Thursday, March 29, 2012

sweet eighteen.

currently rotting in my hostel after class, FOR THE FIRST TIME the wifi is working! so that's why i sacrifice my nap time to update my blog. :D just finished transfer all the pix in my ipod to the netbook. At least got some pix to upload teehee :) so what's the latest news.... hmmm.
here we go, we were celebrated kun pei's birthday yesterday :)
Happy birthday to you :D 


spend like 4/5 hours to finish this card in the midnight. damn proud of myself.
but another day i was like a dead fish in the class. After class, we went to Vanilla Place @ Gurney for the celebration. The food there quite nice. Next time if you guys want to date me, can consider have lunch or dinner over there. i would like to go muhahaha. *siao zabor*
He is not the birthday guy. He is KT. -_-
Looks so retarded right? 

Ya. this is the birthday boy. ELO :D

i bought the chocolate cake for him. teehee :D so sweet right -_-

The group of friends planned and wrote this behind his car.
i was sitting his car back to his house for the BBQ party. 
indeed some people really honk. haha. some people even used their phone to take pix -_-
damn crazy right? but this is really funny. haha. 

Kt w/ me. 

He said he looks handsome in this pic. GOT MEH?!

plus another CHIKO. YikSurn. haha

 SOLO. LOL cam-ho Queen.

 me w/ le birthday boy :D 

Make a new friend, Chien Huey. :D
i really admire her height and i kinda miss talking to her cause i rike her voice so much!

and what, she is freaking friendly and cute :D

Woah see who's with me? THE VERY FAIR AND PRETTY GIRL , Jynn. :)

and she's skinny. so zi bei when i stand beside her. :(

Teehee both cute girls w/ me. Kristine and Nicole :)

both of them scored 10A's in SPM. damn geng!!!

Its me again. the very hiao blogger.

Try not to think so much, try to stay happy always.

Had a great night. :D

pix ini diambil pada waktu petang tadi.
ok FML my bm phailed.

VAIN. o_o

lunch with him again. VERY SIEN NEED TO SEE HIM EVERYDAY.

Beauty and the beast. muhahaha :D

i spent mt RM200 voucher like finally i still can get it and use it. BERRY HAPPY. :D

and here is my hostel room pix. :)
Just want to show you guys that how small is it, because Kunpei's said his house bathroom is bigger than mine. i don't trust him at first but after i went to his house yesterday. i really speechless. /.\

my little table. :)
really messy cause i took this before i clean up my table.

i'm sleeping on top. 
i really want a bigger room but i can't find any room to move out. 
the bad part is i'd paid for half-year renting fees dy. and that is not refundable. 

Teehee. This is me. The quality is better right? cause i used my camera to take it but not itouch.

#1 i look so fair. muahah

pretty right? :D

rushing off, going out to have dinner w/ aunty!
please pray for me that i can connect to the wifi tonight after my dinner.
kthnxbai. :D

Saturday, March 24, 2012


It was just a random outing. w/ suki & nelson.
oh ya, i was looking for pink dress for Suki's birthday. lol
Hang around and dinner w/ Boonsheng, vincent and blah blah blah. too long to list out all of em.


Me ? Her ?
Guess and see. :)


while waiting suki in kitchen.

Chatime is a MUST! :D

Happy belated birthdayyyy to you. :D

My dinner.

w/ boon sheng! 

 Started my college life in Disted. i'm doing A-levels. I'm taking Business Studies, Economics and Accounting FYI. i know that's alot of question mark for people who are " CARE " about me. I was doing SAM so-called south Australian Matriculation before i transfer to A-level. Why i change my mind after one week, it's because I don't like Sam and actually that's no problem for you guys right? it's my own studies. My parents are fully supporting me so thanks for caring. -_- 

I got my SPM result on Wednesday. I did very bad. That's all i can say. Don't ask for it k? 
But i guess this is a very good lesson. I could do better but i take things too easy and now, i fall.
It's pain but i guess i just need to hold in on and stand up from where i fall. I swear i will do better in my A-Levels. Congraz to all who gt their with flying colours and don't upset for those who same like me, gt the result are not that good. everyone deserve a second chance. We just need to look forward and do better.

Still adapting the college life, hostel life. Time to grow. Time to learn. To be alone. really thankful because sis has given me alot of advice about COLLEGE. still observing. =) 
Life style and routine are back to normal like FINALLY. before college starts, i slept around 4 or 5 in the morning. and now, i can sleep like around 11 or 12. haha. pretty enjoy my life now. people around are really awesome. argh. there's still alot to talk about my college life. =P
too much to write but too little time. *actually i'm lazy to write* haha.

Is there anyone still following or reading my blog?
Follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I'm much more ALIVE on these two social network thingy.
Be back for more pix, loves.