Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy birthday Justin :D

Happy birthday to Justin Lim Yee Jin :D
New face in my blog right, he is my new friend!! People say Hai to him! teehee ;]
He's turning to 20. mehhhhh, so OLD right :P

This is the only picture between us. :(
Happy birthday to you. All best kay! 
Sheng ri kuai le, shang yat fai lok, selamat hari jadi.*smile*
mwarhs mwarhs from me to you, all the way from penang to KL. :P
Have fun okayyyyy. heeeee :)
hopefully next year we can celebrate together.
or you can celebrate my birthday w/ me, september 28th mwahahahaha.

once again, happy birthday ;]

1 comment:

Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Wooo Thank you!!!!
Hahaha ya la ya la old laa...
thank you for the kiss.
Muaks! nah right back at you.
If can then we celebrate yours lu.