *wtf

I'm gonna concentrate w/ my roller coaster.
and after that, i should start study the Novel kapten hassan,aku anak timur and merdeka!
a lot of things need to memorize *cries*

oh ya. Here's a Good news!
I got a brand new pinky mini laptop :D
the gift from my daddy :)

pps. don't try to cheat in the exam.
i will report to the school if you trying to cheat again.
it's you. i've send out the warning. Don't Regret Bitch.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Peeps, i'm Fine :D:D

no worries. thanks to my babies.
They care about me so much, i feel so warm.

Ths few days, are th worse day in my life.
upset, sad, angry, feeling like wanna to jump down *lol
i keep on thinking, why love's must be complicated?
and must pass through so many hard things?

i admit i'm childish, i scolded her bitch in my blog.
nobody scold me but everyone was asking me whd happen and came to comfort me.
Thanks loads! but the fact is, i feel so shame.
i shouldn't do this. ):):

Yae, He lied to me.
please, don't ask me whd happen anymore.
Since everything is settle down. Just let it be.
Because, as Hui said : Try to don't care everything.

And i learnt something.
Accept the truth

although it is so darn hard.
but i'm still me.
i still can laugh when i'm falling down.

代价只是一句 傻瓜 : )

幸福不会成长, 只会慢慢消失。

但是, 我仍然会带着微笑;
去面对。 因为我努力了,就算跌倒

Because of the lil thing.
i wasted my time, my tears.
i don't study at all.
i feel myself like rubbish :/

I'm so STUPID!

Monday, August 10, 2009


i'm HURT.


i hate korean girl. Fuck you bitch!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caring Week and Outing day.

finally the pretty is backy for blogging ;p;p

Y'day was my school canteen day.
it's getting boring and boring year by year. ):):
not fun at all. and that's no handsome guy at all!*upset*
oops, i knw my boy are reading this ;p;p *syng*

that's call fun fair :S

flooded w/ a lot of people!

The Sweet couple ;D

we played ONE station game ONLY. it's so childish and boring. =/
that's why i said getting boring. but still i enjoyed w/ my friends :D:D

Then i went home and sleep like a piggy.
suddenly phone rang, i answered the phone. It's my BOYYYY!
he asked to out w/ him and his gang.

ohhh yeah. for sure i won't miss the chance to out :P
so i woke up and prepared myself.
Then Shuan the driver, kent and baby came and fetched me and Qi. =)
we headed to Queens to meet up Jr,Shereen,JJ and a Japanese guy name Hero 'sang ;D
The Japanese guy is so kind,friendly and polite :D:D

* She's GOOD to me :)

* Brota brota :)


The driver ;)

We went back to Sunway Carnival Mall after 20minute i think?
Had our high tea at Winter Warmer :D

i love th ice peach tea. HAHA

And we watched G.I.JOE y'day.

RECOMMEND to watch it ;D
NICE movie.

After Movie.
went to their friends house.
to celebrate the guy birthday.
Eat,chit-chat and sing K at there.
lil bored but it's still okie =/
Happy birthday to him! but i guess he won't see it.

After That, Sad case happened ; boyf's buddy met an accident. *sigh
look at his car. omfg. that's so scary. luckily both of them are safe :D

That's all about my y'day.

ps. i felt so sorry cause i skipped the sejarah tuition.
pps. i had fun y'day :D:D
ppps. i should really pay effort to start study.
pppps. that's trial examination not school test. ):):
pppppps. Happy belated birthday to the birthday girl. Jiajia :D:D
i wished her on the phone and texted her already.
all the best, cutie!