Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly updateeeeeee.

currently mood : NAIS!
currently playing : Wedding Dress.

The blogger w/ smile :)

Hellos peeps, been neglected my blog for almost a week time. No idea what to blogg about. so i just share some picts with ya. =)

Yesh, exam is carrying out this week. One week more to go, then it's holiday! :D TWO WEEKS! And a lot of tuition stop, i mean in june. Teacher also need some rest right :D

*Moral Value* :D

i'm loving it!

MCD to study or EAT?! :P

Awesome friend :D

Otw home :D

And i'm home.

Conclusion, i love to camwhore! :D

FYI, i deactivated my facebook account, it detracting me all the time when i was doing my revision. the only way to control is to deactivate. =(
Will be back after my mid-term examination. But, i still on Twitter :)
Just follow me and check me out!!! :D



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what's wrong with you guys?!

i would like to ask, what's wrong with you? and i would like to know, WHO ARE YOU?
and who do you think you are?! before you nudge me, think twice!
when you start talking about me, means i'm better than you. you get what i mean?
spammers, i know you are lifeless yet there's so much of blog let you to view.
let you to leave comment, why don't you just go away? get out out my life, and spam their blog.
you may think i'm coward. but i alrd try to ban the user who spam my blog.
if i still can't control this situation, i'm gonna remove my tag board.
i just don't feel like letting those stranger's thought i am a bad person. -_-
but so what lah, if i'm real bad.

you guys are really funny, using different name but actually from the same person.
no need to change so many name la, i know what you think.
still th same ok, just come to find me. and talk to me if you so really hate me!!!

i'm not worth for you to spend most of your time to spam my blog.
live your own life, no more get a life!! LOL. at least i try something new :P:P
but if you i'm worth for you to do so, i got nothing to say!

Changing the way to think, if you were me.
people's spam your blog like everyday, what do you feel?
i'm getting bored of it. rawr. but i break my promise. i said i won't give a damn again.
but i'm here to blog again for you, and i try to band you for posting my comment.

& thank you for those who support me. i know who you guys.
but for sure, not me la! :D
maybe i don't have true friends, but i have my family. and maybe some schoolmate. :)

i rock in my own way. so same as you, wish you luck. dumb ass!

wtf you looking at?! LOL

my study table. hiakhiak*
really hard for me to study.
keep open my twitter and facebook.
now one more entertainment, the spammer.
leave me a peaceful life, can you? :)

not more than one week, my exam.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another week. :)

SuperGirl is back wf smile :D :D

time flies, another week is coming. Monday blues..
i don't feel like going to school tmrw, but tmrw are having IT exam. i hav no choice, must attend.
Oh ya, i join my school badminton competition! LMAO. i taking part in girls double. guess who is my partner?! HAHA. EOH XIN YEE. It's her. -___- Will lose for sure la, we go for fun only! :D
so this few week keep playing badminton after school. lose weight, train stamina. yaazz!! :)
Well, i went to my cousie birthday party another family gathering, All from jit sin ind. nothing to summarize.

QinHui and I. =)

This pict taken while we were on th way to MCD.

& this taken in Sushi King. :)

omfg, means what i ate in this weekend is much more than the exercise i did. FML. still th same, i'm fat fat fat! So whad? i'm still a rock star! :P

my current profile pict! :D

I was in winter warmer just now, went there for my highTea. :)

mixed fruit cocktail & iced peac tea are loves! :)

Mocha cake cost us 5bucks. but th taste sucks -_-

i drove back, believe?!

Next, coming tuesday is Adrian Boo birthday. i don't think i'm able to blog in that day. i wish you 1st la dai lou :D

Currently we are bff! he just sitting beside me! HAHA. and he know my situation as well. i share everything with him :) BFF! Happy birthday. sheng ri kuai le!!! wish you all th best! :)

some people they just can't shut their mouth, get their own life. They like to comment on people, but before that. try to change the way to you think, change an angel, situation and think. :]

so so so lazy to blog for those who spammed my blog. i wrote more, they write more. right?
So i won't give a damn in the future. -____- i won't remove my tagboard or lock up my blog. i will keep it update, to convenient my haters to view my blog. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Happy happy birthday to you, honey! (:
the very pro badminton player i ever met before XDXD
happy to knw you,and thanks for being with me when i'm down.
Wish you all th best, and gt champion in th badminton competition! LOL

