Tuesday, October 27, 2009


H-O-O-P-L-A ! Game booth ;D
I'm the one who take care of MMCH.
Mickey mouse club house!
Messca ; Moosca ; Mickey Mouse :D:D *this call the magic word* :P

That's whad i did ;D

w/ the spec* look su bun right? XD

Jun Ying aka Xiao Ying Ying.
TY and Suki always call him Hiao kang. So just let it be, Hiao hiao :)
But in fact he's so nice and friendly :)

This is my partner aka my Bf :)
when i be T T sister, and she will be in MMCH to be the mickey mouse jiejie :D
She's will be going to Johor w/ me. and i force to sit and sleep w/ her everyday :(

Spot him, Jia Jun :D
The adorable guy. Happy to work w/ him. Brother forever!

This is OUR Gang :D
I missss them so muchiie right now.
When we gotta meet again? :(

Su Ann And Hui Joo.
Ann was Registration, Joo was Runner.

Fatty :D He's Sales punya.
Freaking love to snap picture la him duhh.

Melvin Kor Kor aka Big children :D
He's so freaking funny! Story tellers of Disney. :)

Me w/ KT.
KT ar. he's a guy who like to show off;
but still he's so cute when he smile!
friendship forever kay? :D

The Sexy man w/ ME :D
Teehee, he's Terrence aka Disney Hoopla star showcase DJ.
I missing his voice now and he can sing very well.
Mr. Sexy :D misssss him!

from left to right, Sweetie > Nelson > Vincent.
They looked great after having a hair cut.
And please my skill so good, took a awesome picture XD

i like this photo very much, Ha ha.

The last day ; w/ my superman Tee.
Yea, i'm the supergirl :D

My T T sister Uniform, look like a student la!

they are otw to Johor now :D

taken by me, i dont know who is this.
But she's so cute! And GaikNee said she look alike w/ me.
Really? XD
The colouring contest day ;D
Wow. all of them did a great job!

And We went for Movie.
darn bored la the movie.
i forgot whad's the movie name.

He's Astro Zai. From KL.
Had a dinner w/ him at huan xi di :)
Oh yea, he just like my papa.
keep on ask me to becareful, take care myself blah blah blah.
But he's really a nice guy :D

Playing Game on the stage.

Some of you may said that's so suffer to stand for 10 hours.
Just to earn some money. Yea you're right.
But if you never work, you will never know money is hard to earn.
Don't spend money like using water LOL.
I learned a lot of things from this job :)
Gain some experience. Meet some new friends!
Etc Etc that's too much to say.

the one i wanna to thanks the most is my mother.
She went to fetch me every night :)
and yea, she never scold me or blame me.
She ask me don't work anymore because she knw i'm tired.
Seee, That's the way she love me :D
i know she's so tired after work, but still she wash our clothes, cook for us.
do everything. I love you mother!
i don't think she will read my blog. XD

Happy yet sad.
i'm leaving penang to Johor later.
9.30 the bus :)
Happy thing, i can travel to Johor. the place i never been there for a long time.
Sad thing, i need to sit in the bus for more than 10 hours. My ass gotta complain to me.
Rawr. Never mind. i will try to take care myself. Take care Ng suki :)

w/ loads of Loves;

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