Thursday, June 16, 2011

S m i l e . ; ]

went out w/ my girls. :)
We watched Super8. 
that movie was so-so only la. 
the outing was like last mints plan. i rike it! hahahah cause i don't like to rot at home during holidays.
i spent a lot la this holidays. broke broke broke =(

i simply love this pix. :)


* SuKi, any pix you doesn't like, TELL ME :P *

back to school, say hai to my short short hair. :)
oh ya, i look like 14years old right?! HAHAHA
look young and fresh compare to my previous hair.

don't ever judge the book by it's cover, you're not him, you're not them.
Watch out, we just need time to prove that we're suppose to be. =)

w/ love, 

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