Tuesday, October 27, 2009


H-O-O-P-L-A ! Game booth ;D
I'm the one who take care of MMCH.
Mickey mouse club house!
Messca ; Moosca ; Mickey Mouse :D:D *this call the magic word* :P

That's whad i did ;D

w/ the spec* look su bun right? XD

Jun Ying aka Xiao Ying Ying.
TY and Suki always call him Hiao kang. So just let it be, Hiao hiao :)
But in fact he's so nice and friendly :)

This is my partner aka my Bf :)
when i be T T sister, and she will be in MMCH to be the mickey mouse jiejie :D
She's will be going to Johor w/ me. and i force to sit and sleep w/ her everyday :(

Spot him, Jia Jun :D
The adorable guy. Happy to work w/ him. Brother forever!

This is OUR Gang :D
I missss them so muchiie right now.
When we gotta meet again? :(

Su Ann And Hui Joo.
Ann was Registration, Joo was Runner.

Fatty :D He's Sales punya.
Freaking love to snap picture la him duhh.

Melvin Kor Kor aka Big children :D
He's so freaking funny! Story tellers of Disney. :)

Me w/ KT.
KT ar. he's a guy who like to show off;
but still he's so cute when he smile!
friendship forever kay? :D

The Sexy man w/ ME :D
Teehee, he's Terrence aka Disney Hoopla star showcase DJ.
I missing his voice now and he can sing very well.
Mr. Sexy :D misssss him!

from left to right, Sweetie > Nelson > Vincent.
They looked great after having a hair cut.
And please my skill so good, took a awesome picture XD

i like this photo very much, Ha ha.

The last day ; w/ my superman Tee.
Yea, i'm the supergirl :D

My T T sister Uniform, look like a student la!

they are otw to Johor now :D

taken by me, i dont know who is this.
But she's so cute! And GaikNee said she look alike w/ me.
Really? XD
The colouring contest day ;D
Wow. all of them did a great job!

And We went for Movie.
darn bored la the movie.
i forgot whad's the movie name.

He's Astro Zai. From KL.
Had a dinner w/ him at huan xi di :)
Oh yea, he just like my papa.
keep on ask me to becareful, take care myself blah blah blah.
But he's really a nice guy :D

Playing Game on the stage.

Some of you may said that's so suffer to stand for 10 hours.
Just to earn some money. Yea you're right.
But if you never work, you will never know money is hard to earn.
Don't spend money like using water LOL.
I learned a lot of things from this job :)
Gain some experience. Meet some new friends!
Etc Etc that's too much to say.

the one i wanna to thanks the most is my mother.
She went to fetch me every night :)
and yea, she never scold me or blame me.
She ask me don't work anymore because she knw i'm tired.
Seee, That's the way she love me :D
i know she's so tired after work, but still she wash our clothes, cook for us.
do everything. I love you mother!
i don't think she will read my blog. XD

Happy yet sad.
i'm leaving penang to Johor later.
9.30 the bus :)
Happy thing, i can travel to Johor. the place i never been there for a long time.
Sad thing, i need to sit in the bus for more than 10 hours. My ass gotta complain to me.
Rawr. Never mind. i will try to take care myself. Take care Ng suki :)

w/ loads of Loves;

Monday, October 26, 2009

THE interview day! :D

day before we started to work.
We went to Pearl View Hotel for interview ;D
Actually not me, just them!
Because i am already in the list :P

Had a lot of fun; yet tired !

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is for you bitches ;]

I really hate spammers. Did i step your tails? Did i spam you?
Please get a life, i did nothing. i just enjoy, rock, make my life as colourful as i can.
I find out that spammers spam people's blog because of they jealous ;)
You jealous me, isn't it? But you really can call me biatch. i don't care and i likey it so much :)

i admit my english not as good as my mandarin.
So here we go :D

最少我的五官齐全,美不美是另外一回事。我做工的时候,有一个3岁/4 岁的小孩子。
拜托,他很可怜。 没有了一只手还有一只脚。这样小就必须装上义肢。但是他还是很开心的跟大家一起开心。小姐/先生; 你还小吗? 那么简单的道理要我教你吗? 难道你不觉得自己很幼稚吗?
也对,发育都还有没有完整,思想一定还是那么单纯 :D
我没有承认我成熟,因为我的确还很小。但是时间一直在走, 我会慢慢长大。你也是,利用你的时间读书啊。 不要吃饱没有事做去人家的部落格给予那些很恶心的字眼。 因为那样只会贬低你自己的身份。 也很明显,因为你妒嫉某些人你才会去骂,人。
我奉劝你一句, 如果真的想要放开。 唯有把仇恨放下。 :)
如果你真的妒嫉我美过你? 那就去问你的妈妈。 为什么吧 :D

如果是我,就算我不读书; 我也宁愿看戏大便睡觉逛街做工啦。


Saturday, October 24, 2009


one of my pict* when i'm working ;)

I gotta be Account student start from next year!
Because i know whad i actually want, and i don't want suffer myself for 2 years. lol.
i hope i won't regret.

i made some decision. i hope this is better for me. As you know, i'm selfish. i'm cruel.
But seriously, i'm sorry. :(

Today is the last day of my job. I hope i can go to JB w/ them. and Klang and KL.
Make it real okay? :)
God bless.

