Friday, July 16, 2010

kindergarden sports day.

My auntie went to Japan for two weeks,which mean she is coming back tonight ;]
& last weekend her son's kindergarden was having a sports day.
in order to motivate him to participate in the games
So me and my sister went there to gave some support :D

He is 6years old, studying in Dragon Fly Kindergarden.
oh not to forget, he has facebook account too.
Chio or not, only 6years old!!!
And he got his own laptop -___-

nowadays children are lucky.
the venue for the sports, guess where was it?
wtf, it's in the HALL.
w/ air conditioned.

because parents will complain if without air conditioned.
& they don't allow their precious son and daughter to bask in the sun.
seriously, i pity them T___T

yet, when i saw all 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 year old children.
they made me think of my past.
when i was 6years old.
my childhood.

we were all like prince and princess!!!
Parents pampered us :D
we gt cried easily, we gt laughed easily too!
made noise when we can't gt those toys that we wanted.
fought with sister and brother when we argued or they took away our toys.

& time flies, we all grown up.
we all go for branded, the time we spend with our parents less and less.
we have our own dream, we go for our dream. =)

how great if i am still a 6-year-old kiddo?
i don't have to worry about my result, i don't have to worry about money and etc.

they were Q-Ing up.
Does you still Q up in your college/ school now? :P

3year old kids were having their sport games.
They still need their parents to help, they are real small !!!

this is 6year old children :)

all of them were having fun.

This is my cousin,MingJay. :D

Look at him, handsome? :D

Their class won the game :)
he is from 6mulan.

Woah, proud of him! :D

i guess this is the 1st medal in his life.
& he gain some courage =)

I and my sister are happy :P
he didn't waste our time for standing there 3hours + :P
it's worthy.

This is Janie Lau =)
Mingjay's classmate. Damn pretty right?

i like her.
She protect mingjay always!

She is a little bit taller than mingjay! :)

Another cutie and janie.
sorry i forget about her name.

children are poser too!
he is only 3year old =D
& he look's cute!!

he is only 2 year old. but another poser too.

i and sister with them =)
they all got their medal!!!

i like this pict, but i'm the oldest inside T_T
Elder than them 10 years!

He went home, and wearing his medal whole day long.
perasan tak budak ni? LOL

My sister, mingjay and me. =)

MingJay's brother. Ming Shawn.

4months. =)

damn handsome and very ke ai!!!

his little hand =)

thanks for reading.

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FeeQ said...

So cute! OMG!
err i mean the kids XP