Friday, December 12, 2014

Malacca food trip!

decided to write smth today bcuz the kik is here haha. I'm having final, guess this is smth to let me release my stress. shhooo-stress go away!

throw back to one month ago.. (around there) Me and this guy went to Malacca. I will called it as a food trip because there is nothing much in Malacca expect food and historical building. ok, i think it is quite similar to Penang. ( promoting Penang again)

ok, all set ready to go out. still very neat and pretty haha

AFTER WALKING AROUND AT THE RED HOUSE AREA... we looked so messy, cause we SWEAT like really a lot. ice-cream is a must during hot weather! nom nom! 

Damn chio right hahahaha.

Come to the main point of this post, Im craving plus missing this malacca coconut shake!
It is located at Jalan Klebang Besar, 75200, Melaka.
The coconut shake is selling at RM2.00 for each cup.
The opening hours is from 12.30pm to 6.30pm.

* no matter take away or having there, definitely you will need to queue there because its really nice and a lot of people go there just to buy the coconut shake. *
try their nasi lemak too. Don't know why I love it very much too. hehe.

Us with coconut shake! :D

typical tourist shot. 

Dinner - Satay Celup :)
Try the Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup. 
address : 45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka, Bandar Hilir, 75300 Melaka.

Opening hours from 17:00 to 00:00
Because they said Capitol Satay Celup not so nice because they are doing tourist business, so the taste is not so nice. ( my own opinion lahh)

His very first time haha.

After that, we went to Hard Rock Cafe. nice environment
their weekend band is awesome! best place to chill :)

ok lah bye bye. need to study because someone is nagging me already.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I am blessed.

Hi readers! I used to blog about coffee, foods, coffee foods and repeat but i'm going to take a break from it and blog about my stuff *more personal a little bit* hehe please bear with me and finish this post k :D I will be really happy if you do so :)

Alright, my semester break is going to end soon. 
Quite satisfied with myself this time because i spent it quite well.
 Most of the time i'm stuck at home, hits the gym with mum and visit grandma and thats it. 
And i came back to kl for 3 weeks to do some part time job. 
I've been standing all day for all the job and i did a lot of talking too. 
Cause i'm doing sales all the time. :/ It's very tiring this is the thing i must admit T_T 
I just don't get how's other promoter they can stand for the whole time and they are doing full time.
 I feel damn proud of them and their pay are so little i feel so sad for them. 
But i become more healthy now cause i will make sure myself sleep before 12.30am
 ( super early for if compare with last time) and wake up around 8.30am. :) 
Then i also become very kiam siap *kedekut* when i'm having my lunch and dinner break. 
haha cause when you stand for so long and pay just so little and you gotta pay for parking petrol and all.. T_T
I cannot afford to eat smth very expensive. 
I will damn xim tia *heart pain* 
if i eat smth expensive but i still do cause I'm good in finding excuse hahah i will tell myself : aiya pampered myself a bit la since i standing for the whole day. 
then… after that i feel guilty :/

ok. finish ranting about my work part. haha
Then i want to talk smth can make me happier. :D:D

I am blessed. *ALWAYS*
seriously.. Maybe i am very easy to satisfied with myself haha.
Good people, good things always happened around me. ok lay i'm going to show off haha
YES I REALLY WANT TO cause usually i don't get the chance to show off wtf right

ok story starts :
I was working for Malaysia All IT fair @ Mid Valley last week.
For the first day, there was a guy  ( i work with him last time in another pc fair) He was so kind that he bought me coffee. 
You know what, when Im working I'm super kiam siap so of course i won't spend like 15bucks and get a coffee for myself. 
Then someone bought me coffee without my expectation..  I was likeeeeee Thank goddddd T_T Sho happy!

Then the next day, there was a YES 4G guy. haha i didn't know his name. He was working for YES and i guess he is very close to my supervisor and he came to our booth quite often. 

Then I'm working for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 roadshow recently @ One Utama,  tmrw is my last day *yayz*

It happened on Thursday! :D 
I went for lunch and when i'm back to my kiosk. There was a Garret popcorn there for me.
My colleague told me, one of the customer bought for me. ok again. hahahaha. wo zhen de hen kai xin.
I don't know who is the anonymous, but really thank you. :')

Then Friday which was yesterday my colleague that are not coming today and tmrw…
He know that Sunday will be my last day and he won't meet me anymore. 
So he bought some hair accessories and he passed it to me before he balik rumah.
OK. I was planning to buy him chatime or chocolate on the last day cause he is very helpful and kind to me all the time. AGAIN, I FEEL LIKE CRYING THAT TIME. T_T

So i'm going buy him chocolate and ask another colleague pass it to him. :D
*He treat me good, i will treat him better* Teehee!

