Thursday, November 20, 2008


i-Tunes playing : Crush - David Archuleta

David archuleta
he is so cute!!
currently im addicted to his song.
esp ; CRUSH (:
nice song nice song! (:

Finally i update my blog,
i know some of my fanssy already missing my blog!!
m i right? *lol

I still chasing Miss No Good.
Funny & cute drama! Really~
you should watch it =D
My boyf also chasing this drama.
He said nice too~ =P
*because i force him to watch!!*
must accompany girlf watch right? XD
but at th end now he also addicted to this drama. *lol

Huhu XD
currently love to say Huhu too !!
huhuhu xDDD
so cute right?
follow me; said Huhuhu XP

yae, going to cut my hair later.
& bring my hair wigs to cut also.
huhu, hair wigs will follow me go to KL also. =P

huhu. leaving penang tomoro ;
going to KL & genting :)
wish me enjoy my trip & have a safe & fun trip.
do missssss penang & friends.
Mosssst important things to do is!
MISSSSS myboyf :D

take care people.

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