Monday, October 18, 2010

Raymond Lam, post two.#

Harooo pee-pooooo :D how are you guys doing? ding-ding-dong-dong, i'm not fine. i'm suffering for girl monthly pain. many sorry for you guys cause i'm not in the mood, and i could just explode anytime. oh noz, this sounds so bad. but especially today is the first day, memang susahhh arrrr. 

 Well, my readers or stalker, as you know i went to see a Hong Kong actor/singer - Raymond Lam last week. At first i just like oh, Lam Fung, so so. don't have any special feeling plus my family not support Ali Cafe one. i don't have any tickets to go up stage and say Hi/ Hellou to him. Hahahahahaha.

before the event start, Alvin and Me went to watch The Other Guys. Oh My Fucking God. This drama is so funny. Alvin and me laugh like nobody business in the hall. and i truly believe that, Alvin was that person who laughed the loudest one. LOL. If you're not in the mood, should just go and try this movie. Not bad not bad.
Rate of the movie, i rank 3.5/5 :))

After that, we met up with his friends Brandon, his girlf and his family. All of them support Lam Fung gao gao. We went to Sushi King for dinner, oh shake it. i didn't eat that much. i don't know why.
p/s when all of us were eating, his friends brandon was not, kerana dia terlalu gan cheong nak jumpa dgn idol.wtfff

Look at the crowd.

Brandon even bought Raymond Lam's Album, just to get his signature. however, he failed. :-(

Uhmm, Heee :)

Ha ha, what's Alvin doing?!

Him and Me :P

finally :D
Bumped into Momo hang, Wah she's damn pretty! :D

who got the voucher, can go up to the stage, and get his signature. :)

Alvin gave me his tix/ voucher. He gave me the chance to see lengzai. Ha ha, thanks !!!

While lining up, cam-ho :P

The blogger and the handsome alvin :)

spot me?! :D

And finally, i got his signature, and i saw him. wtfffff. damn lengzai! Awesome arrrr! :)

as well as her, we met our idol. oops, he is my new idol lahh! lol wtfff

Don't forget our lengzai :P credit to me, dia mia new profile pic! haha.

before the event end, oh yea. shake it. i love him!!!

When he smile, i smile. wtffff. fatt haoooo hahahaha slap me lahh huahahahaha lalala :P

i like his song, fong saooo, fong hai sor yaoooooo'' like this one, :P

too baddd lahh, he went back already :'(

Then i gt myself haagen-dazs ice cream! :))
Coffee flavor boooyahhh, my fav!!! :D

Then what? go home la :D
 i know what you thinking la :P Soweeeeee.
This better or not?! :D
okayyyyy lahh, i give you my heart firsttttt k?! :P
Thanks for reading, 

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