Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doing Great.

i can has so pretty face like nyek!


 of course la i can has so ugly face like this too huhahuhahuha :P

Teehee, i'm doing great :D
so far my form 5 school life isn't that sucks! They bright up my school life hahaha.
5C1 FTW. We rocks! :)

 Nah my fav! Hahahahaha i love her so much, i love her as much as i love my toilet =P
 CT WOON i'll keep on cubit you if you feel tired while teacher teaching or doing homework! :D
MyonlyOneListener! Thanks for everything. i won't forget you!

you too Yeoh Zhi Yue. * correct speling , No ? * hahahaha.
i love you as much as i love my bed !! i go to school everyday just to see her! Why? because she will keep me smiling in the class! :)
She likes me, i like her. this is our love love love story =D
Begin in 4C1 & endless love! Appreciate me always kay? before i change my mind :P

Awwwww and see who is this?! Why la look so fierce? :O
JiaZhen Lianggggg! I love to see her smile,her smile can light up the whole town!
 she is simply kind! yea she always say i look ugly and hiao wuwuwuwuw. 
please someone stop her from bully me! kay or not!!! Arghhh.
i will love you the same even though you like to bully me, no worries! :D

crazy in love w/ my class,

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