Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I kept reading other's blog.............. 
and i feel like blogging now. :)
I've been so active and hardworking in blogging now! Hah, that's good, no? =P
everyone have their own way to write/tell their own life,story. so do I. ilove-mywaydotblogspotdotcom is the only thing that i've never give up. I started blogging since i was form 1. I remembered I was using Wretch that time, and I started using blogspot, ilovemyway since i was form 2 until now.. i'm still a typical form 5 student!

I'm sorry baby, things should not goes on that way..... I've made a big mistake.
promise to share everything with me kay? * I want you to be happy * Not only me.
I did not knw you cares about me that much. but i do now. I'll make the same effort to make you happy too kay? Everything will be aite, I'll try my best to tolerate! *swear to god*

patience is the key to success.
Do not let the emotional bring me down, think positive, Be optimistic.

Btw, my birthday is coming so soon. 28th of September teehee :)
oh ya today is MERDEKA DAY. =P
Happy birthday Malaysia, SIEWYEE AND EDWARD BOLEH Again k? :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Time after Time.

i repeated this song every single day after i watched 'THE VOICE'. Time after time , Javier Colon.
He's damn awesome, You guy must listen to his song ya. :P

I was going through all those fucking emo shyt thingy that i do not want to face or accept the truth.
Yea the truth that my boyfriend is leaving Malaysia to US. :'(
I took so so so so  fucking long time to accept and calm down myself.
I thought that is not real, but after he finished his Ielts test, yeah i know that is true. NO LIE.
I was crying every night before i gt into sleep. This is so hard. This is so sad................

But what to do? we all have to accept the truth, and FACE IT. Uhmm.........
I'm stil learning............ :)

I try to make it works.  I want our relationship to work again. Just appreciate every moment before he leave.
Just follow the flow. I can't change his mind or ask him to sacrifice because of me right? We all have to grow up. :)

so he date me out today! nyek :P
 THE FEELING IS GREAT. No more sad feeling, no more grave expression. 
I had so much fun with him. :D Wo hen kai xin. i can make sure myself sleep very tight tonight :)
No tears no sadness. HOORAY. Thanks my dear. =)

We watched Conan the Barbarian. rates : 3.5/5 

Then winter warmer. I likey this place many much. XD


 Left : MY BOY FRIEND. Right : MYSELF the cutie pie. HAHAHA *slap me*

I called it a happy day. w/ him. =)
Memories between us.! so i decided to blog tonight before i start my revision. :)

Chicken cheese bake, baby like it very much. :)
Feel like slapping me right? Oh yea i realize myself so CHUBBY. I must need have to on diet or keep fit. T_T
If not someone will think that she's slimmer/ prettier than me. *inside jokes*

Teehee, i brought my new toy with me too. I took alot of pix today. Some is with him. :D
i ask him to keep in his wallet!! *fierce girlfriend* 

Lepak around. I look so tiny in < left hand-side pix right? HAHAHAHA

 Conclusion, I love you, baby boy. =)
Time or Distance does not matter anymore. We will go through all these together.
And stay happily after all. right? You and Me will be together always, ever. :D
3months anniversary is coming. =)
blekkksssss prepare everything aite? XD


Night people, loves*

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hard Time

every relationship will need to go through a lot of difficulties no matter how much you love each other, yes/no?
Going through all these hard time, What's matter the most? 
At the end you will realize.. Saying I Love You is easy and it takes only few seconds, but when you have to prove it, it takes more than few months/ few years/ or maybe whole life.
& it's easy to like someone/ love someone, but when comes to forget. It may takes your whole life too.

I keep remind myself that, Don't fall in love, because it's hurt. But is it more easy to get into relationship when you keep remind yourself this BULLSHIT?

It's hurt, and really need courageous or take the risk to see how much the person you loved, he/she love you.
I'm learning, ALWAYS DO. I try not to give up easily, I try to believe that you're leaving so soon.
Undeniable this is fucking hard to accept someone you love the most at this moment, they are walking out or being apart in your life. KILLSHEART.

