Sunday, April 5, 2009


th time past so fast. HAHA ):):
he's leaving and going back to balik pulau ns camp dy.
i did appreciate every moment w/ him. although we fight alot.
he always made me geram! but he will make me laugh after he knw im angry of him.
hah, it's just like fairy tale when i'm w/ him!
but time don't wait for us. *awwww*

Friday he fetched me from school.Then his friends decided to swimming.
i follow them, but too bad. i dont know how to swim & i dont want to sia sui infront of them *lol

Night me & him went to Auntie's house. that day was her big day *birthdaygirl* :D

th birthday cake ;D Happy birthday!

Finish th dinner & cake @ there. rushed back to Sunway & watched
Fast & Furious 4.

OMFG! it's freaking cool movie. M-u-s-t watch it!
p.s He checked us dat night. Then i told him i forget to bring my IC.
Then he let me in *Winks* i'm just 15 yar. Hah!

Saturday @ Queens.

keep waiting this & that. about 12ppl went for there.
so, 3sumthing only reached there. we were late!
Had our lunch @ fish market. after that shopping :D:D
After that, went to roxbury.
I drove Babi car! nearly bang Jr's car. *lol
last, went to Raja Uda for tomyam mee :):)

Said Goodbye to him.
awwwww* i misss him so much~

Happy birthday to th double {V}
All the best~ hey, ah yee :P
older than me dy. wish you can get DSLR from your dad soon!
& do love me always Haha!

{Chengbeng post w/ update after my house can online :) }
i promise i'll blog in Chinese in th next post! :D

Random pict~

{Babi ask me to find get a nickname *lol}
so dat day inside th car we chit chat about that.
i said i wannaladygaga!
Then Jr said, Ladyyeeyee better :D
it's a funny nickname i think :P
call me Ladyyeeyee people! :P:P

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