Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apex Coffee,Bay Avenue.

Ni men hao! it's time to update my blog, yea FYI i'm working blehhhh so tired lahh. no choice, i need more $$ so i have to work hard. luckily i don't have to stand like for 10hours -____- everyday sit in da office. i should happy right compare to others. :)) Uhmm, and most of you cannot see me in school anymore. See you guys next year :-) 

A tea time spent at Apex Coffee,Bay Avenue.
it's just next to Queensbay. it's of one the coffee place similar to OldTown, selling about the same food. But they served better coffee compare to OldTown. But it's just my opinion. Give it a try lahh :) and the price are affordable! It is also a nice place to chill out with friends or family. 

quiet and enjoyable enviroment :))

 My drinks. :)

This is awesome, orange plus plum juice :)

 Singapore cha beee hunn :)
spaghetti . Taste not bad!
 potato wedges. bro ordered.
Hawaiian Pizza.
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