Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sudden thought.

Good morning peeps. First time blogging through my itouch. It's pretty early now while waiting uncle to get his thing done, am sitting down and the mind going through a lot of thought. Aww I can't said how good I can be or I want to be. But at least if I'm in love in something, I will be brave enough to get it and I will try my best to change my bad behavior just to make things right. But what if, i wouldn't know is that the one I'm in love with is going to hurt me or not. This is confusing ad challenging. In a relationship is much more complicated compare to math. At least we got a solution for every math question but when it comes to love or being love, sometimes there's just dont have any solution or even cure. When you keep telling yourself don't, it's like wtf your mind will automatically tell you do it not don't. Aww ;( sometimes when you know the thing is going wrong, the thing is so not right, but when you fall, you can't make yourself stand. You will stay in the same position and fall for the person more b more. I don't believe in love in the first sight before it, but now I think yes. I do believe love in the first sight. But nog Everytime the person u want to be with are willing to be with you. Ya, this is love and this is life also. We just have to stand up and keep going, because time doesn't wait for you. I don't know what is going on, but my mind have been thinking of him day and night. I just can't get rid of him. I just can't stop thinking oh noz. I need time I think. Chill :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

how you remind me?

Hello, it's three-o-clock in the mid of the night and i'm still awake.
At this moment, i'm feeling so sick, so bad. Time flies, everything changed.
I gotta admit that, I've changed. I can't tell that i'm being a better person in the last few days of 2011.
but at least, i've learn to be stronger and more tough. But there's a question for myself now, am i that high profile for you to gossip about me? I was chatting with my ex-boyf just now through skype.
and yea, i knew both of us are getting each other, so we just chat as friends.
But somehow he told me, lots of his friends are complaining about me to him, and he asked me to behave myself. oh ya. i was like. omgwtfbbq. BEHAVE myself?
first of all,  i just wanna make things clear. I'm officially single now. and i don't have to report every single thing that i did to anyone except my family. k? Or i should said, can you guys be more considerate? Don't judge me, if you don't know me well. i guess most of the people talking behind me are those people that i not really close to or i don't even know about them. But what's wrong with you guys? Am i that fugly/bad/evil to make you all complain/gossip/comment on me? I'm really upset about it.

I have my own friends, i have my own life. I hang out with my friends, i work on weekdays to earn my pocket money, I drink, but what now? You don't have your own life? don't be so lifeless can or not? :)
I just want to make my life simple. May I?
If you have any problem with me, come, i can talk to you. and see what can i do for you.
But not talking behind me. kthnxbai.

Ya, I'm so upset now. i know i shouldn't blame anyone, anymore.
Because it doesn't help, what i should do is to prove to all of you that you are wrong.
I guess i shouldn't share my own feeling, my thought, my personal things in the social network.

I'm just feeling so down right now. What can i do?
If things can't go right, go left. I'm turning into left soon. I guess.
and i just realized that i don't have any soul mate. Because at this moment i have no one to talk to.
Keep calm, and go on. life is still goes on no matter how pathetic am i.

good night.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm back. :)

Santa Claus is coming to town, It's December already, the year is coming to the end. and yea I'm back to blogging again. Hehe :D  Finally i have the time to blog again after so long. Spm is over like oh yeah my life is just begin! haha. but before that i went through a lot too. broke up, my grandpa passed away and i went to an interview for job. I was so busy until today only i have the time to sit down and start blogging. 


The first pix i took using my itouch. Thanks all of them accompanied me to get it. :)

SPM 's group study! :)

See, this is we called group study. i miss those moment so much! :D

Sho cute! hahahaha.

 We were in the same class during form 3. =)
Jaffried chiam on the left, chia wei on the right.
I stick with them almost everyday ah during spm. we studied today! :D


Gong gong, i miss you so much. :(
 Luckily i took some picture with gong gong..........
Rest in peace gong gong. we miss you so much.

My uncle aka gor gor on the left and his cute son on the right. Ming shawn in the house! :D

Random outing with mixy and raymond. :)
my good good friends! 

Raymond. :D

S U K I.

 and my love, vivan! :D:D

sister forever hehehee :)

She is my personal driver aite <3

the last day of spm and my bunch of friends planned to go pray for gong gong. 
Appreciated them. xie xie ni men.

Cat's car spoiled when we're on the way to gong gong house.

not really have the mood to blog. I will back soon :)
Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

a little not over you.

gotta quit blogging a while because i gotta prepare for my spm. like fucking real hard. lol.
wish me luck wish me luck olala i hope i really can focus and concentrate! cut down activities please.

some very random pix in this post. :)
enjoying viewing k? i wil be back after SPM which mean after december. lol

I'm fresh graduate from high school. say hello to long hair. :D

another bad day, to make myself happy..
scroll down.

Yea here it is, TUTTI FRUTTI. :)
Addicted to tutti la, yogurt can make me happy. :D

Then a very sad Halloween.
but i just gotta smile all the time!

partner in crime, Juno and Traysom. :)

Sorry if i scare you. :X
but this should be the reason we all dressed up for halloween right?


The very handsome boy. :)

credit to Juno ng. :)
i damn rike all these pix! haha. *memories*

Then watched You are the apple of my eyes, 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 in 1st avenue. :)
Thumbs up for the movie! very nice. worth to watch for another time lor! anybody wanna date me? LOL

w/ suki.



Ki Mei hai :D

Their fav, chatime! 

very innocent boy!

taken in the library! :)

I just gotta believe i will be fine..
i just gotta be strong. :)
Some people come into your life, just wanna give you a lesson.
People come, people go. This is life. Just make sure you don't regret for all the decision you've made.
Fake a smile, to make others believe that you're fine, even though i'm pain inside. no one could understand how i feel.
Be more independent, be happy. =)

achieve my goal. don't waste my time anymore.
*SIGH* :(