Sunday, May 31, 2009


Switch off the EXAM MODE!

Start mua lovely holidays!

won't hang out everyday, but will online everyday :P

i got to go now people.
Will re-update my blog soon.


Start party.
shake it shake it shake it :P:P


Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17 :D

oh yeah !
Finally i hav done w/ my Sejarah and Geografi folio. *clap hands*
i used one day to complete my sejarah folio. HAHA kinda pro.

the stupid mid-term is just around the corner. wth. i dont know how many time did i mention about it. but th people around all started to study like fight for war. but me? sitting in front of th com and plurk non-stop. th heart is always stick w/ th com and not my book! rawr!

however,i'm gonna stop th stupid action! i need to study hard. but only left 1 week. i can finish everything meh? esp th KH. haihs! some more th subject always killing me - Maths! may god bless me and alibaba all bless me! this may b th last post before my exam =)
say goodbye to my blog! but i won't say goodbye to my plurk. still will keep th hard work on my plurk :p:p

gonna upload some random picts.
before my hair cut. when i looked back~
omg, it's fcuking mature! *lol
nyek ;) never mind la. my hair is growing growing.

Til here.
*Th boy is waiting for me* =P

hey Jane, burn midnight oil together!
*da gou gou* LOL

your trustly,
Y E E. =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leavin season.


而且没有妈妈会骂人,所以要做坏事就快点 XD
今天下午为Ah Ma 庆祝料 料晚上也陪妈妈过料 =)
可是我很不肖! 我竟然没有送妈妈礼物 == tapi 我生日的时候我会去跟她讨礼物!!

刚才的evening. B 从 penang 回来. 我们就向 Sunway出发了.
因为我们要跟Shuan farewell. ''
Chiong K Chiong K ~

你以为你是周杰伦咩? :P


唱了3个小时. 我回家, B 也回家. S & J 也回家.
其余的在sunway 自己gao dim. 过后他们要看戏~
气到我 我没有得看 awwwww* 我不甘愿咯 因为我很想看 我很想看!
Tapi 明天又上课啦 我没有得选啊 = =

很快的 那些人 走的走 跑的跑
好像有几远就要跑几远 ~.~
那个gang本来很强大的 现在越来越小料
剩下几个无名小卒在那边默默耕耘而已 ~

可能过后我的 B 也要去 KL. 跟Shuan一起在Taylor上课料.
我应该 (^.^)V 因为那时候我又像他去 NS 这样。 做play girl! ==
死料,给他看到我没有剩咯。 没有啦 B 他很努力的在做功课
看,他生性了很多 这是我最开心的 可是他也小气了很多 awwww*
看什么时候 我要出招 给 B乖乖听话料 :p:p

Oh ya, 我的头发。 像 Helmet meh? 其实有那么一点点
tapi 很好笑的是 那个 JJ 跟我狗屁一起通 剪一样的头 ==
我知道我的 B 心里在 不爽料 XD *sayang* =]
我的很可爱 他的很好笑 !!!!!!

我拍照你cha siao 是不是要死 ?! ==

等到我考完考试啦 OMG 我到现在还没有读书
人家已经要读完料! 还有2weeks 我要pia liao~
所以 我快快blog post 多多照片 那么你们想我的时候可以看 =P

take care dude =)

B. jia you =P

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy mother's day :)

Happy mother's day :D:D

as SASA said. everyone wants to thanks my mum.
because w/out her, they won't know me!
HAHA! marmie, i love you :):)

currently i'm addicted to Restaurant City & Pet Society :D
bye people!


yea. i'm in a bad mood. because i had argue w/ him. god bless me and him.
i don't like to argue, i don't want to argue. haihs. just a small lil things. BABEY!

i cut my hair. yea. a very short and New hair style.
i kinda puas hati of it. *lol. i need some change whad :P
i'm not th mature siewyee dy XD i look like a kid :p:p

let's th pict do talking.

enjoy it =)

Th before =)

and th after =P

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i want to blog more *D

" I Don't Act. "

i want to be a active blogger. that's why i'm here now.
today got no tuition. and i don't need to stay back. =)
a little free so i online. teehee. don't scold at me. i really don't have th mood to study if i don't blog. :p:p

i'm gonna post up my classmate picts. Hah, actually my class are not bad.
i tried to join w/ them. and for sure, they treat me friendly too. =)
we hav been study together 5months. Omfg, time past so fast. Pmr is getting nearier? );
i don't want th time pass so fast. God can you hear me? * [ ] *

no teacher in th class :D:D

everyone was busy w/ their stuff.

i'm busy takin pict.

He was really too bored. MOMO can you see this? =P

th hand is belong to a GUY. *lol

Oh ya! tmrw i'm goin to hav a hair cut w/ suki. -)
wish my hair won't get cut tmrw and then i can cut a pretty hair style xD
i want my fringe round round and thick thick :)
cause seriously i need some change. my hair is always same. 100years dy *grr*

so wish me luck people :)

ps. everyone is come back. but someone is goin to leave.
pps. maybe baby's goin to study @ KL. i don't know =)
but i do support him always and forever ya.
ppps. i don't know why you wanna to think like that.
but we really don't mean like that.
pppps. Baby i misss you <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


well, it's been a long time i don't blog.
my house modem spoil. and mum get a new one y'day :):)
i got a lot of tuition nowadays. i really had no time to sleep. *awww*
it's just because of th PMR. feeling so stress. i need to relax and enjoy my life.
life is colourful, i dont want make my life colourless.
so, i never study. really shit. when past through th class test. i promise myself to study hard.
and no more play play. but now, it's still th same? i just don't know why i'm so lazy. ):):

but anyway, my babe is come back to me. Forever. =)
he's going to study in INTI. takin ADTP. 2years old? he hav to go for US. :/
mayb after two years i'm goin to US too. LOL. who's know?
blah blah blah. i'm goin out tmrw. w/ him. because i wanted to watch 'Coming Soon' !
Haha, i hope i can enjoy myself tmrw. and forget about S-T-U-D-Y.
i miss him so muchhhhh! he's mine mine mine :P:P

i'm gonna cut my hair. i hate my hair. it's so messy!*awww*
oh ya, tmrw my club AGM. NEH! need to stay bak. 'm so tired w/ it.

omg, crap alot here.
wait for my next post kay?
i try to 'born' some picts out xD
i got no time to take picts! *roar* i realize i look so fat and ugly.
haihs. whad to help? ):):

shit shit shit.
i got no mood now.
why i look so ugly and fat?
GOD. can u help me?