Will be back after the job. p/s. i got thousand of picts to upload LOL.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Black Canyon Coffee!

Currently at Black Canyon Coffee. Using free wifi to online.
Because my work start at 3o'clock. And someone overnight my homey last night.
So i need to come early! So hell yea, alone now :(
3o'clock ! 3o'clock.

all of us everyday stand for alomost 10 hours! The leg just feel like breaking!
And lunch break just only half an hour. How greats?!
listen to the Disney song everyday! i can sing very well now Lol.
very tired. but still i had fun w/ those babies :D
The are pretty cute, pretty handsome! Their eyes omfg.
Sot me all the time XDXD

Just gotta share some picts w/ ya all :)
i will upload all the picture after i finished my JOB!

The T T sister look :)

HOOPLA Girl :)

Ng Suki.

Mickey mousey :)

Suann, Thengyin, Me :D

You're welcome to find me HAHA!

Til here. End :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

oh hell yea. i'm back the training :(
and i knw i'm gonna crazy in this 10days!
so bloody tired. and i cannot just escape.
Wth wth. And i need to perform well on the stage.
haihs. lag of confidence. i think i still can improve!
i just get the scrip yesterday. and start reading through it today.
but i need to perform in the complex tmrw. WOW.
You see. whd a big joke?

After PMR my life still the same.
Tiredness never go away from me lol.
but at least i can gain some experience!
i hope everything will goes fine fine tmrw :)
and i won't mempersiasuikan sendiri!

Ps. come and support DUTCHLADY brand new milk :)
pps. i'm the T T sister!
pps. i gotta dance and be the storyteller on the stage tmrw.
ppps. i got to go now. to memorize everything~

and i wish i can act like hyperactive. play w/ those kiddos :D
that's all. I M Y :)


i locked up my bloggie just now.
because i'm changing a new shirt for her!
So, don't worry!
I've reopen ;D

I've change a brand new skins for my bloggie ;)
Looks great right?
i spent almost one day to complete this blogskin.
that's why i hate to change my blogskin!
Hard and Complicated ! but i wanna something Freshy for my bloggie wert :p
So please,drop sweet words :P

PMR is finally definitely OVER :D
i think all form3 student are busy for partty shaking! Laugh out loud*
but how about me? Rot at the home. and did nothing.
Stick w/ the TV and laptop. Nothing else :(
i had finish all my snack few days ago!
Toooo bad. too bad.

But a great thing to do tmrw ;)
i'm going to a training, and start working at Friday!
TADAAAA :*) Gonna work at AEON jusco!
pay me visit okay? ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hellos peeps :):)

A - L - O - H - A !
PMR has finally ended ;)
i just gotten home from school!
i'm so exited now! HEHE *evillaughs*

going to sleep now.
and i wish my dreams may come true.
8A's come to me come to me Lol.

will re-update my blog soon ;)
i got so many many pictures and story want to share!
Blahs blahs blahs!

Sweet Dream!

Monday, October 5, 2009


To All form 3 candidates, Good luck :D:D

All the best in PMR. Scores Straight's A okay? ;)

i'm gonna be free after 13 of October :P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy mooncake festival ;)

Yeah. Again, i'm gonna type all i wanna to share in mandarin.
I hope you all like it, and will support me :D:D


中秋节快乐 ! 大家 :D:D
Zzz. 感觉好像写作文酱 -,-
我正常1点okay? :P

中秋节 意义重大咩? 为什么华人要庆祝?
是不是因为 嫦娥要奔月?还是那个米水把天上的9粒太阳射下来?
(好像跟月亮没有关系的wor -,-)
大家都忙着吃月饼。 提灯笼!
就算是玩,也是玩有bakuli 的,而且是白雪公主,灰姑娘,superman, mickey 的pattern!
要什么有什么 :D
因为可以try try 看是不是烧掉一间屋子 哈哈哈哈。

中秋节 祝大家月圆人团圆 :D
如果回不了家,tolong 打一个电话。
or send 一个sms 给你的家人!

我很开心 因为我跟我的家人在一起庆祝。
但是现在外面大风大雨的, 不能玩灯笼了!
我本来很想很想 做回小孩子 玩玩灯笼 :P:P

我一点都没有在PMR 的心情里面;
oh yeah! 下个星期3考了。 老娘还有心情去看姐姐 -,-
还有去见识见识 她的男朋友 哈哈哈 :D

明天要去理头发。我不想PMR 被剪头发。