Sunday, May 5, 2013


The future of our country maybe ruin by those selfish politician.
This is our country, not them. >:(
Give us a break please. 
We want to change, we need a change.

praying for PKR, hope that this political party will win the election.
for our brighter future, for your next generation. vote for PKR. :)

p/s : i'm too young to vote! >:(

Friday, May 3, 2013

RM250 book voucher.

Let's see what i got for by using the RM250 book vouchers given by the government. :)
  •  p.s i love you by Cecelia Ahern. ( wanted this for very long ) 
  •  One day by David Nicholls ( attracted by the book cover)
  •  Chicken soup for the soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor and Amy Newmark - True love series ( Lecturer said should give this book a try )
  • Chicken soup for the soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor and Amy Newmark - Extraordinary teens ( I want to be extraordinary too)
  •  The lucky one by Nicholas Sparks ( i like nicholas sparks a lot after reading the john)
  •  The Notebook by Nicholas sparks ( Same reason as above hehhe :D )
  • The last song by Nicholas Sparks ( same reason as above! )
  • few pens. 
  • and i have another RM50 free vouchers from popular. I haven't use it yet. Introduce me some nice book please. :)

Yeah, i miss my iphone 4s T____T
using iphone 3gs now but i don't know i can't update it to the latest IOS. >:(
Neway, i'm getting a new phone soon. iPhonee 5 or Samsung S4 / Note 2?
Gimme some comment please! :D

Thursday, May 2, 2013

stop and listen.

hmm, it's gonna be another personal post. 
I really don't know why my life have to be so complicated, so many ups and downs. I always want to be better, and i don't want my parents to worry about me. and i failed every time. I know mummy is worried about my safety in KL cause i got robbed two weeks ago. I knew she cried. She wants me to go back to Penang and study there. But this is not i want. :(  family is always the biggest part of mine. I know you love me mum, but you really need to let me learn how to take care myself and to be independent. I will try not to go out so late anymore ( as in alone lahh ) :P Hmm. I really love them and miss them a lot. I'm going back on penang next week. for one week! *happy girl*
I know i always talk to her in a very rude way, but if i talk to her nicely, 100% will cry lor. ARGH. I'm sorry mum. i love you a lot. Daddy is more okie compare to mummy, he will call, but he won't ask me to go home like how mum used to. that's why i prefer to talk to that. hehehe :3 i love both of you! hmm,  and my aunties! i know i know i know, they are worried about me tooooo. but yeah, i'm perfectly fine. PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUS LIKE I ALMOST DIE. T____T *don't over reaction* 
Cause if like that i will super stress. >:(  i won't let the same thing happens again okie? please trust me, and gimme a break. ;]

If you don't know, then ask me. If you don't agree, then argue with me.
If you don't like it, Then say it to me. But please, don't start judging silently.

from my point of view, this is not the way how you respect a girl. not even girl, is everybody.
Earn people respect by doing the right thing, not by posting something childish saying people are bitch.
Just to be clear, if you can't get a girl's heart, please be gentleman. Don't have to be so rude.
Think from people's side. If one day people do something like this to you, will you like it?
We're teenagers, and becoming an adult soon. ADULT. please, do you think a mature adult will do something like this? Then if the answer is no, which mean you're not mature yet.
We can't force people to like us, we can't stop what people want to say. Why am i wasting time to write all these? Because i care about you. I really did. You was a very nice guy to me overall. but just one wall post, you destroy everything. You was so kind and i really didn't know why you did that. 
I don't know what's wrong me that made you hate me so much, but from the beginning until now, I'm always being honest with you. I didn't play with your feeling. 
You can always come and question me if you have any question, but no by guessing or judging.
This is the part i hate the most. i don't like to hear something about me from others, but not you personally. Hmm, i mean to everyone. lol.

Crap. i should stop.
Bye. :)