Sunday, February 27, 2011

 you will be laughing non-stop if you scroll down. beware peeps! :P

so su bunnn hahahahaha love love love me muax muax i give you one kiss two kiss three kiss muax!


still normal lahh. blehh

& Here you goooo. HAHAHA 

i know you're laughing teehee!! :P
Thanks me for making your day lololol.
Currently studying w/ Xinyee, but then webcam webcam, and now blogging hahaha!
Have fun studying with her, because i study nothing and we keep gossiping about others. :OO

you know you love me,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doing Great.

i can has so pretty face like nyek!


 of course la i can has so ugly face like this too huhahuhahuha :P

Teehee, i'm doing great :D
so far my form 5 school life isn't that sucks! They bright up my school life hahaha.
5C1 FTW. We rocks! :)

 Nah my fav! Hahahahaha i love her so much, i love her as much as i love my toilet =P
 CT WOON i'll keep on cubit you if you feel tired while teacher teaching or doing homework! :D
MyonlyOneListener! Thanks for everything. i won't forget you!

you too Yeoh Zhi Yue. * correct speling , No ? * hahahaha.
i love you as much as i love my bed !! i go to school everyday just to see her! Why? because she will keep me smiling in the class! :)
She likes me, i like her. this is our love love love story =D
Begin in 4C1 & endless love! Appreciate me always kay? before i change my mind :P

Awwwww and see who is this?! Why la look so fierce? :O
JiaZhen Lianggggg! I love to see her smile,her smile can light up the whole town!
 she is simply kind! yea she always say i look ugly and hiao wuwuwuwuw. 
please someone stop her from bully me! kay or not!!! Arghhh.
i will love you the same even though you like to bully me, no worries! :D

crazy in love w/ my class,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


To all SPM candidates. 

316days to SPM :O

Al the best, it's never too late to start study :)

Reminder for myself. STUDY HARD, PARTY HARDER. *tsktsk. no la. study harder, party lesser. :D

time to sleep, buh bye!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Teehee randommmm. :D

the second month of 2011 is ending soon lolol. how's life in 2011 so far? :)
i can feel the stress now, since the class test is getting nearer.
everyone is having test soon, wish you all good luck k :D
i really don't have much time to blog. so busy with school. yeah i know i repeat this shit every time. Haih.

anyway, i just want to post some pictures that i never been upload in my blog. 
i miss my so-called 'long hair' laaaa. yerz i had a hair cut last week now i look like nerdy nerdy. 
not really satisfy with it but then some people said i look better with current hairstyle. IDK la.
as long as nobody say i look uglier after i got my haircut :P

i will update my blog again on Wednesday i think. =D
oh yaz, you guys still reading my blog? :(
or i got zerooo-zeroooo reader liaoooo. arghhhhh.

you all please don't leave me and view my blog ahh or click my ADS la. heeeee :)
yea yea. in case you play twitter or tumblr.
please follow me :D
i will be more alive in twitter compare to my bloggie :D


my xiao gu and xiao gu zhuang and his son and my er gu :D
had dinner with them at sakae terpanyakki. :D

teehee. he is a great football player :D
still younger than me. *no chance la* sigh :(

both also my junior teehee. i look older than them or younger? :D

was finding smth. i look so ladyness. nyek! beh tahan myself.

w/ this pretty lady.! bumped her and rongmito @ starbucks :D

and look, who's there w/ me?! :D:D
my pretty babehhhhh! teehee @jaminegoh

wo hen xiang ta laaaaa. :( where is she now?! 
want to chat with her so badly. :D
she knw almost everything about me. hahahahaha.
even we not from the same school but then i still take her as my babe!
i know she love me too. *don't you, jamine?! :P

don't forget you still got me. :(:(

i'll love you more and more. no worries!

feel like kissing her all the time! 
let's meet up on march holiday la!

11.59pm , 31/12/11 the group pict. :D

dang dang dang dang dang dang dang,Happy chinese new year! :D

taken by me! :D

nah nah. when i look at all these picts, i hate my hairstyle now -,-

oh ya and i went mcd yamcha with them! :D

all orang yang baik :D

and harrow to him, he is jacky khoo. :D
nice to meet him!

thanks for reading,

Monday, February 14, 2011


Had reunion brunch @ Canton-I w/ Mum's side family before Chinese New Year. :)
It was great. spending time my family. yeah, we don't lie, don't hide.No secrets between family members.
Don't make the same mistake again & again before it is too late, 
think twice before you take any action, because it might hurt US.
you may think you're right, but i can tell you're not. i know you well.

fav pict of the day. Reflection of sister and mine.

 gong gong is eating. nom nom. YUMMZ :D

popo tooo, i love you popo. i know she doesn't read my blog ahaha. 
but still i wish they are happy every single day. :")

 another half missing, been eaten by my cousin. piggy piggy like my baby :D

yammmm chaaaaaaaaaaa. :)

Mummy and Daddy di tengah tengah. :D
with all the kids. left me, because i was the one who taking this shoots. disadvantage when you're the one who holding the camera or what. :(

Just want to show my face :P

i'm so lazy to blog recently. :(
exam is coming in two weeks time. good luck alibaba.