Monday, December 7, 2009


Scream out loud, I'm Backy! :D:D

time flies, so fast everything end.
Two weeks gone like that. Hu hu :/
Dutch Lady Disney Hoopla Showcase Buh Bye!
SiewYeeT shout,- Hoopla! woohoo :D

whds the time now? 3.50a.m. don't feel like sleeping, even though i just gt back from KayElle.
Haha, so bitchy right? i guess i will wake up beri late!
planning to hang out w/ my babes, imissthem so much! hopefully we can make it Hah!

changed my blogskins. :)
super thank you M.Vivan, the one who found this skin :p;p

Again, i have thousands of picts need to uploadddd.
Do wait my picts! I swear you will envy me :P
Cause i met so much of lengzai lenglui in kl! LOL

ps.Goodluck to Karvin.
Few hours to go, you're having your exam. BestLuck
pps. i need to renew my passport as soon as possible la. Remind me!
ppps. i should go to sleep now =]
pppps. i missing you guys alot!

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