One last thing lor. Cause i have her during this three days! 
I'm glad and happy to work with her. :D
She damn supportive and steady! Looking forward to our next time lehhhh hehe

This photo taken while i was driving to work today morning.
I saw foreigner worker working under the big hot sun for the MRT construction..
They are sweating and i saw them try to rest for awhile sitting under the big rock thing and smoke..
I pity them and I really wanna thank them so hard for building all these thing for us. They risk their life.
As we known a lot of accident happened on this MRT construction, many worker sacrifice their life and build MRT for us.
Then I wonder.. Should i be thankful for everything i have now?
Yes, I do. 
Even though i cannot afford all the branded like Channel…
I don't own a fancy car..
I can't afford to have a really luxury life..
But I'm still thankful for what i have.
At least.. I don't have to work under the big sun..


 I have a bunch of lovely dovey housemates!

I really enjoy and happy to stay with them. They are supportive and we take care of each other. :)
But.. They all like to call me JIE JIE i don't know why. T_T I want to be mei mei so much leh haha can?

Then I'm blessed because i have you guys! haha SERENA AND IVY.
I've been knowing Ivy since stand 4 until now.. which mean 10 years. friendship still counting. 
tbh, i never thought she will become my bff haha. haih but damn sadly cause she is leaving to UK next week for her further studies. I wish you all the best k, ivy. If you are reading la :P

Oh ya, Serena. haha actually i also dunno why we can become so close. haha!
But who cares right, What matters the most is we are bff now teehee. She brings a lot of happiness to me! (;
I hope you can always stay sweet with your husband la :P
And she also promise me to celebrate my birthday with me even though Ivy is leaving.
Nvm we will still Skype with ivy when we are celebrating and having fun :P

I swear to the god if i didn't write about in this blog post, she hundred percent will complain me. 
hahaha. MY NO.1 BFF.. you always are. *so don't jealous* :)
But.. yeah.
 I'm sorry for your lost and i'm sorry that i couldn't be there for you when you needed me the most. * ok la i think i too perasaan la *
cause a lot of people are there for you when you are sad. 
I don't want to repeat the same thing again and again, cause you know what i think.
I love you deeply. *loves*

ok lor korean wanna be so much haha
annyeong! :P

ok please forgive me cause i know this photo is not related with my post at all haha.
but still i want to post! 

Then like finally…. We are reunion but.. sadly without my bro. T_T
But bro you are always in our heart. We miss you so much. 

See my sistersssss :D
We are so happy. 

die die also want to post this pic haha
Cause mummy is holding the #sexy hashtag
and me. I'm #blogger
Yes i really wanna be a blogger. even though i don't know is there any people reading my blog?
IF YES, Can you guys please comment and let me know? *ke sian me abit la *

ok lahh I think i'm gonna stop writing and go to bed now..
Cause i still gotta work tmrw.
Ok bye peeps.
Hope you guys enjoy reading it. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The light bulb cafe @ Penang

Hello readers, please excuse me but i'm going to blog in a super malaysian way haha you, *manglish here i start* :P

It was a super last mint plan to dine in the light bulb cafe.
The light bulb cafe is located right next to UMNO building, the cafe is along Jalan Zainal Abidin, Penang. *for those who are not familiar with penang road, type the street name and go with waze* :)

It is a coupon parking space along the street, so bear in mind people, do put up all your parking coupon to avoid kena saman k *winks* ( such a sweet reminder ikr )

It is a quite famous cafe in Penang.

So the cafe is full of lightbulb due to the cafe shop's name. 
ok lah you are free you can try to count how many lightbulb are inside the cafe.

I went there around 5plus, not crowded maybe because everyone is heading home for dinner or stuck in the traffic jam after school or work. 

Ok i feel so sorry to the girl. haha she not suppose to be in my photo la T_T

Cake they have.

