Friday, October 1, 2010

Bye Bye Final exam, Aloha Holiday! :)

Barney are in love with my domo! :)
 FYI, The barney doesn't belong to me. It is belong to XuanYun. I brought my domo to school everyday since i lack of one pillow. I'm not Domo freak, i prefer barney more than domo. Haaa,The domo i own, it is a gift from a guy name ABC when i was working in KL last year. He got it for me in One U. I can still remember! :))
Say Hi to them k, if you see them! :P

I look damn pale rightttt :( i took this pict after i got home from school.
eyes bag are killing me slowly. -___-

I've been neglected my blog for such a long time, my blog traffic drop a lot, damn ke sian ok!!! Please view my blog more often i promise i will try my best to update as much as i can! *winks*
My final exam is finally over, which mean i can start enjoy my holidays! :D:D 
At the same time, i wish all the PMR and SPM candidates best of lucks!

I'm trying and learning how to edit pictures by using PhotoScape. Photoshop is damn hard for me lor, maybe because i'm stupid or what la.  If you are kind enough, teach me some skills! :PP 
How's the pic above? lol. Don't look at my face i know damn young sui, how's the editing skill! lolz.

There's so much more to catch up, i have to sleep more,eat less, party harder and miss you even more.
Love is something more than words can say,love makes people crazy, stupid.
3 words 8 letter , 

Stay tune! :D
Thanks for reading. Xx

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