Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Kenny Rogers - Our brunch.
I was at Queensbay again last Saturday, went to island quite often recently :P
& I watched Beastly! Teehee :)
I rike that movie alot alot, some people said that movie are bored & not nice, but i don't think so. hahaha.
some how i always hope that all these will happen on me some day! *building castle in the air*

 my ex-classmate when we were form 3, he taught me math. Yes, he good in math. :)
I admire people who do well in math. and the pix above taken by me and edited by me too.
How it looks like?hahaha. i kinda like the feeling.

 Three of us. this is the first time i hang out w/ him & her together.
Sorry that i went off suddenly :P

Bboy Teeheee, i don't really know him. =P
But still i know he is a good man lolol

i was trying the earphone that he bought. around MYR300. so expensive right, lolol.

taken by him, Xiao D wasn't with me that time. :)

i think they went to try out the egg tart. i shall give it a try next time. :)


another friend is up! Melvin :D 
bboy too. my primary schoolmate. haha
uhmm, who is this? Jackie. Say HAI :)

Hen ke ai!

what is this in blue color one? no idea. lol

Ya Xinyee in the house yooooo. Heeee!
BFF forever. :)
it is 2.06am.
Time to bed.
p/s : Xiao D = my DSLR 1000D Hahaha. 
pps: Facebook not doing well recently, even facebook is sick now. T_T
ppps. holiday is going to end soon. awwwww.

blog tmrw? :D
loads of love,

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