Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm S-I-C-K now.
Stay at home, stick w/ th computer all th day.
Sleep whenever i wanna. no need to care about the homework.
i should happy, isn't it? but i'm not that happy :[

because, i'm scare of myself gt H1N1 la.
i'm dying soon? *slapself*
Rushed to clinic last night. oh holly mama.
A lot of patient,waited for so long.
a lot of people sick nowadays. *cough*
TAKE CARE yourself peeps.
i'm having fever, sore throat, Flu.
but doctor said just normal sick. *ngek*
i'm happy because i'm not dying :P:P

i got 2 mask and a lot of medicine from da doctor! *tears*
Hope i can recover as soon as possible!
i want to hang out, hang out, hang out! =P

Last Sunday night.
Went to tambun w/ family!
Had a delicious dinner at there, *claps hands*
but we waited about 1 hour plus plus. *rawr*
but i think that's worth enough! yo :]


and the Expensive FISHY :-P
i'm gonna remind Somebody!
please behave yourself ;]
don't try to mess up the thingy.
i can friendly w/ you whenever i wanna,
but still i can fight w/ you whenever i hate you!
Please look at yourself before you trying to talk about other.
still dare to tag me and comfort me o0o
i won't give you a damn!

You know who are you! bitch :]

last but not least, i had cut my hair :]
loads of friends say got no different.
bleks :P who's care? just made myself more comfortable!
i'm still that CUTE and PRETTY, isn't it? :P:P

That's all about now i think!
yea. wait for me. about the bayview part :P:P

Sunday, July 26, 2009

will be fine :-)

The pretty is backy ;)

exam was finished!
i'm trying to enjoy my day.
but 3weeks more, Trial Exam. WTHECK?!
where got enough time to study? *slap*

Friday, i went to Bayview Beach hotel, w/ th gang.
for celebrate Shuan's Big Day! The earlier birthday celebration ;]
me and B was late to there. Cause i got a fcuking stupid tuition.
and B need to work. Can't join them earlier *sad case*

okie, i don't want to mention more!
because i haven't arrange and edit all th picts!
so people, just be patient! and Wait ;]

This picture was taken long long time ago :P:P
before the exam started,
we went to Sunway w/ th gang to watched Ice Age 3.
Picture captured every memories of US in life :D

why both of us so young sui? tsk,tsk*

fine, i argued w/ mum last night.
and B was busy at Shuan's place.
so, leave me alone.
i was thinking and thinking ):):
who can i find beside Boonhow?
everyone seem like forgt about me.
they got their own friends, they got their own Gang.
But me? who got me? i got me?
seriously, i found myself got no any friends that close.
i felt myself so ke sian. everything,every moment w/ HER, w/ Them were GONNA.
haihs. i missss them, i miss her.

i felt so not good when i know they went out.
Never phone me, never Text me.
and She got him, she forget about me.
i'm just alone.

who can be my trustly?
who can be my girl?
that's just no one.

i got no my own gang.
i'm alone.

i cried until I fall sleep too last night.
don't you know my feeling?
i got the same feeling w/ you.
i'm so not right.

i will be back w/ smile in the next post :-)
yae, i know. everything will be fine SOON!
it's the time to comfort me peeps! Laugh out loud!

Next post - P-A-R-T-Y ;)
let's rockkkkkkkkkkk yo yo!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

♥i'm th bitch.

* i want you ;]

i lost control again.*cough*
i promise not to update my blog what.
what m i doing here? laugh out loud!

i went to AEON jusco w/ mum and sis yesterday.

fitting room :]]

she's choosing the shower gel ;p;p

sis went there to get her things. she's leaving to Kedah Wednesday.
HAHA. i can get back the ROOM! i can wear her clothes whenever i wanna :P:P
i get her a present TOO! see, th good sister E-V-E-R :-)
wishing her all th best in her college life. she's going to AIMST for her further study.
still, she can come home every week. ://

i will miss her XOXO

11months anniversary is coming. 2days to go only la :]
but we had a bad argue just now. so bad uh!
We're fine now don't worry.
hah, i hope we can stay sweet always!
GOD Bless ME AND HIM p/s.

this post is actually for my sister and my babyboy.
happy 11months anniversary Baboooooo.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hellos peeps :-)

i skipped school again. can't wake up in th morning.
don't jealous me, seriously this is a bad habit!
everybody starting to study for their coming test.
no matter high school or even college. everyone's working hard for their life.
but idiot me, still fooling around.
online and watch TV like nobody business.

I still got 1 more week to study for th exam.
i'm asking mother to bring the modem to work.
from monday til friday! i hope it's work.
Cause PMR is getting nearer and nearer.
i should stick w/ the books always!

Maybe tis will be my last post.
i will be back until my test is finish.
Miss me peeps!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

我很高兴 因为我有你 :-)

要看的来跟我借 XD

谁有泡沫之夏? 可以借给我吗我现在真的很想看叻
38的我以前还一直说Xinyee是笨蛋 因为她之前沉迷!
结果好死不死 现在她戒掉了
可是却传染了给我 HMPH >< 我要痛骂她一顿 @@
泡沫之夏有4册 哪一个好心人可以借给我?我会感激不尽的!!!

*上星期去pacific拍的* =P

刚才我去槟城 w/ my mum,aunty and sister.
闹得非常不愉快。我跟我妈妈* 结果我很‘酷’的自己走人
眼泪一直留个不停 有两个男的看到我哭, 竟然跑来我旁边讲:
小姐,为什么哭?发生了什么事?我拼命讲没有;他们说他们是相信耶稣的, 有什么心事可以跟他们讲 =/
我怕到直接跑掉啊啊啊啊 !

结果谁来救我? 用屁股想也知道啦 对 就是我的B !
谢天谢地有他,不然我怎样?像一个迷了路的小孩在找路回家 =/
结果呢~~~ 什么都没有吃 饿着肚子等他来。

想看啦,哪里有人会对我这样好了? =/
要追我的啊啊啊啊啊,死心吧 :-P

可是真人你看了不要siao siao lo :P:P

现在我知道她不是重色轻友了啦 XD
因为她电话没钱,叫我take care过后就没有回复我了
但是她1 top up 过后就text我,问我怎样了~~
所以呢! x10000 Thank you XPP

花样男子 o(∩_∩)o

我已经deeply truly 沉迷料!!
韩国的男人~真的好有魅力啊啊! 丫。丫
我真的爱上他们了!!!!! *awwww*
我一定要在年尾去korea ~~~
papa, 你听到了没有

The end 先啦。
我要收拾书包料 =/
还有essay 等我写gokkkk!

i love you baby.
you mean to me!
we're link together. always. forever and ever.