Big girl alr!! *weeeeeee!
Happy birthday, sheng ri kuai le :D

somebody is back, not gonna blog :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

i wish.

i skipped shool today, i'm coward. :( ya,the feeling sux max! i need to fix it. & i hope i fix it alr.i found this pict out of a sudd in my camera when i was deleting some old picts. i wish my hair length can be like this again. :(

exam mode is on. two weeks to go. i wish i can eat all the book into my stomach!! RAWR. my life is miserable! D: D:

i want fresh air! i want leng chai ! i want smth can make my day!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

♥Happy mother's day :)

Yes, if you think i'm fugly. Then i will be proud to say,

i'm ugly, but My mum is prettier than me!! :)

My mum is th prettiest woman on earth! :D

i love her more than everything.

♥ Happy mother's day.
Stay happy, and thanks for everything you done for us!
we appreciate it berry berry much! :D
Sorry for everything that we did to hurt you,
love you mum!

wanna to judge me? Straight come forward to me =)

haters, bfore you leave my blog. click my ads! :)

well, you you you. everyone of you. CLICK MY ADS!



Friday, May 7, 2010

FML -___________-

FML FYL -____________-
Fuck lah jit sin high school !!!
i cried a lot today. STUPIDASSHOLE teacherrrrr!

Get a new life lahh, i don't know who is that farking person come to spam my tag board.
your action are so damn childish lorh i tell you. respect people and people will respect you :)
& specially reply for you : it's better to have a few TRUE friends than having a bunch of FAKE friends!
if you think i don't have friends la! Heee.
君子交绝,不出恶声 :)
不要拿别人的过错来惩罚自己! :D
going to Queens for ironman 2 tmrw! :)
gonna be a good day yet early in the morning i need to go to school for pegawai sukan AGM. mad sien!!!!! :(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Baby Baby :D

Do i look gorgeous with my hair wig? :)

this picture was taken during chinese new year. and i went to Queens with some schoolmates.

so so so long time ago. ahha :)
but memories won't go away right?! i kept in my mindd always.

since everything bad happened to me, like quite a lot.maybe friendship,my love,relationship between my family. i only think, whattheheck is going on?! Why everything just happened like this? Unfair unfair unfair! i just keep on blaming on others, tried to use those unhelpful way to solve th problem. but end up with failure.
Yup and now i think i change :) I try forgive and i forget. Taadaaa :D i won't blame for those who judge me last time. maybe what ya all judge and comment about me is truth. ahhas. but now, i change alr. i am new one! you know why? i did something really surprised myself today. i tried to forgive a girl who betray or maybe she really did smth very wrong to me. And i make it!! When i saw her alone, my heart feel pain. i don't want th same thing happen to me, maybe one day in the future i'm sitting alone at the canteen, eating alone. actually i had tried before lah. but the reason not because of i don't have friends, just because of they were busy. So if one day, i sitting alone and hoping someone who can sit beside me and accompany me, but i fail. and all my enemy laugh behind me!!
i tell you, no one can really accept lorh! i just hope to be friend with anyone :D
live a peaceful life, smile everyday is the great way! HAHA!
i learnt, stand on others side consider their situation.
Maybe you think what i said is just bullshit. but there is something call karma.
The karma will just hit you back. =)
no matter what you think of me, before you point at me.
look at the yourself first. this is most important! :D
i am super duber friendly one! just smile and me, i will smile at you too!! :D :D
trust me,

Then what about my short and nerdy hair leah? :)
OMFGGGGG. I so freaking love my class now lorh! although some teacher are always so beh tahan! but classmate make my day! :P:P

Want to know more about them? WOAH no problem.
just kiss my ads, and leave me a comment *CHUUUUUUUUU :)
and i will write one article for them!
i must off to complete my homework. no more delay -____-
follow me on twitter. =D
thank you!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

