Friday, February 24, 2012

Keep it warm.

I'm still on the line always and is still alive but i'm just don't know what to blog about. I've been reading people's blog from day to day, left to right, up and down. After reading their blog, i don't feel like update my blog anymore. Because my blogging way is sucks. :'(
i blog lesser compare to last year i guess, even though i have more time now but i just don't blog.
Seriously i need to start taking my camera out again. and start taking pix of anything and everything. 
another thing need to improve is my blogging skill. any courses ah? laugh out loud

I can't blog without pix, haha. So this is all about my chor 2.

Chinese new year must wear ang ang right? haha. so i wear REDRED on the second day of chinese new year. Guess how much is the dress cost me? haha. It's only MYR25. :D
i don't actually go for branded stuff. Teehee. guys, CHOOSE ME :P

taken by iphone 4s. Can someone buy me iphone 4s?
The camera quality is just simply good compare to ipod touch or iphone four.
Argh. *valentine's day has just past, but it's mine cause my birthday is coming* LOL
I look so fair and slim in this pix! Teehee :D

The sister & I. 
Is she looks good with her spec? Uhmm, i don't get why her boyf likes her w/ the spec.
i think she looks prettier without the spec. Comment, anyone?
one more question, Do we look alike?
* i know i look way more cute * hahaha :P

So gathering during night time w/ my buddies @ Bed, auto city.
they are @Ksin Wong, @Mixy , @Raymond , @Alvin . :D
I haven't seen them for some times after Chinese new year, i bet they forget about me. :(
I actually miss them. *maybe people just don't need you in their life anymore* tears.
any how, i have to say, i'm happy to catch up with them on that night.
I hope i still have the chance to meet them up. again. ;)



alvin teehee.

March is coming, and i still haven't make up my mind. WHERE TO STUDY?
*so much things i have to consider* i'm not a small little girl anymore* 
I really need to think about it, as in i can't choose my college because of ANYONE.
the first thing i have to think about is my FUTURE.
Can someone gimme some idea? :(

Hookay. i got so much to tell, to share.
Gimme some time to get ready. i wanna write some personal things on the next post.
Stay tuned people. Your visit is the best motivation for me, aite?

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