Sunday, July 31, 2011

paint my life. =)

dot dot dot. welcome to AGAIN. :)
I miss my blog a lot seriously, can't believe that i didn't blog for almost 2 weeks. *sad face*
Class test was over. 25 days more to trial exam. Meaning that SPM is getting nearer.
p/s . i think i keep mention SPM is near in every blog post. *slapself*

 i promise to update my blog more often. :D
A lot of pending post. a lot of pix need to be edited. :)

Teehee this blog post is actually blog for my lovely boyfriend. =)
2 more days is our 2nd month anniversary. don't think that we're gonna spend our time together.
Cause both of us having tuition on Tuesday. baby, are you gonna give me surprise? :P
*excited lahhhh*:)))

I went to his school immediately after class test finished. LOL
why? because he participated in table tennis competition. lose in final round, but still 1st runner up.
Good job my dear :)) 

& Friday, i went to his school again. uhmm very zzz right. =/
But a little bit more special because i cooked spaghetti for him.
Oh god, that was the first time i ever cook for somebody, and i knew that I'm not a good chief. *lol*
the cooking progress was like fucking rush and panic. 
luckily the spaghetti wasn't that sucks and baby told me it was delicious. 
i tried some, and yeah i think i can try to cook more. practice makes perfect! =)

because he has such a good girl friend. HAHAHA!
*only for him, aite?* =P

Look at him. and look at my spaghetti =)
Very hang fuk hor? hahahaha
Edward Lim daddy, you must appreciate everything that i did for you okay! 

people might say love isn't fair. but i can't deny that my boy friend is paying a lot of effort too.
I can feel it. 
He always try his best to make me happy, try to make me smile. Thanks my dear. =)

Look at this, guess who made this?
not me lah. He is the one who made this. Awesome right?
So cute. HAHAHA *he is preparing baby shoes for our future baby* LOL wtfff.
just kidding kay, he made this with his club member. i don't really know what is this.
but there is some soap inside the shoes. & he gave me one side of it . *happy face*

and this one also. Hahaha. so nice right, need to thanks his friend for helping him. *arigato*
Xie xie ni men hehehehe. wo hen kai xin. =P

& there's something liike candle one. =P
so cute right? i'll just smile when i think of him.
i mean the good side of him la, when i think of his evil side. wahh i feel like slapping him so badly. :P

our randomly dating. LOL
he looks so cute right?! PLEASE SAY YES =P
he was eating fries that time, he eat likes PIG haha.
but i won't be disgusted by him cause i xxxx him bleh! *shy*

If someone wants to be part of your life, they will make an effort to be in it.
can you see the effort that i make for you? ;)

 putting this pix for the ending of this post.
w/ my babyboy. He is so handsome for lahhhh i tak boleh tahan alreadyyyyy.
this is what we called - 情人眼里出西厮 right? hahahaha!

You paint my life with full of love, xoxo.
SiewYeeT :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Full of love.

It has been quite sometimes.
uploaded part of it only. Just want to do some update. =)
Do enjoy yourself. Kthnxlove. 


I love them, they love me, we're one big family. =)

Handsome together w/ pretty! *fairy tale*

New boyfriend =P

Like this pix so much. both of us look great, don't you think that too? Hees. =)

Mum & Aunty. Da jie and mei mei teehee! 

The blogger!

My life is full of love now. almost everyday! :) 
He filled up everything of mine. He lighten up my life too.
Was so lazy to cam-ho using my own camera, cause i veli rike to cam-ho using his I4.
Can someone buy me iphone 4? or ipod touch enough. Urgh.
So i don't really have pic to blog about. *sigh*
i'll be having the second monthly test on Monday. I'm so gonna die hard in this test. and so, just let it be. 
Baby boy, please send me our pic, so that i can blog about it teehee ;DDD

Wish me luck people. =)
good luck to myself,xx,

Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's July already. Halo July, and good bye June. :P
I'm back to blogging. =D

don't mind i blog in mandarin please? Teehee, somehow i feel that mandarin can express my feeling better than i write in english. *sorry kay if you can't read mandarin* use google translate :P

就比如说为什么男朋友都没时间陪我,为什么24 小时男朋友分给我的时间那么少,为什么他都没有时时刻刻陪在我身边。
想多了,自然会累,自然会埋怨,自然会乱想。 有时候变态到想要放弃。
而不是一直去想自己不能拥有的东西。 =)

*可能会有,只是我不知道 * =P
幻想破灭的时候,只有接受现实 。=)
我不应该问我的男朋友能够为我做什么,我应该问自己能够为我男朋友做什么. =)

每一次我要跟他拍照的时候。 \(>w<)/
亲爱的 你的女朋友就是爱拍照。配合配合不会要你的命的okay? =P



TMD 2.15am. 我要去睡了。
晚安 readers! :P


Friday, July 8, 2011


We have to learn how to appreciate, cherish, treasure what we have.
Don't regret when you lost it, because you will never gt the same anymore. =)

要学会珍惜啊 ,秀宜。

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


haiii !!!

ok byeeeee.


You and Me.

我真的很爱他。 :)

我会乖乖,我会听话。只专心喜欢我的男朋友! :D
*muax muax* 
谢谢你所做的一切。我不想跟你分开! 我们要一起加油。 =)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baskin Robbins Pink Day!

What's baskin Robbins current promotion? :))
Wednesday = Pink day! Just show them pink and you will can get Double Jr.Scoop @ RM7.50. :D
Or Brownie ala mode or Banana Royale @ RM12.00 Only. :)
Dirtt cheap right?! TEEHEE. 

i eat ice-cream whenever i'm sad or down to make myself feel better or happier.
and probably i think it's work, but this is only my own opinion la :D
I also eat ice-cream when i'm happy or when i'm with my girls! 
Girls love ice-cream, don't ya think so? *sweet sweet* heees!

So i went to Jusco with my girls straight after school. without changing *smelly* cause i'm lazy. =/
Date me for ice-cream on Wednesday k? =P

We dip, You drip. :D

with the Malay girl- SITI. :P

why is everybody so serious? acting so damn mysteries. XD

All lenglui LOL.

with FAKE popcorn :D

 =) :D =P :P XD

Wahh i so damn love my smileeeee so nice so cute so pretty rightttt >w<

black and white. ;D

and i went like this =P

playing with Ivy's cammie. fish-eye effect. =D


Hope that our friendship will remain the same until the end of life. =)
Thanks for being there with me for two years. My classmate rocks my life!!! 

SiewYeeT. :)