Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taiwan, Day one.

Waiting for departure @ Penang International Airport.

From Penang to HongKong Airport, and transit to Taiwan. This is not really about Cathy Pacific.
Wasted two hours in Hong Kong airport, cannot shopping because we don't have HongKong dollar.
Free Internet services. :)
Cam-ho Queen! :D

Emak & I :D
Finally, we were at Taiwan! :D
Domo is with me, but only the 1st day! LOL.

FYI, this is their seven eleven, 7/11. There are so many food and things! Why la Malaysia 7/11 are so cacat compare to Taiwan? i don't know.

Then we took from TaoYuen to Xi Men Ding. :)

 This is fast. lol
 After dinner, Shopping time @ Xi Men Ting. :)

Huge Ice-cream :)

Mummy love Chocolate ice-cream.!

Very famous noodle in Taiwan :)

Awesome Taiwan people! :)

1st night,汽车旅馆.
That is sexy :) 
And i sleep alone -___-



They provide this stuff and also condom! wtfffff
 Before i bathe. :)
1st night in Taiwan was awesome. I miss my 500.
 2nd day morning. we left the motel about 8 o'clock in the morning.Everyone was so punctual.

good bye taipei :)
thanks for reading, xoxo.


FeeQ said...

So nice.. ^^

Biopolymath said...

I really appreciate free Internet service at airports! Tried one when transit in Sg