Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy birthday * S :D

Happy birthday Shereen :D:D

i love this girl so much. HAHA.
even though we just knew each other for few months.
but th relationship between us are so complicated! *lol
She is Junior girlf. A cutie pie !
She is finally 16. but she just look like 12 years old :P
Xiao mei mei xD

i wanna to celebrate her b'day w/ her.
but failed, because of her mum don't let.
*aww* it's okie then. wait my birthday la kay? :D

Girl. wish you all th best!
& wish you can grow taller ;P
stay sweeet & happy always~
stay long w/ jr ya =]

friendship forever.
happy birthday, my girl!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy belated Birthday :)

very difficult to online ):):
not because of mother don't allow.
it's because of th fcuking modem internet keep out of function.*r-o-a-r*

apologize to my chaichou first.
because i can't wish you happy birthday in my bloggie yesterday!
Happy Belated Birthday my babes!
Th PBSM girl :D:D

hope you're happy when you saw this article :P:P

next. i feel so shytty! my karma drop again.
because yesterday i did not online. so my karma drop 0.16!
omg omg. just one day! wuwu.
i wonder when only my karma can reach nivarna?

seriously, a lot of ppl gt bored w/ plurk. hah, but i never feel that! i love to plurk :D
just as i eat rice everyday and bath everyday Laugh out loud.

oh yes, i'm gonna ponteng school tmrw :P
going to KL w/ dad and sis tmrw.but it's just a ONE-day trip!
NEH. just going Shah Alam. will be back at night.
but marmie going to hongkong tmrw!
i mean i can go out ! *oops*
DATE me girls and bro! *winks*

hah, Dad get a Iphone 3G :D
but too bad that's not for me. just for himself.
but i will try to make it myself! :P
bitchy, when only you wanna to get one? LMAO!

till here,
i'm crazy w/ forum this few days!
Click and register lah :D

try to update my blog soon.
less hangout and my life is colourless recently. Lol
so i dont hav any special thing to share.
i wanna to go out. go out ! *D-A-T-E M-E ! *

Sunday, April 19, 2009


th hair after cut by stupid teacher.grrr.

that's it.
i miss him. two weeks more, he will be back.

for those who hate me :S:S
get a new life, bitchy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14/4/2009 :*D

Th one who always so BPS :P

i love my life :D:D

no doubt, it's me th only me.

Date me people :D

First of all, i just wanna to upload some my pict.
was taken by me in th afternoon when im back from school.
my hair still th short, my face still that round :P:P
i'm just that fat. H-A-H-A. laugh at myself ):

secondly, TMRW is a Big day of a girl.
That girl name TSUANN :):)
Happy Birthday!
Girls, all i wanna to say is -
Enojy your days :D
sweet 15 :P *omg,i still 14 now*
Hah, all the best ! *winks*

Please help me to click at th Ads once you view my blog.
I wanna to earn money $$ :D:D
please and thanks!

Lastly, i'm gonna fight for my coming exam.
yea. god-bless-me ! it's a must to pass all subject!
but still, i'll try to hang out w/ you guys :P:P

okie, th article is done.
i update its all because of th birthday girl.
TanSuann :Bmust be surpise okie? :D

It's th time to bed. *yawns*
but i haven't get th call from him.
i'm stil waiting.

Goodnight & sleep tight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update :D

Hellos everyone :D
*i promise to blog in Chinese*so do i :D:D

因为我知道很懒惰 但是华语,还是最适合我 :D

上个星期日,早早就去清明. 去到很远靠近Thailand那边~
下午11点多 靠近12点! OMG, 用屁股想都知道- 1 word!
去sungai lembu那边清明 *papa's side mia*

结果咯, 好死不死. 真的生病料!
才4个月,我已经病2次有料. 很可怜咯!
tapi 现在,生病就好像喝水! *lol
妈咪整天kap 我咯,再不早睡觉~
以后20岁就像60岁. OMG!
料每次说要早睡, 都没有做到 ):):

星期5半夜, 在yuhui家做三文治.
本来我跟Suki是要打算拍过程起来 update在blog。
but, 已经忙到小便都没有时间 怎样拍叻?

而且过后我还去跑 4X400咯!
好才我队的全部厉害 到最后也有第3 :P:P

赶着去Peneng 看babi.
(sorry for ps, because i should not did it for yesterday)

去到那边也很迟料 ):
1hours + Then we need to left.
omg omg. but i didn't cry :D
1more week we can meet again,
and 3 weeks more you come back!
i'm waiting for that day!

i miss him loads!
but, i promise him i'll be strong & happy always! T-hee!
After that, back to butterworth.
went to a health talk, @ chailengpark there.
Then went to Sri Rambai for supper.

