Monday, August 30, 2010

What Makes A Malaysian A Malaysian.


1. You can name all the players from the the English Premier League, but ask you to name one football player from Malaysia , one name also cannot come out.

2. When StreamyX come, you complain StreamyX too slow. When Maxis Broadband come, you complain Maxis Broadband always disconnects. When WiMax come, you complain Wimax too expensive. In the end, you say StreamyX still the best lah.

3. When toll price increase, you complain. When petrol price increase, you complain. When you go Starbucks buy RM10 coffee, NO COMPLAINTS.

4. When you cannot find parking in a shopping mall and have to walk very far, you complain. When you go inside the shopping mall and there's SALE , run from one end of 1Utama to the other also NO COMPLAINTS.

5. You are always late. And the excuse you give when you're late is always either: (a) traffic jam (b) no transport or (c) cannot find parking.

6. You have a parent who force you to take science stream in high school, study engineering in Uni, then when you graduate, they ask you to forget everything you learnt in Uni and do commerce.

7. You know someone who can specially develop an
angmoh accent when speaking to a American / British / Australian.

8. You complain against the government in kopitiam, you talk loud loud. Leave anonymous comments on blogs, you also talk loud loud. Attend ceremah by DAP, you shout loud loud. Then when Opposition organise a protest and ask you to go, you dun wan. Scared later
kena tangkap by ISA.

9. Every year on the 30th April, you are one of the people below queueing up last minute to submit your tax return at the IRB.

10. When you pay RM10 for something that costs RM1, you blame the Chinese.

11. When a government service is too slow, you blame the Malays.

12. When a building is not good and collapsed, you blame the Indians.

13. When a Chinese student won a scholarship, you say
"Wah! Very clever hor?" When a Malay student won a scholarship, you say "Aiya! Of course lah! He Malay mah!"

14. When an
angmoh stranger kiss you on the cheek to say hello, you very happy. When a Malaysian guy kiss you on the cheek to say hello, you slap him.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Still me, looking back those old times.

#1 2006. When i was standard 6.

i couldn't find my photo when i was form 1.
Too baddd :(

#2 This is taken when i was form2.

#3 The last day in school '08.

#4 Hair wig.

#5 hair slightly long abit, because of holiday!

#6 2009. The first day of 2009! :)

#7 09' Chinese New year.

#8 04/08/2009.


#10 taken this when we were celebrating Huijoo's birthday.

# 11 Soon, 09' holidays!

#11 was working at KL.

#12 School reopen, Stuck in the study room T_T

# 13.I went Singapore :)

#14. Back from a short jogged . 10'

#15.Me, 10'

I changed a lot?
What do you think?
Comment pls,


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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Good night peeps.









她问他有没有洗澡,他说洗过了 ,她凑过鼻子去闻,分明没有肥皂味,连这种日常小事都要骗她,使她大大光火,他再讥笑她小题大作,于是两军交战、炮火隆隆不可收拾。





(曾 经有位男生为了他的女朋友考试落地,让出题者阅读她的“日记”后,得来的是吵架,”分手“。当然也许这位男生多事,也许不知如何安慰他的女朋友,所 以。。。。。听说这位男生因此事而后悔得痛哭了三天三夜,72小时,4320分钟,259200秒。目前不知还是曾经沧海难为水,或已另有春天。p/s: 又“听闻”目前已经第三春了。)


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy birthday, love!

#1 31.12.2008
This post is dedicated for him! :)

His birthday on 18th of Aug. He stuck in Nilai, I stuck in penang. woah, cannot manage to celebrate with him. But he came back from Nilai on Saturday, Just to have a late celebration with me. Yea, thanks god. He is so important for me :)

Happy birthday yea :)
Have a great and cute 19!!!
May all your dream come true. =)

Sushi King for brunch! Headed to Gurney after we done.
always our first choice.
Watched The Expendables! Thumbs up!
i like this movie, especially Jet Li. He is small, so he has to work harder :P just like me lololol.

Superman Tee, Never change lor -_-

His face is getting rounder, tummy is getting bigger! this is what i can say ;p

SiewYeeT aka ladyyeeyee :)
Chilling session at Starbucks before the movie start.

This is the birthday present from me to him :)
i did him birthday card every year!

Running out idea la. someone told me,
maybe simple is the best? :)
Yes, so i just make it as simple as i can!

Inside, nicer! :)

i pay alot of effort lor. appreciate k? don't throw it away. -_-

might get him a better present ;]

I got myself a new hairband :D

Sunday we went to sunway. =P
met up before he balik ke nilai.

i damn like this pict lor. Credit to Boonhow.

I like this too ;p
lanC face LOLOLOL

His new hair style. 60bucks o.O

My blog traffic is so fucking low.
please promote my blog to your friends T_T
i need more followers la!!!
Kindly spam my chatbox! Hahha.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Wishlist.

My birthday is just around the corner! which drop on 28th Sept!
For your information, You guys can start preparing my present :P:P
No la, actually i didn't plan anything for my birthday. because I'm gonna face my final exam on my birthday. How sad?! T____T

Yaaddaaa Yaaaddaaaa, i still gt myself a birthday wishlist. *building castle in the air*

First, happiness.
i want a happy life :)

with a big smile everyday!

Second, i wish i can receive ROSES :)
Girls' favourite! * you know la, i like romantic!* :D

third, Palaroid camera,
p/s don't say I'm copy cat or what. just i wish i own it!
not really can effort the expensive film. this is the problem T_T
Anyone want to sponsor me? *innocent eyes*

4th, BlackBerry smartphone. i don't care whether it's curve or bold, as long as i got a BB. I can BBM with all liangmoi! Okeh, i know i'm dreaming. Shouldn't be so materialistic. Cannot take things for granted. some more my Nokia express music 5800 is still in a good conditional. Awww. :(

5th, If you think BB is not really naise or good,maybe you think Iphone is more suitable for me! Get me Iphone!! Hahaa, but it is too pricey, and fragile. I don't think i can effort la. *sigh

why i list out all present are so expensive?! So stupid hor me. nehmai la, as long as you guys remember my birthday. make me a birthday card, buy me a slice of cake, sing birthday song, blah blah blah, then it is enough. because i don't think anyone will remember my birthday.*sigh

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Monday, August 16, 2010

something more than you and I know.

#1 you may find this scene in market.

#2 We should appreciate everything we have.

#3 i know there's still a lot to improve.


#5 This month is the Ghost Festival for Chinese.
We pray for our good.
it is 'Dua lao yah' ,pronounce in hokkien.

#6 The biggest 'dua lao yah' in Malaysia.
Located in the city i'm staying! *proud*

#7 Everyone have to pay respect.



# 10 For 'dua lao yah'

#11 Fat and Big dead pig.

#12 the biggest fish i ever seen before, i mean in my real life. -_-

#13 Pray hard.

# 14
We called this 'zor dua hee' in hokkien . =)

ps.All photo taken by canon digital ixus 95is
pps.All photo edited by using photoScape.

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