# Donnie Yan can be my love.


rate : 4.5/5

you know when my blogskin being nice nice, i always got the blogging feeling :) I won't fail. seriously! so if you wanna to keep your blog update everyday, try to change a better or a lovely blogskin for yourself. Trust me, its work! :D
So. today is Sunday. Weekend are always nice :) After sunday, Monday gonna be a bad day. or a hard day. Because i always have th mind not go to school on monday. i still in the weekend mood! No need to wake up early in the morning. no homework, no tuition and etc. RAWR!!!
Back to the topic, look at #1. I watched Ip Man today, with EohxinYee. last mints planned sucess :) Thanksgod! But only both of us. others all cannot. mum not allow cause exam is so fucking around. Yeah yeah yeah. i should start my revision. esp history, all in essay way. i don't want to fail my sej ! and then addmaths and all. FML.
I out of the topic again. COMEBACKKK. yup. IP MAN !
So farking damn nice. i tell you, you must watch it :D :D
I even cried for the master when he dead. So farking pity :( But i really proud of ip man. Teehee :D
And donnie yan, OMFG. so endao so handsome! conclusion : He is AWESOME :)
i was wondering when the movie ended, how nice it could be he is my boyfie and i'm his girlfie ! Hiakhiak*
He will protect me all the time. !@#$%^& then Xinyee wke me up -_______- FINE. Dreaming is good for everyone ;p
oh ya, Try not to compare ip man 1 with ip man 2. somebody said ip man 1 is better than ip man 2 lah. then i was like o__o really meh?! and actully which movie nicer so important meh? the point is, all th actor act well ma. they did their best in the movie. don't compare with one and two la! both movie also nice la! & p/s : proud of chinese! :D
Chinese boleh ! * i should'nt learn taekwondo, i should learn 'Yong Chun' *Lmao!
i saved this pict down from my facebook.
Credits to Ivy Lim Yu Han.
She taken this during the school singing competition! :)
The so-called banner was done by us for support ivy.
Actually not US, only meisze and ct woon was doing during th time!
Haha, but the banner really look nice right?! :) :)
although she did not won anything in th competition, but all of us from 4c1 support her always! :)

#in case you don't know how to read,

It is KARYAO. means jia you. Tambah minyak ;p

lastly, not to forget to camwhored ;p

That's all for now.

CLICK MY ADS for this entry.

You must pay for it! ;p


Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st Of May.

nice? i finally change my blogskins. Credit to VivanT,my girl. *smile.
New month, New skin, not to forget. New W-I-S-H :D i had a bad day lah conclude everything.
let me start my grandmother stories. -____- and this post are without any picture!! :/
I woke up late today morning cause i slept very late last night! i rushed to my extra class. Then after that. I phoned daddy. ask him wtheter want to watch Ip Man or not. He said YESH. So i decided to reserve th ticket @Sunway cinema, Hell yea. It's a 18P movie, which mean me and my bro are not allow to go in! so i change my mind. phoned to TGV movieline to reserve 4tickets. i managed to reserve! so i was berry berry happy! So i prepared myself and done. when i prepared everything. My parents HAVEN'T done. So i was like. if we late, we won't get th ticket! :(
YUP. we were late for 10mints like to get th reserved ticket. THEY TOLD US THEY SOLD OUT THE TICKET! FARKINGDAMNYOUASSHOLE! :( :( And mum and dad blame us. brother blame me. FUCK. All show their blacky face to me. forgt about it, we went to station one for our dinner after that. i thought everything gonna be fine again. But when i finished my meal. bro's meal haven't serve. Mum lost control again. OMFG. smth damn suay happen! I ordered wrongly the food. bro want lamb chop but i ordered lamb shank for him! so he pissed off and scolded at me! :( when th food was served, he don't want to eat. So i finished it by myself. -_____- alone, sambil nangis sambil makan! Cause i hate the taste of lamb. and i just fnsed mine chicken chop! after i fns everything i thought everything ended. But The stupid brainless bro scolded me again. He asked me not to cried this and that! He is only 14 years old. Still younger than me. i can't get it! so rude and no manner to his sister?! im such a failure. i only know how to cry -____-
i feel like vomit out everything. The stupid taste still rolling in my mouth. YUCKS! :(
So suay la today!!! :(
i hope tmrw will be better.
After a storm, Comes a calm. :)