Their wifi password. haha

Aglio Olio Spaghetti - MYR11.00

Napolitano Chicken Spaghetti - MYR15.00

Rolling in the light - MYR17.00

Greentea Latte - MYR7.90

Post workout refueler - MYR9.00

Food and drinks are average. 
Atmosphere are good. 
Waiter/ waitress are friendly and helpful.
conclusin, pergi cuba la :D

Since he was sitting beside me. alright introduce to you. Vikram in the house with me. (;


Choowei also known as my sister , familiar face in my blog right, Vikram, Me, and my neighbour Thien Weng ( a little boy which is 15 years old :)

4 of us. I had a lot of fun playing millionaire game cards with them too.
After that, we watched the guardian of the galaxy at gurney plaza. :D
The guardian of the galaxy was pretty awesome too! * I'm Groot* 

57, Jalan Zainal Abidin, 10400 Georgetown, Penang ( beside UMNO building)
Operating hours :
Monday to Thursday -11am-11pm
Friday and Saturday - 11am-12am
Sunday : 11am-11pm
Phone : 04-226 9721
Facebook :

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trip to Hatyai.

Good day people, I've been away to Hatyai @ Thailand for a short break with my family since all of us have holidays during Raya. It was a super last min plan but we are quite lucky cause we still manage to get the hotel room. :D
So we drove to the border, and get in to Haytai by taking taxi. 4 person for MYR62. *the person in charge told us they only charge MYR50 during non-peak season.* Just to let you guys know the normal price. don't kena cheat hehe.

By the time we reached our hotel was already evening. We went dinner straight after we checked in. 
Dinner checked. :D * I did not manage to take photo because I was too hungry* haha!
After dinner, we headed to the night market. It's just outside MCD. 

Full of Malaysian. 

* Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin…. all along the road. (;

Then what?! Elephant on the road. haha.
 Dad is feeding him some foods.

Then my turn. It is super cute. 


We headed to another larger night market after we have done w/ this one. :D
I don't know what is the place call but it quite similar with chatuchak market @ Bangkok. 
A lot to shop! *alert to all shopaholic* (: 

*Sawadeeka* *Kobkunka* 

Their mineral water taste weird like very salty. I think most of the time i'm thirsty, i had coke. 

sister w/ her strawberry yogurt. 

She said : ITS ONLY MYR2.50. tasty!
which is 25baht. 

To buy or not to buy? 

Dimsum ah.

ok, quickly take a few shoots before we ciao.

Tuk tuk - in hatyai area 20bucks for each person.
only MYR2.00. =D

The Tuk Tuk is too small haha or my dad is too tall?

Mum is enjoying the coke.

I have no idea what my sis thinking.

ok then there's a fatty eating dim sum haha

seven eleven in hatyai is HEAVEN.
loads choices, cheap prices. 
I just feel like bring the whole shop back to Malaysia.
Even alcohol also cheaper! 

Then while we are on our way to massage, SAW ALL THESE FOODS.

Look nice… but we didn't try it out. because maybe I don't want to have heavy supper T_T

super regret now. See all these prawnssssssss T_T
5 for 200baht meaning MYR20 for 5 prawns.

massage time. 
foot massage for an hour - 200baht.
Thai massage an hour - 200baht, two hours for 300baht.
Dad n mum did foot massage, sis and i went for thai massage. * first time in my life* :D

Ok. the reason i posting this pic is because. I got the headband for 6bucks at the night market.
Cute? Khutez? ke ai ma? kawaii? *self-slaps*

Ok. Wefie. 

photo credit to my sis. #ootn for my first night in hatyai. *kaaaaaa*

Day Two……..
This is the very famous dim sum plus bak kut the shop in hatyai.
Shop name shown as below :

We went there around 8 plus but there are already crowded with a lot of people.
again, full of Malaysian. haha only some local.

My sexy back ok :P

random shoot.

lai ah take all you wantzzzzzzz. nom nom. mammam

So they are open from 6.00am to 12.00pm - first session.
5.00pm to 10.00pm - second session.

一天之计在晨,一年之计在于春。 所以我们一定要好好利用早晨时间。

Some fruits before breakfast. 

ok spot my little spec. i got it from the night market for only 100baht. hehe

Memang nice la the dimsum. :D

the price is very reasonable. :)

Next stop. Market. ( pasar pagi )
Daddy back to the hotel and get some rest cause he doesn't really like to shop.
No photo is taken because we are way too focus on shopping.

coconut time.

Two of the important lady in my life.

Third stop - Lee garden shopping mall. *smth like that*

Signature post la. haha


then again, shopping, dinner, massage.

foot massage only tonight.

Snacks, i bought a lot. some for myself, some for my housemates. :D

Last day .. We had breakfast and then dad n mum went to do some shopping.
Sister and I online at the hotel lobby. :D

ok my long hair. :P

Lastly, bye thailand. See you soon.
But a lot of people leaving too, we stuck at the border around an hour.

Full of Malaysian are going home because the next day are not holiday anymore.

I had a great time with my family :D
next trip, Taiwan or Krabi please? (;