Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say Yes :D

random picts.

Hellos, everyone :D:D
finally i manage to online, i'm quite busy recently.
but not busy for study. i'm busy for sukan in my school.awww*
he's coming back tmrw! so excited now HAHAHA *Evil laughs*
enjoy th 3days w/ him. i didn't study at all. somemore he's coming back.
how to die for my examination? i d-o-n-t -k-n-o-w!
whatever, Just enjoy and cherish th moment i gona spend w/ him!

don't know why, i just can't get bored w/ plurk!
although my karma keep dropping. *grrrin*
especially thanks to Vivan, she helped to plurk when i can't online.*mwarhs*

Sukan tahunan is finally coming at next Saturday!
after th sukan tahunan, i'm get ready to fight for Exam.
* i SWEAR* if not, kids see me call me Aunty. getting fatter & fatter*
Hopefully i can do whad i had promise to myself, my family & Babi !

Yes, family promise me. if i get 6A's & above in PMR,
they let me to put braces! YESH! :):)
i want to be more pretty & hotty ! so, i must study harder!

i'm saving money to get DSLR.
but how long i'm gonna wait? *lol
* i dont know*
sometimes i feel so upset, why other can get what they want from their parents~
but not me? *lol. but now, i realize something.
Dont ever want things for granted ;)
and yes, i understand th meaning!
& i know my parents are very suffer and they cannot afford us to spend their money like using water.
i try to dont compare myself w/ other. just appreciate everything you have :D

anyways, i getting closer w/ snowiie. *lol
i think so lah, i feel that we got the same thinking Hah.
hopefully we can b more and more close :P:P
she's a nice people seriously & CUTE!

-online asap again. to update my blog.
-finish my sejarah folio * element 2&3.
-finish geografi folio as soon as i can.
-start to study and prepare for PMR.
-my hair wont get cut tmrw. it's a must!
-sister get well soon asap too!
-turn back to be snowwhite again*lol!

wtf? such a long post.

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