Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random :)

Sorry to ya all, because i'm so great busy!
i need EXTRA time!
i promise i will stop hanging out w/ the gangs until i finish my PMR.

I had a injection last Wednesday!
Oh My Holly Ma Ma !
I'm the only one who cried because of the ill pain. :( :(
i don't know why. maybe my schoolmate all strong strong and kiat kiat XD
After the injection i gt fever and body pain.
so i skipped Thursday and Friday class ;p;p
but i think I'm fully recover from the sickness.

okie, the main point i am here are update about the outing w my babes them :)
both of them updated already. and i'm the out-dated punya ):
HERE we go.

I am so lazy to tell you whad happened on that day!
so as my sayang said. Use the picts provided make your story :P

ps. they are great for me. The best damn thing for me :p:p
if you don't know them well, don't judge them.

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