Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i've been Swensens just now :D
Outing w/ family!

w/ maryeenell.
weird name uh?

Again. Mama and daughter! Booooo XD

Maryeenell w/ mua Uncle! :D
Nice to meet you!

Her Ice-Cream :D

maryeenell w/ MingJay! :D
Both also cute. TEEHEE!

The price so nice 123.4 XD
and i paid okay? =P
because i promise to treat them a meal after my job.

i will be going to KL this friday.
For almost two weeks.
the main reason going it's for my job again.
Y-E-A-H ! ^.^v

So just go to One U to visit me :P
you're always welcome :DD

won't blog so often,
so do miss me;
and take care!

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