Wednesday, July 11, 2012

long-lost friends.

hair can you grow faster? This hair length really annoyed me much. :/ one thing i hate about my hair is i need to dry it every time after i wash it. haihz.  I am that kind of lazy person. i hate to spend like more than 10mints just to dry my hair. but if i don't dry it i look like soh poh. Argh. 
You people think should i dye my hair? don't know should dye it or not. *dilemma*

thousands year ago i went out w/ two long-lost friends. lol
Hardly get to meet up with these two fellows because one of them working plus studying in kay elle, and another one studying in TARC college. different college, different environment. We all have to live our own life in our own way. :( so happy to see them and had a lot of fun with them. ;]

my bradah? we share the same birthday! haha.

we know each other very well maybe because our same birthday date, so we can talk about anything and everything. haha. i still remember he used to call me everyday when i sat luen. he made me laugh when i cried. :( oh yaz. we are going to celebrate our birthday together again this year! :D Teehee. can't wait to see him again in penang. OUR HOMETOWN. please say you are penang lang also. he keep telling me he is not penang lang anymore. he become kl people after move to kl. soi lou :P

My best listener. Take care :P

when is our next date? :(

nothing special nothing special.
just wanna make my blog alive abit even though not much people are reading it.
class from 8 to 5 tmrw, DIE HARD. :(
gotta go study a bit before i continue my drama or sleep, xx.


Chia Wei said...

why my photo so nice one ? haha.

Ningxi said...

Dye hair is going to be a change! You'll look more matured=)
But dye-ing your hair means you'll have to keep dye-ing them when the ugly roots grow out. haha. Try for a change if you want! Im sure you'll look nice in everything=D

Peace. =D

Lady YeeYee said...

Why you so beh Paiseh one? Haha