Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love life.

I'm sorry for my inefficiency on updates. Life been busy for me. studies, hang out, friends and love. :)
How's life ? So-Far-So-Good. life been so good to me, the only thing I'm worry is about my studies. my mid-term result was sucks. And i  deserved this shits result. i know that i can do it better, but i just don't have the motivation. SPM is only few months left. i know that i don't really have time to study or revision. can someone wake me up or motivate me, please? :/

Uhmm, This is so not me. blogging w/out any pix. don't really take nice pix lately. that's why i don't know what to blog. :'(
it is a Saturday night, staying at home not going out, being a good girl, good daughter, good girlfriend. :D
i've changed. so much. i admit, :D
I changed because i love him. i stop flirting around. i stop texting with lots of guys. i stop missing my ex when i'm being with him. I'm not playing with love this time. Feeling so comfortable when he is around. I can do whatever i like even though he likes to bully me. =X He even dare to beat me. Seee, how bad is him. But who cares? I love him. Stop asking whether he is my boyfriend or not, or some question like, Are you in a relationship now? This is clear enough. :] 

What's more? Wait and read my blog.
I'll back with something kay? :)))))

I love my life. Do you love your life?
Life is too short to be sad or worry. Be happy when you still can have fun. =)

with love, Yee.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Don't ever put high expectation on somebody. It is hurt.

sometimes when i say " I'm okay " . means i want someone to look me in the eyes,
hug me, and say, " i know you're not ".

期望越大,失望越大。我怕痛。 :'(

Thursday, June 16, 2011

S m i l e . ; ]

went out w/ my girls. :)
We watched Super8. 
that movie was so-so only la. 
the outing was like last mints plan. i rike it! hahahah cause i don't like to rot at home during holidays.
i spent a lot la this holidays. broke broke broke =(

i simply love this pix. :)


* SuKi, any pix you doesn't like, TELL ME :P *

back to school, say hai to my short short hair. :)
oh ya, i look like 14years old right?! HAHAHA
look young and fresh compare to my previous hair.

don't ever judge the book by it's cover, you're not him, you're not them.
Watch out, we just need time to prove that we're suppose to be. =)

w/ love, 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Called it a day.

Weng fetched me from home like 9smth. Had Yamrice @ sentosa as our brunch. :)
Then gathered at his house. and what we did? we so-called- Group Study. *wink*
But end up we played poker card, chit-chat, etc etc. conclusion, group study in weng house is useless! 
RAWR.  that means i didn't do any revision in this holiday. not at all. including my homework and project. T_T

# discussing about chia wei 's boyfriend DIY birthday card. :)

# screwed him up! He was distracting us all the time!

# so many books ! like so hardworking right? :P
*sincerely i'm ok? * but now this holiday. 

oops, who's this with reddy shirt? :)

What is this? he's sucks? LOL

Chia wei and thomas babe in the house :P

Sing K @ Sunway Amp square after study. 

siao cha bor. =P

weng on the left, chia wei & Rong mito.

Group pix. :)

Another group pic. 4 of us. Rocks :D

Chia wei & Rong mito. Teehee :)
Their hair style sama sama. and their pattern sama sama juga =P

*fucking perfect* :)

Student price, for weekdays. 14 all together, including tax. with two drinks. :)

He don't have student card. laugh at him. -_____- 

i miss my fringe already. :'( *sigh*

last pix. Awwww.

Uhmm, then Suki and xinyee came to my place.
we went raja uda for the famous TOMYAM MEE.
but i didn't eat tomyam mee that night. cause i had dinner before they came.

Thien hua. :)

The blogger.


don't know what am i looking.

& suki .:D

Their tomyam. taste nice laaaaa :D

Last day of holiday. I just fucking don't feel like going to school. A lot of things happening, yea. i just feel like escapingggggg. and i want to see him, meet up with him, but why is that so hard? Really upset when i think of him. Aiks. yea, and when school reopening, lots of tuition, lots of homework, lots of this, lots of that. some more i'll be getting all my result tmrw. yea, FML FML & still FML. :'(

I wanna cry so badlyyyyyy. I need him. all i need is him. but where is him? :'(

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nice quote.

Nice and meaningful quote that i get from everywhere. =)
i share all these here because those quote are so damn true.

Love isn’t when there are no fights in the relationship. Love is when once the fight ends, love is still there.

The one who seems the strongest is sometimes the one who is in most need of a hug.

My smile is for everyone, but my love is just for someone.

In life, whatever we do, we are never defeated unless we give up! 

I love him not for what he is, but for what I am when I am with him.
There's more but i'm just so lazy to copy and paste out. LOL
Till then, SiewYeeT. w/ love ok :P