Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bangkok Trip. Trip to Bangkok city. Day one

Good-bye penang & say Hai to Bangkok! :D
I just come back from Bangkok four days ago, Had a lot of fun in bangkok which i really don't want to come back so fast. :( *missing bangkok* One thing I really like about Bangkok is because people over there are very good in manner, they are always smiling! *wide smile* I really like it because i found that if I'm in Malaysia and i smile at stranger, they probably will show their face like 'dafuq'? 

I guess here's some simple greetings we all need to know when we travel to Thailand.
Hello - sawadeeka/kap
goodbye- laagonka/kap
Thank you - kobkunka/kap
I'm sorry- kortodka/kap
how much - taoraika/kap

for girl we speak 'ka' at the back, and for guy should be 'kap'

I'm traveling to bangkok this time with mummy and sister. Only three of us and daddy stay in Malaysia to work. Yayz, this is a really good plan because without daddy we can shop all we want! :D  Sister did a lot of research before we went to bkk, so it's not really hard for us to find our way back to hotel or go to the city. 
We were taking subway and then transit by skytrain back to our hotel.

Trust me, this map helps a lot. ;]
save it up or google it.

we stayed @ Furama Silom. accommodations arranged by mum and sis. So i don't really know why they choose this hotel. But this hotel really not bad. :D i like it very much too.
A lot of tourist recommend traveller to stay in Silom area because it is  convenient.

this is exactly how my room looks like.
They provided us one double bed and one single bed. Just for your information, the double bed is too big in size, i think 4 people can sleep in 1 bed. lol. Then the single bed also can sleep 2 person. haha.

It has swimming pool. Rooftop swimming pool some more. Awesome. haha!

After we check in and showered, is time to hunt for food. The doorbell boy told us that some where near our hotel there's a very nice local food. we follow his instruction and we get there in the end. WHAT  MUST I SAY IS,they  served SUPER DUPER NICE LOCAL THAI FOOD. especially their tomyam-kung and the roasted crispy prok. *missing the food* :( :(
i swear if I'm going to bangkok again, i will go to pong-chan them again! haha

Drink it this way. :D

 Fried Rice. Nom nom!

Tee-hee. Yours truly.

What's next after din din? :D
we went to silom night market because it's just a stone throw away from our hotel.

 Mummy-in-action. :D

cam-ho while waiting sis and mum to bargain w/ the seller.

.. and sister joined! :D

 Take two! do we look alike? Uhmm. 

We went to foot massage at around 1.30 in the midnight. haha! good try!
one hour- 250bahts, around MYR25. 
my first try, the service is good ! :D
The jiejie there are really friendly. oh i remember they said my sister doesn't look like 21 and i doesn't look like 18. They said we look younger! *happy like kid* 

 This is the case i got in the first night. ;D
150 bahts only! 

Ok i shall stop here because i'm going down to KL tmrw early in the morning!
Coming back on monday. :D
Stay tuned for my 2nd day in bangkok k! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Many In One.

Didn't have class on Wednesday so sister and me went to Tokun Hill to do Dana. 
Guess a lot of people are wondering what is Dana?

Dāna or Daan (PāliSanskrit: दान dāna) is generosity or giving, a form of alms. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is the practice of cultivating generosity. Ultimately, the practice culminates in one of theperfections (pāramitā): the perfection of giving - dāna-pāramitā. This can be characterized by unattached and unconditional generosity, giving and letting go.
Dāna as a formal religious act is directed specifically to a monastic or spiritually-developed person. In Buddhist thought, it has the effect of purifying and transforming the mind of the giver.[1]
Generosity developed through giving leads to being reborn in happy states and the availability of material wealth.[2] Conversely, lack of giving leads to unhappy states and poverty.
Buddhists believe that giving without seeking anything in return leads to greater spiritual wealth. Moreover, it reduces the acquisitive impulses that ultimately lead to continued dukkha.

or in mandarin we called it as 供养 known as 布施.
it's a very good practice. :)

since sister and me already graduated from high school for quite some time.
actually for me is just half year plus. haha.
So we decided to go back to the restraunt name 'Belgium' to have our lunch.
We used to go to this restraunt to have lunch after school. ;]
A place full of memories, the food there are nice too!

I ordered Grilled Fish. MYR9.90
When i were still a high school student i don't order this food because it's small and a bit costly compare to fried rice or smth. so i used to order those food that can feed my stomach full. but not grilled fish. haha.
Taste still nice ;]

Sister ordered this one, Black Pepper Chicken. 
nom nom!

and my fav! <3
Grape Float!

found this pix, my partner in crime are sleeping like a pig in accounting class while i was busy camwhoring.
and yea. accounting class are too bored and useless for us. :(
tried my best to listen to lecturer and look at all the slide, but still failed. -__-
end up talk crap in the class and ciao early. haih. how how how. 

Went sunrise MCD w/ her & also jiazhen this morning.
real big right? LOL
craving fixed. even though big breakfast are not included in the weekday special so its slightly expensive. haha.

LOOK AT HER. my partner in crime. SO RUDE. lol.
but this is what we did in economic class, to kill boredom.

 proud to say that my dad get PJK this morning. ;]

Daddy, i love you. :)

I'm in red. hehe.
Flying to bangkok tmrw w/ sister and mother! :)
Another gateway! Teehee.
i will be back on Monday.
keep yourself update about me in twitter or instagram k ;]
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with loves,

Sunday, July 15, 2012


out of a sudden, i miss you a lot.
How are you my love?
really miss you & hope you are doing great in another world.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

long-lost friends.

hair can you grow faster? This hair length really annoyed me much. :/ one thing i hate about my hair is i need to dry it every time after i wash it. haihz.  I am that kind of lazy person. i hate to spend like more than 10mints just to dry my hair. but if i don't dry it i look like soh poh. Argh. 
You people think should i dye my hair? don't know should dye it or not. *dilemma*

thousands year ago i went out w/ two long-lost friends. lol
Hardly get to meet up with these two fellows because one of them working plus studying in kay elle, and another one studying in TARC college. different college, different environment. We all have to live our own life in our own way. :( so happy to see them and had a lot of fun with them. ;]

my bradah? we share the same birthday! haha.

we know each other very well maybe because our same birthday date, so we can talk about anything and everything. haha. i still remember he used to call me everyday when i sat luen. he made me laugh when i cried. :( oh yaz. we are going to celebrate our birthday together again this year! :D Teehee. can't wait to see him again in penang. OUR HOMETOWN. please say you are penang lang also. he keep telling me he is not penang lang anymore. he become kl people after move to kl. soi lou :P

My best listener. Take care :P

when is our next date? :(

nothing special nothing special.
just wanna make my blog alive abit even though not much people are reading it.
class from 8 to 5 tmrw, DIE HARD. :(
gotta go study a bit before i continue my drama or sleep, xx.