Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4C1, 2010.#

ALOHA people! =) Final was over, and can you smell something? We 4C1 are going to separate, like real soon. I still don't know whether i can stay in C1 or not for the next year. my result sucks la, especially the final. but who cares? We shall enjoy our life, live like we're dying tmrw, isn't it? :)) Don't sad if you drop class. Be happy because other classes definitely are better than our class. But it's actually only my own opinion lahh. :) Time flies, i spent 10months with them so far. Well not really 10months la, i skipped school ALWAYS. At first, i mean Jan or Feb, i don't like my class. i was like, all of them are nerd, they are so concentrate when teacher teaching, they won't tidur in the class and etc. After spending sometimes with them, they are actually awesome!!! They rock in their own way :)))

There's only some of them, awww. somehow i haven't upload it on facebook yet. 4C1 FTW :DDD
Yuhan and Meitze, they sitting in front of me wantttt! :))

Our class mia dai ga jeh, she's freaking CHIO! :D

Meitze, ladyyeeyee and CT woon, My fav :P

suppose to take this kind of picts in school, for my moral folio. end up we zosiao in our class! wtfff

People used to call her yeoh bitch, idknow whyyy. :/

Softball team player, Xinyie and me :)

Justine woon and me, oops. he is actually from 4c2. another class want! He is CUTE, :DDDD

My school bagg and Yeoh bitch :P

Hiaooooo siiii.

Then i ran to 4T2, there you go. Xinyee and me :)

Her hair is so fucking longgggg, but she cut already after Friday. lol

another good friend of mine, Kaisheng :D

i love them! :D

I'm going to school tmrw after skipping school for two days. i need to get back all my result, after that i'm done with my school :P i mean this year -____- and i gonna start working. money is sweeter than honey, i need extra pocket money to spend, i'm planning to go singapore with friends. :)) Hope it will goes smoothyyy!

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