Last- Home sweet home :):)

Took by himself!
He ask me to delete, but end up i upload in my blog *lol
*Shereen give me da permission to update your picts!*
Neh neh ni bu bu :P

JJ's Sexy LEGS! :P:P

thanks to JJ & Junior.
Heheh, for fetching me.

last but not least,
i love to blog,
even though not much people view my blog & drop comment.
but all i wanna is just share my feeling, share my days w/ all of you :D:D
i really cant live without my blog! Hah!

yea,i need to study hard!

Friday, April 10, 2009


{ X.O.X.O}
tmrw - sport day
- Balik pulau white resort :D
Hav a nice day people :D:D
gonna reupdate my blog soon!
wait me people :):)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


th time past so fast. HAHA ):):
he's leaving and going back to balik pulau ns camp dy.
i did appreciate every moment w/ him. although we fight alot.
he always made me geram! but he will make me laugh after he knw im angry of him.
hah, it's just like fairy tale when i'm w/ him!
but time don't wait for us. *awwww*

Friday he fetched me from school.Then his friends decided to swimming.
i follow them, but too bad. i dont know how to swim & i dont want to sia sui infront of them *lol

Night me & him went to Auntie's house. that day was her big day *birthdaygirl* :D

th birthday cake ;D Happy birthday!

Finish th dinner & cake @ there. rushed back to Sunway & watched
Fast & Furious 4.

OMFG! it's freaking cool movie. M-u-s-t watch it!
p.s He checked us dat night. Then i told him i forget to bring my IC.
Then he let me in *Winks* i'm just 15 yar. Hah!

Saturday @ Queens.

keep waiting this & that. about 12ppl went for there.
so, 3sumthing only reached there. we were late!
Had our lunch @ fish market. after that shopping :D:D
After that, went to roxbury.
I drove Babi car! nearly bang Jr's car. *lol
last, went to Raja Uda for tomyam mee :):)

Said Goodbye to him.
awwwww* i misss him so much~

Happy birthday to th double {V}
All the best~ hey, ah yee :P
older than me dy. wish you can get DSLR from your dad soon!
& do love me always Haha!

{Chengbeng post w/ update after my house can online :) }
i promise i'll blog in Chinese in th next post! :D

Random pict~

{Babi ask me to find get a nickname *lol}
so dat day inside th car we chit chat about that.
i said i wannaladygaga!
Then Jr said, Ladyyeeyee better :D
it's a funny nickname i think :P
call me Ladyyeeyee people! :P:P

Thursday, April 2, 2009

OMG *argh*

my hair gt cut by teacher :X

3hours more, i'm gonna meet w/ my babi!
HAHAHA! excited*shy*

Say Yes :D

random picts.

Hellos, everyone :D:D
finally i manage to online, i'm quite busy recently.
but not busy for study. i'm busy for sukan in my school.awww*
he's coming back tmrw! so excited now HAHAHA *Evil laughs*
enjoy th 3days w/ him. i didn't study at all. somemore he's coming back.
how to die for my examination? i d-o-n-t -k-n-o-w!
whatever, Just enjoy and cherish th moment i gona spend w/ him!

don't know why, i just can't get bored w/ plurk!
although my karma keep dropping. *grrrin*
especially thanks to Vivan, she helped to plurk when i can't online.*mwarhs*

Sukan tahunan is finally coming at next Saturday!
after th sukan tahunan, i'm get ready to fight for Exam.
* i SWEAR* if not, kids see me call me Aunty. getting fatter & fatter*
Hopefully i can do whad i had promise to myself, my family & Babi !

Yes, family promise me. if i get 6A's & above in PMR,
they let me to put braces! YESH! :):)
i want to be more pretty & hotty ! so, i must study harder!

i'm saving money to get DSLR.
but how long i'm gonna wait? *lol
* i dont know*
sometimes i feel so upset, why other can get what they want from their parents~
but not me? *lol. but now, i realize something.
Dont ever want things for granted ;)
and yes, i understand th meaning!
& i know my parents are very suffer and they cannot afford us to spend their money like using water.
i try to dont compare myself w/ other. just appreciate everything you have :D

anyways, i getting closer w/ snowiie. *lol
i think so lah, i feel that we got the same thinking Hah.
hopefully we can b more and more close :P:P
she's a nice people seriously & CUTE!

-online asap again. to update my blog.
-finish my sejarah folio * element 2&3.
-finish geografi folio as soon as i can.
-start to study and prepare for PMR.
-my hair wont get cut tmrw. it's a must!
-sister get well soon asap too!
-turn back to be snowwhite again*lol!

wtf? such a long post.