Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy belated Birthday :)

very difficult to online ):):
not because of mother don't allow.
it's because of th fcuking modem internet keep out of function.*r-o-a-r*

apologize to my chaichou first.
because i can't wish you happy birthday in my bloggie yesterday!
Happy Belated Birthday my babes!
Th PBSM girl :D:D

hope you're happy when you saw this article :P:P

next. i feel so shytty! my karma drop again.
because yesterday i did not online. so my karma drop 0.16!
omg omg. just one day! wuwu.
i wonder when only my karma can reach nivarna?

seriously, a lot of ppl gt bored w/ plurk. hah, but i never feel that! i love to plurk :D
just as i eat rice everyday and bath everyday Laugh out loud.

oh yes, i'm gonna ponteng school tmrw :P
going to KL w/ dad and sis tmrw.but it's just a ONE-day trip!
NEH. just going Shah Alam. will be back at night.
but marmie going to hongkong tmrw!
i mean i can go out ! *oops*
DATE me girls and bro! *winks*

hah, Dad get a Iphone 3G :D
but too bad that's not for me. just for himself.
but i will try to make it myself! :P
bitchy, when only you wanna to get one? LMAO!

till here,
i'm crazy w/ forum this few days!
Click and register lah :D

try to update my blog soon.
less hangout and my life is colourless recently. Lol
so i dont hav any special thing to share.
i wanna to go out. go out ! *D-A-T-E M-E ! *

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