You are my weakness. Get it?
I don't want to live my life without you.
Or 98764235450525 miles away far from you. 

Trial is on which mean holidays off...
But one thing that i hate very much are my tears. Tear just drops whenever they like. Like damn so useless lor me. T______T

Can you hear me?
Don't leave or you bring me with you. *talking to the moon*

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Just feel like escape everything and leave here.
I need a break. need an escape.
Who's with me? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


" Once upon a time...."
delay this blog post for two weeks dy, that was a great day hanging around with my classmate besides @Vivan and @Ivy :D
Don't know when is our next date dy, everyone started to prepare for trial exam and the very REAL SPM.
I think next dating might be after SPM, and all of us can keep our hair long. Teehee :))

It's Wednesday now, public holiday again thats why i'm sleeping late. Quite tired actually but then i just feel like keeping my blog alive 'a bit' LOL
Having tuition in the morning later, and probably meeting up the boyfriend. *if the plan stil carry out*

back to the topic. we were having our dinner at Wok City before going to St.Anne.
There was a small celebration for @Chee Dee Dee and @Chuen Yi. 
Both of them born in the same day *lucky kids* :)

The surprise she gave to him. so sweet :)

Its sad to see birthday cake sometimes, i bet nobody gonna remember my birthday and celebrate with me...
I....m.... Yeah :(

Happy birthday to ya. :)


not yet ready lahh dohh.

girls. :)

@JiaYin on the left, @FongFei on the right. SMART Girls w/ me. :)

another shot for us.

our fooddddd. *messy*

@Ivy & @Ct woon MY FAV Girls :D

we're young, we're free... we're gonna be alright. :D

 Nom nom! pattern banyak!

SiewYee :D

Xinyee, Spot me? Eating like a pig. XD

Then dessert @Bikkuri Station :D

to the left to the left :)

i was on the phone with the boyfie outside the shop, then they all came and kacau. Haha.
Too bad my boy wasn't with me that night, can't meet him up, miss him so badly. T_T

you can count on me, like 1,2,3 i'll be there :D


Last but not least, @vivan with me in the house :D
Oh ya. She damn rich !@#$%^%^&*(^%#$%^ DAMN JELES CAN!

there's more pix, gonna upload it in another post i think :D
oh yea some pic above was taken by @vivan's nikon babe. Haha.

Don't get the password from me. Guess it yourself.
Hints : Our common password, and my password for last time.


night. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011





Friday, August 12, 2011

Not little not much.

Babyboy 又逼我blogging 了。他应该是很喜欢读我的blog呱 =P
*谢谢捧场* 最近真的很忙,都没有时间写blog了。

路是人走出来的,不是吗? =)

事在人为 ,*老天是爱我的,绍宽也是爱我的 *

以后请你不要在生气我的时候骂我粗话 XD

还没剪头发之前,看到大肥跟小肥吗? =)
那一天真的很开心 哈哈哈 
每一天都很开心啦 只要有他! XD

*很sweet 有没有?* 我们一起去剪头发,平平的头发啊啊*
你要记得我们已定要一直幸福下去,经历过了这次吵架,我领悟到了很多,你呢? :P
哈哈哈 可是其实我没有扮也很无辜 :DD
这情侣装美hor? 结果是我们没有买。真的很后悔 T_T
越看越喜欢, 就好像你看我 我看你,越看越喜欢对方 :)
*你心里一定在想,beh paiseh hor 你。 * 看,我都知道 =P

我听到就会很兴奋很想笑 HAHAHA 所以我很讨厌我们吵架的时候。
那时候两个人都很down. 吃鲍鱼鱼翅都没有胃口 :'(
我叻,吃自己  =( 很可怜啦!!!

我们现在的profile picture! :)
很couple feel 是不是 很sweet 是不是?*shy shy shy* HAHAHA
真的觉得虽然大肥一点肥,但其实还是很帅很帅 =D *love love*

也有幸福的味道 =)

互相配合okay? :D

晚安! =)