Monday, March 15, 2010

Junior 9teen birthday :-)

i spent my day w/ him again. =)
Thanks for spending your day with me.
i appreciate it a lot. i won't regret for what decision that we made.
Even he is far away from me. but from now on, i gotta believe him 1000%. i promise <3
Because i love him more than i can say. i don't care whether you guys like or dislike, that's only him in my mind N-O-W :-)
i won't get mad easily i promise, i won't cry easily anymore, i won't shout at you anymore.
And i won't leave anymore! =)

i knew i'd hurt you, like thousand times before. time is the cure of these things. i'm sorry for hurting you like no one else did before. i know i broke your heart. what had happened we cannot change or we can make the time reverse. But i know one thing i can do, love you more than last time. love you with everything i have.

Fine,i used hate people who post something like that in their blog. showing how much they love their boyfriend or girlfriend. But now, i did it. Nah. you may screw me! but i just wanted to let him know, no one else can replace you in my heart. <3

We went MCD@auto city for lunch.
Because of the mc.value lunch. :)

So as he promised, he took as much as picts w/ me.
I can only view back the picts one by one to think of him!

waiting the traffic light! Red light stop. Green light go ;p

Align Center
# he know me very well :)

&Superman is on duty! :P

He is my superman, my model.
i used to take his picts while he was driving and all ;p

not to forget selfsnap ma ;p

Blah blah blah!

showing off his sunglasses lor ;p

and his superman belt ;D

and this shoes cost him 200bucks plus -_-

nah. me love you.

So night, we went to Jr birthday celebration! =)
Happy to Junior, sweet 19!

lazy to hurai already. Had fun w/ my babe that night. at least we got a romantic night =P
We went for beach.

while waiting =)


Ready. & asking people to sing birthday song for him. ;p

Selamat hari jadi =D
a lot of march babys!

making wish. May all your dream come true =)


Who is this?! ;p

David Chai w/ moi. =)

Sayanggggggg =)
I'm not that fat. Because he still can carry me ;p

pretty, moi.

w/ her pinky camera & boonhowngsuperman.

lovely couple XDXD

lastly, Us w/ the birthday boy =)

Baby, thanks for waiting!
i'm done.

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