Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bangkok trip. Bangkok city day 3.

So how did i spent my last day in bangkok? :)
As usual i woke up pretty early in the morning because the hotel served very nice buffet breakfast. :D

As i mention earlier, sister did some research before we went to bangkok. So she told us that 'Jatujak Market' is open from 11. We left our hotel around 10. 

remember to take train to Kamphaeng Phet instead of Chatuchak park because kamphaeng Phet is nearer to chatuchak market. If you take train to chatuchak park, you will need to walk quite a distance only can reach the market. :)

This is what tourist normally would do right. haha.
Mummy and me. both of us in white!

we met 3 tourists from Brunei. At first they thought we don't know how to listen to cantonese. 
one of the aunty told her son said the two girls standing behind you eyes very big. LOL
She said " dai ngan zai " hahaha.
i think when i talk to my sister another aunty heard, and she ask us where are we from in mandarin.
haha. lesson learnt, never comment about others no matter in what situation.
maybe people know what are we talking about. 
however, i still wanna thank her for her compliment! haha :D

This is Chatuchak Market Layout. :)

The market is just way too large. 
oh ya, this is also 1 of the 1000 place you need to go and see before you died. :)

Coconut Jelly ice-cream is awesome!

 people are Q-ing up!

Back to the hotel around 3 something. Had some rest and we headed to Siam Center.

 Tried out the 'pork burger' :D
because it is not available in Malaysia!

The blogger.

 spot this! i found this in seven eleven shop. haha
i think non of us can find it in malaysia too! lol

so this is what i got in bangkok for three days! :)
Just don't feel like coming back. Had a lot of fun in bangkok!!
So next year July/August. ANYONE? :)

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