Friday, March 4, 2011

Sick sick sick :'(

tick-tock tick-tock so fast i'm having first class test on MONDAY. k la, i shouldn't give a damn cause i'm sick. not feeling well and i vomit this morning and i clean up all the shyts by myself. smelly yucks :(

the main point i blog is, my friend just received cheque from nuffnang! Awwww. They hard earn :D
i must learn from there so i decide to blog more from now on! :D:D
and since i can't concentrate on studies now, i brog brog brog :D

You can see one me, two me, three me, four me, five me and so on on on :D
It's all about me me me me me :P
My graduation pix! liang mou liang mou?! the last year in Jit Sin High School :D another 7more months!

Uhmm different hair style, which one looks better? :) 
Ya, everyone is doing revision now, but i'm blogging here. damn failed#.

 i even wrote down some words for them! chio right :D

 eee sorry la, not iphone not blackberry but sony ericsson w910i :P
My nokia xpress 5800 break down ya so now i'm using this noob phone. :(:(
anyone buy me BB or iphone? :/

 did econ revision before i fall sick. so guai wootz, but i forget everything dy. :(

Wah who is this? so pretty one!

please pray hard for me in the exam and also hope i recover soon. :(

& i just got call from XinYee, smth happen to her. please, be strong yea. I'm always here for you.
never leave you alone. so sad when i see her crying but then i can't help :(:(
i love you my girl.

i'm gonna get another eraser! i hate my eraser nowww :P
Awww and i hate math a lot, still. never love math! :(


my pinkyyy bow. kawaiii nehhh :]

*grin* uhmm uhmm you turn my world upside down.

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so fast get nuffnang cheque d arh? wakakaka.. i still havent get yet leh.... wakakaa...