Sunday, November 22, 2009

KayElle :D

Current Song : The show
Current Mood : excited :D

The Chocolate Cream Chip is still my love.♥

Today is my Off Day. =)
Lepak around nothing much to do.
i'm not in the Shopping Mood. ://

Will be back soon.

The YongSui' Blogger.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

*TaaaaDaaaa :D

* One Big Family* :D:D

Meaningful ;]

Buh Bye!


Blur blur look more pretty right?
Because like this cannot see my face clearly!
Bleks :P

What now? i update my blog everyday.
i got to much of picts to upload :D
i think i should find some games to play.
But i'm leaving tmrw. Duhhh ~

loads of ppl ask me.
Why my toy name so cute. Haas.
and ask me where i found this name. :P
Actually that's a combination of my name and somebody name.
weird name right? XD but i like it.

Saja saja i wanna to let you all see me nia :P

Current Mood : Excited.
Current Song : Feels like tonight.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i've been Swensens just now :D
Outing w/ family!

w/ maryeenell.
weird name uh?

Again. Mama and daughter! Booooo XD

Maryeenell w/ mua Uncle! :D
Nice to meet you!

Her Ice-Cream :D

maryeenell w/ MingJay! :D
Both also cute. TEEHEE!

The price so nice 123.4 XD
and i paid okay? =P
because i promise to treat them a meal after my job.

i will be going to KL this friday.
For almost two weeks.
the main reason going it's for my job again.
Y-E-A-H ! ^.^v

So just go to One U to visit me :P
you're always welcome :DD

won't blog so often,
so do miss me;
and take care!

Random Post ! :D

I got a NewTOY! :P
But actually this is the present for someone.
But hard to meet up w/.
As a kids. i wanna to bring her to every place i have been;
before she leave me ;)

introduce of my new toy.
Name : Maryeenell
Gender: Female
Date of Birth : 18 November 2009
Mama : Tan Siew Yee
Papa : unknown :P

She sleep with me now :P

when i'm on9,
She's beside me too! Huhu :D

Do we look alike? LOL

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Outings w/ Babe Ng Ki Ki :D

"if life is so short,
Why don't you let me love you
Before we run out of time If love is so strong
Why won't you take the chance
Before our time has gone
If life is so short, if life is so short
Love is a word that explains how I feel for you
And when you're in my arms, all my dreams come true
And when you're not around
You can't hardly see
These tears that I'm crying now are for you to be with me
-Moffatts. =)

16th of November - Monday.
Hang out w/ my BF. and her BF.
p/s : BF means best friend, NOT BOYF!
went to Sunway to Sing K :D
Just imagine everything okay? imagine the story. Imagine the sweet voice of mine :P

*S - I- B- A - K :D

* I'm shy okay? XD

Him And Her :D

Syok Sendiri :D:D the NEW twins! :P

Vincent the only Guy :D
So gayyyyyyy. but his voice not bad.

Ng Su Ki. Nice shoot :D

" I wanna Grow old with you "
Another Great song :D

Monday, November 16, 2009


This is whad i did every night.
Chit-chat. Facebook.
& that time i was chatting w/ marlo and webcam-ing w/ Mac.
Haas, they are now in their hometown phil. Weee. so nice la the feel.
when you go back to your own country :D
Oh yea guys, remember bring something back for me!!

So this weekend, so called Family Day.
Which mean, i spent my time w/ them.
Yeap, that's feeling great :D:D
Daddy is not working or going out, Brother is not gaming.
Sister had come back from her uni. And i'm not working or outing w/ friends.
And Mummy are not doing housework! teehee, how's great if every weekend can be like this?

*the 1st picture in the room* :D


Dad's office had a familyday at Flamingo Hotel.
if you did add me in facebook. And you will noticed about.
Hotguys,bikini,beaches! YEAH ^.^v
But so sad, the stupid menstruation make me cannot swimm. Awww*

Still, i joined dad and his friends to play some games.
just like team building :D

This is my Daddy, and spot me! on the right :P

Look. the first my dad touched my hair i think. Lol

i like this guy, so cool man XD

He's my another Dad. i meant the 'fake' one :D

This is mua brother. Looks how? :P

w/ him. :D

But when dinner time, i was like.
Oh no. Hell. So pain. P-A-I-N!
And i realized that i never bring my pain killers w/ me.
So, i was lying on the bed, crying like a mad woman.
Thanks god it already past! :)

The breakfast of the hotel is not bad. :D

After Breakfast. Yeah, This call FamilyLoves!

i love to jump recently Lol.
Don't ask me why, and i don't know why.

Jump higher, and imma more happy!

Say Hellos and Byebye to beach :D

I love this picts. BOOOOO! Say i'm pretty :P

The last photo before leaving :D

we watched 2012 at gurney.
that's the second time.
Yea, so i'm not crying in the cinema!
Nice movie, Tumbsup*!

Dad bought me this :D

Next post - outing w/ Suki :D
this call LIFE. Rock your world! :)